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50 Gorgeous Green Powder Room Design Ideas

The awakening of nature, the young succulent foliage, the birth of early spring – this brings green color scheme. Room charges room and its visitors with a great positive, amazing purity and extraordinary freshness.
The interior design of this bath is primarily a harmonious blend of shades of green with bath elements. Bathroom in shades of green looks natural and natural.
Green works perfectly on the human body, its nervous system:
well calms;
relieves nervous tension;
prevents stress;
helps to cope with negative emotions, anger, and irritability.
Features green bathroom interior

To the bathroom in green was comfortable and beautiful, you need to consider some points:
For the avoidance of absolute monotony necessary in the interior of the bathroom to use various shades of green.
All materials in green color look natural (metal to use very carefully).
The main elements of the bathroom – sink, tub, toilet – which are almost always white, combine well with green hues.
The use of modern materials, styles, decorative elements, as well as live plants.
Choose the color and shades

bathroom in green
The combination of different shades of green – original bathroom
The green color palette is diverse:
forest vegetation;
withered grass;
the color of the stone;
marsh duckweed;
color juicy green Apple;
vintage olive.
This choice of shades provides a unique opportunity to create a variety in taste and style bathrooms.
Tip: when making a design professional masters recommend the main area of walls made in white color, it can be snow-white tile, and water-based white paint.
Determine the style of the bathroom

Very small green powder room ideas, pictures, photos, images, remodel

For bathroom in a marine style fits the colors Aqua and pale green tones. Such a design is completed and a variety of accessories with a nautical theme, the tile – ornament in the form of waves, it will be interesting to look round mirror that looks like a porthole in the cabin of the ship.
In this style bathroom green will give the warmth of the sea and the freshness of a sea wave.
Tip: the pattern on the tile can be applied on its own, special waterproof paint colors, which are designed for such types of work.
Oriental style played out successfully in green colors and shades. Well-suited to this style of tone natural semi-precious and precious stones, which are so fond of Oriental women.
This is the color of emeralds, malachilov, nephritis, will approach this style of khaki and olive. East naveivaet thoughts about gold and different shades of yellow. Green tub in conjunction with this ensemble will look beautiful and expensive.
Tropical sultry interior provides light green and pistachio color in a harmonious Symphony with sandy shades.
Bathroom green this interpretation is perfectly played out the original wicker furniture for bathrooms, living plants: palms, lianas, etc.
Bathroom in Art Deco style shines luxury and stability, which creates a dark rich shades of green in harmony with metal colors: yellow and white.
Select the plumbing and bathroom furniture

The classic option is a bathroom with bath fixtures and furnishings traditional white color.
Looks original green tub in which this color not only the walls and floors and plumbing.
It is desirable that the green color was different shades:
ceiling and floor, the bright green hue;
walls – darker floor and ceiling;
plumbing and furniture – rich green color.
In the design of the bathroom furniture is on an equivalent level with a bath or a shower. However, the furniture may be the main element in the design, enough to make the correct accent.
Tip: To give the bath of the highlights must have insert lush green hue on opposite walls, and in addition attached directly over the bath bright green shelf.
A special attraction and comfort creates parts and bathroom furniture in vintage style:
tables with carved legs;
decorative painting on the lockers;
brass taps.
Decoration and accessories

The mirror is one of the main accessories for the bathroom. With this design element can emphasize the overall style of the bathroom or make it a part of furniture, placing it in a frame of green.
To bring green in bathroom design is the same color cannot live without plants. Even a few green branches that stand in the vase, perfectly cope with this task, not to mention the colors that grow directly from the tiles.
Very often this element of bathroom design as mats perform the function of practicality, comfort and decoration, giving the appearance of private special comfort.
Bathroom in green is the true cradle of life in a fast paced and exciting everyday life, where there is harmony. If you have the desire to forget about all the problems and enjoy every minute and every moment of life, like the bathroom it will be exceptionally nice!

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