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50 Creative Ways to Store Your Firewood

Real connoisseurs of antiquity is not difficult to imagine an apartment without the original fireplace, which would be heated by firewood. And here the question arises, how to make a stack of firewood for the fireplace is a beautiful design element of a room that blends seamlessly into the overall picture of the room. The issue of fire safety should not be idle for you, as it’s best to have a woodpile next to the fireplace, and this increases the chance of fire. Still, these issues should not stop you, because the fireplace with a nice pile will be a real decoration of the room.
The woodpile and fire safety
How to combine together the two questions – the woodpile as a beautiful element of interior room and at the same time safe from a fire point of view? The last question must dominate the first, because “beauty” is not always “saves the world”, that is your home. Despite the fact that the tree is lit at a temperature of about 300 degrees, the wood can catch on fire by itself with long-term contact with the wall of the fireplace, heated to 100 degrees. Therefore, you should adhere to certain rules. Here are some of them, the most important:

storage of firewood thoroughly cleaned of chips and sawdust.
if storage of firewood is in close proximity to a fireplace, it should be insulated with non-combustible material. Will suit even the felt impregnated with a clay solution.
the optimal distance of the stack from the fireplace must be 38 inches.
the pile should be closed doors, like a closet. But in order to maintain a sense of presence of the wood near the fireplace, can these doors be executed from the glass.
if the wood is stored in a mobile design, it should be at a distance of 150 cm from the open chamber of the fireplace insert.
log length should not exceed the length of the furnace fireplace.
The woodpile as an element of interior design room
With all the significance of fire in the interior of the room, hardly firewood, randomly thrown near him, to decorate the interior. So the next question is how to organize the pile so that it fits harmoniously into the interior, adorned it.

Wood racks and storage and stacked firewood design Ideas

A very popular place to store firewood are built-in wardrobes. Filled with firewood, they will bring into the room the additional effect of heat. Designers recommend to have cabinets symmetrically with respect to the fireplace, because symmetry is the most common property of all existence on the planet and making it beautiful. Of course, randomly stacked in cabinets wood with great difficulty can be called beautiful design element. Therefore, to fill the cabinets should evenly, carefully stacking them in the wood. And if you are inherent imagination, they can be folded into the form of any ornament.

You can make the cabinets form that differs from the standard rectangular, which will give originality to your interior design.

But what about a person who is not a traditional log fireplace, and a modern, electric or gas? Because there is always a desire to have, if not an original fireplace, then at least made under it and having associated attributes, in particular wood. The issue can be resolved through the use of prints with views of the stack.

Modern design perfectly complemented decorated stacks. They are attached to the wall surface in the area of the fireplace small cuts (scraps) wood. This option is preferable for owners of modern, wood, fireplaces, as it creates an overall impression of stacked firewood, even when carefully consider them. In the case of prints-the stacks of this effect, of course not.

In the summer when the fireplace is not in use, or in autumn, when the special heating needs there, and the fireplace is rarely used, its furnace will be a suitable place to store a small amount of firewood. This pile can be a very interesting variant of the design of the room.

A great addition to the design of the room can be a niche with folded thin wood for the fireplace. The apparent negligence in the masonry on wood adds to the interior reality of the situation.

Storage of wood in the interior of the apartment

Storing firewood in metal structures, especially with the wheels, will greatly simplify your use of that pile. Such stacking can always put in you liked the place, which makes it preferable over other options.

But if it is not possible to store a significant amount of wood, you can use a special basket. Their design is quite varied. This may be a woven rattan basket, basket of fine metal mesh, and even knitted cardigans. But here, you will need to take care of the cleanliness of the fireplace. Under the basket should always be any Mat or stand in the form box. This will allow secure storage of firewood from garbage.

But if the dimensions of your room with fireplace, here you can organize the most popular place wood storage is built-in cabinets or, if you like the niche.

This stack is good because it will allow you to store large stocks of firewood, enough fuel for the fireplace for an extended period.

In summer time the place to store firewood may be with the fireplace.

In case of impossibility to keep the wood in the immediate vicinity of the fireplace, the stack may be in another room that, with some creativity does not spoil the interior of this room.

The original will be the decision to organize the woodpile, combined with a table, a bookcase or other furniture. Undoubted advantage of this option will be saving room space.

In conclusion
In conclusion I want to draw your attention to another question – what kind of wood it is preferable to use.

Agree, no matter how good and original you are not organized pile, if it is filled with logs from railway sleepers, besides the rotten, it is unlikely that such a woodpile will aromatize the room. About the effect of combustion such as firewood and say no. From this example it follows that the firewood to stack the apartment also requires a certain approach and knowledge.

You should not fill out a pile of wet firewood and, especially, with rottenness. Such wood will exude an unpleasant odor in the apartment. Melt and heat the room they are very hard, they will emit a lot of smoke, that in no way will contribute to the comfort in the room.

But if you fill out a pile of well-dried logs, everything will be as you dreamed, conceiving a woodpile in the room with the fireplace crackling in the furnace logs, bright flames and the pleasant smell of burning wood. Complete the idyll.

In order to have a pile of well-dried wood, it is necessary before entering the apartment, in the early fall, and place them under a street, well-ventilated shed. This will allow to increase the humidity of the wood to the desired level (25%). For orientation you should know that the living wood has a moisture content of about 50%.

When storing firewood in a poorly ventilated area, wood covered with mold, with the result that such wood will clearly not be “ozonize the air in the room.

It is important to know the properties of the wood used as firewood. Experts fireplaces advise, to enhance the flavoring of the premises to use cherry, Apple, juniper. These rocks can be added to the bulk of firewood as, so to speak, flavoring. In General, the preferred wood of birch, oak, aspen.

Also, to avoid appearance in the pile of cockroaches and other insects, experts recommend treating it with any antiseptic.

If the above options field storage of firewood for the fireplace you are not “hook”, you can still use them as a basis, independently to come up with their woodpile. The main thing is that after this operation, your room was not only warm and cozy from burning in the chimney, but also stylish from beautiful and its original folded stack.

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