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50 Cool Desk Design Ideas For Your Home Office

In many modern interior furniture has lost its significance. Desks are replaced with different devices or adapted for computers working surfaces. Classic writing Desk in the apartment had become rarer and rarer. Nevertheless, this stylish representative of the situation are able to add a bit of elegance and uniqueness.

The main practical purpose of the Desk
A Desk can be a indicator of the status of its owner. For the business person the workplace is equally important for the image, like a good suit or a watch. How convenient to sit at such a table may depend on the outcome of the transaction or business negotiations. Comfortable position gives freedom for thought, while the feeling that his legs under the table closely, can distract from important decisions.

A convenient table for the house and office are two distinct concepts. To the home office did not spoil the interior, most often it has to be hidden. Perhaps it will be a model with wheels, which after use is securely hidden in a closet or under for this niche. Importantly, he did not lose its functionality.

To preserve the maximum comfort in the room the table is better to buy from natural materials. A good choice would be common in the market of wood:

The material is nice to see and feel. Design of wood more durable and long lasting and provide a table of maximum functionality with an abundance of drawers and shelves. The front of the countertop can tighten the skin. This decorative element will give the decor is chic and will give a feeling of well-being.

Special attention should be paid to the Desk for the child. Practical option may be the model of changing the height of the legs. The table will “grow” together with his young owner. In a couple of this piece of furniture must be purchased and a chair with varying height and backrest angle.

To ensure maximum comfort of use manufacturers supplying its products to various devices and storage systems. Among them:

hanging shelves and table;
separate tables;
pull-out cabinets;
secret drawers.
Such equipment table suggests that its primary purpose is the practical use. Decorative functions are secondary, but important for this model.

The selected table should provide maximum ergonomic environment. All the necessary items and devices should be easy for someone who sits at a table. It is important to consider that the savings on such furniture turns into savings to health.

A Desk in the interior

The harmonious combination of the piece of furniture with the overall interior design depends on competent approach to the selection. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models, and, consequently, the prices of their products. Russian factory offer cheap furniture with minimal functionality. Simple forms peculiar to the producers of this segment due to stretching from the Soviet Union regulations the manufacture and habits of the majority of buyers. Rectangular table tops and a minimal amount of additional storage systems are the essential characteristics of the Russian furniture. A bit more varied was the furniture production in the Baltic States. Here you can find a more sophisticated models, supplemented in addition to practical components and elements. Italian manufacturers offer sophisticated models of a wide range of colors, materials and shapes. Accordingly, the prices for such products is growing in direct proportion to the growth of aesthetic qualities. German furniture, despite some awkwardness, decorate the room, ennobling the interior.

Separately, you can select antique desks or their high quality imitation. Such products have recently become especially popular and their future owners have no regrets on these tables are the large amounts of money. Antique tables are rarely found in offices. These works of art often find themselves a place in living rooms or home offices. Noble woods and expensive decorative elements give the situation again, and allude to the noble owner of the house.

At the same time for offices it is good to use tables of the same brand. Excessive diversity and variety of forms will only detract from the work. The range of many manufacturers offers a collection of desks for working areas.

Stylish home office furniture

It is believed that the thickness of the countertop, you can define a post of its owner. The thicker top and good quality material for manufacturing, the higher the position of the one who sits at that table. Massive table is able to produce the proper impression of reliability for business partners. Better if the color of the table will be dark. Natural veneer able to create the effect of expensive materials in the case, when the table from solid wood unreasonably expensive.

New fashion trend was rounded shape desks. A special recess in the seat of the chair is designed for maximum convenience with someone who works at that table. And soft curves is able to bring harmony to the room where the main part of the lines are clear and sharp.

In addition to wooden products popular model with top of glass. They will fit into the room in a minimalist style or a high-tech, but will bring in the room with some coldness. Chrome parts, which are usually enriched with these desks, you also make these models more stringent. The use of such desks in children’s inappropriate. The dangers posed by glass products, should be excluded in those areas where children spend a lot of time.

If the choice of the Desk unusual design is not dictated by the design solution, the optimal model will be a Desk, made of wood, with lots of drawers. This model will fit perfectly in any interior and will be for many years to fulfill its basic purpose.


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