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50 Living Room Lighting Ideas – Best Ceiling Chandeliers

In any home living room is a special room that every owner wants to make the most elegant and refined, of course, convenient for families after a hard day’s work and for holidays with friends and relatives. Given the importance of the purpose of living in the interior along with such basic elements as walls, furniture and decor, special attention should be given to the lighting of the room. That is, what should be the chandelier in the living room and will be discussed later.
First of all I should say that well-chosen lighting fixtures capable of even the most nondescript room be transformed beyond recognition, at the same time failed chandelier on the ceiling could be quite spoil the overall picture and even look ridiculous to the rest of its interior elements.

Interior style and chandelier

Perhaps everyone will agree with the fact that in most cases, when choosing a chandelier for a particular room, we use a simple rule “to look good”.
Of course, to some extent, this approach has some truth, but not to be missed and the time that lighting fixtures, whether chandelier, sconce or lamp should be a perfect fit to the style of the interior. And it is this important aspect will be the key to harmonious design of the room.
So you should immediately decide on the style, but after you go to the store for purchase. And here it is necessary to know the basic distinguishing characteristics of each of the styles to find exactly the chandelier, which is the most harmonious will look in your living room.

Crystal pendants on a metal frame with one or more bulbs will perfectly complement the classic design of the living room. While in rural style, they will seem not that inappropriate and unnecessary and even ridiculous.
If the living room has a fireplace, a great addition to it will be a wrought iron chandelier with imitation candles. And here suck not necessary to choose a chandelier with some intricate patterns and swirls, for the harmonious combination of the fireplace and chandeliers just need to properly pick the color of the chandelier.
For the Gothic style is the best fit chandeliers with imitation candlesticks. Such lamps are perfectly accentuated mystical atmosphere. It also can be used chandelier with crystal pendants, but in this case it is necessary to issue a ceiling, so that the chandelier was on her original contrast.
Chandeliers in the form of geometric shapes will be a perfect addition to the interior in the style of modern or high-tech. Moreover, in the design of this chandelier can be used in a variety of materials, ranging from metal to glass and plastic.
Chandeliers fusion with the original design, for example with a huge number of small butterflies or even in the form of suspension from the petals of some delicate flower excellent fit in the living room, decorated in eclectic style.

Exclusive and original ideas lighting in the living room

The country-style or as it is called rural style implies the presence of chandeliers made from natural materials or by the imitation.
This can be a deer horn, which seemed confused bulb or such a burning bushes on the ceiling. In the interior is also very relevant are chandeliers with lamp shades
If your living room you have chosen the style of Provence with its original furniture and chic textile upholstery and delicate floral patterns, then you should pay attention to the chandeliers with colored s glass elements, which will be ideal to maintain the color.
Size chandeliers
When choosing a chandelier is not only the design of the chandeliers, but also its size. Because the original small light fixture on the ceiling just get lost in space, and huge solemn miniature chandelier in the living room it will just clutter, and you will look ridiculous. Hence, it appears quite logical conclusion: for a small room you should find a small chandelier, and a spacious living room – large.

What diameter should have a chandelier that is ideal for your living room can be calculated using simple mathematical calculations. To do this, the sum of the length and width of the room multiplied by 10 and the resulting value will be the optimal value for the diameter. For example we have a room of 4 to 5, it turns out that the chandelier should be approximately 90 cm in diameter.
It should also be noted that when choosing a chandelier for the living room you need to take into account the height of the chandelier. So, for example, in an ordinary apartment with standard ceiling in two and a half meters it is best to choose a model “to the ceiling or suspended models with a small number of tiers of suspensions. If the ceilings reach 3 meters, there is much more space for the imagination.

Another rather important point is the number of light bulbs. Given that the living room is the most solemn room of the house, and the chandelier should be at a maximum possible number of light bulbs for the selected diameter.

Speaking about the coverage of living in General, in this room it is better to apply several light sources. This will allow, if necessary, to create a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

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