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50 Marvelous Bathroom Wall Decorating Ideas

What version of walls in the bathroom to prefer? Such a question often faced by everyone who wants to create exclusive interiors in the room. Choose the method of decorating wall surfaces can be difficult, because bathrooms are damp areas and are designed for all family members. Therefore, the design of such rooms must meet all the highest standards of functionality, security and decoration. Sanitary fittings for bathrooms is of paramount importance, but no less important and the way the interior. The walls in the bathroom should be stylish, beautiful and durable. When choosing walls in the bathroom it is important to consider all its advantages and disadvantages. A variety of finishing materials allows you to select the kinds that fit your needs and style preferences.

Material requirements:

  1. moisture resistance;
  2. environmental safety;
  3. hygiene;
  4. resistance to acid, alkaline detergents;
  5. the ease of care.
  6. Ceramic tile

The most common material for the walls in the bathroom – ceramic tile. A variety of textures, shapes, colors will create in the interior of a suitable effect and style. Tile protects walls from moisture, it is easy to wash and clean. Options for the use of ceramic tiles a lot.
You can decorate the walls plain white tiles and dilute monochrome tiles in a contrasting color in the form of an apron:
or to put sections of tiles that mimic brick:
Imitation of masonry in the bathroom will create eccentric interior, tinged with a certain brutality:
Granite is another kind of ceramic tiles. It is known for high durability. Most porcelain tiles are used for flooring, but sometimes they lined the walls in the bathroom:
Lovers of extravagance will be able to appreciate the original way of the walls, reminiscent of the style of patchwork. The tiles are completely different in texture, design, colors are combined in one wall, like the scraps of fabric in the blanket:
Unusual surround tile with a matte finish blends harmoniously into the interior of the bathroom:
Classic and luxurious marble always creates the effect of an expensive and exquisite interior:
Natural stone
Natural pebbles is very economical and practical finishing material for bathrooms. It is simple enough to install yourself, DIY stores sell a mounting grid, which is already glued stones. There are several ways of laying small stones. Walls decorated with pebbles, are unusual and original, they are easy to maintain, they can be coated with paint or varnish:

Very unusual look in the bathroom rubble masonry walls. This type of design will help to create a natural, rustic or ethnic style:
Wooden floors
Some are afraid of the possibility of finishing wood walls, because this material absorbs moisture and deformed over time. However, modern paint and varnish and antiseptic formulations provide a robust protective layer of decorative items made of wood. This finish is suitable for bathrooms in eco-style, country and other rustic styles:

Enchanting looks a bathroom, where the wall decor combined wood and tile:
Artificial materials
Synthetic material resembling natural stone is a great alternative to natural materials. It is lighter than natural counterpart, cheaper, easier to install and provides the same effect of natural harmony, and natural stones:

Plastic panels is one of the budget materials, easy to install, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. The lack of such walls in soft plastic and its Flammability. As for the interior of the bathroom you can find interesting finishes plastic panels:
Mosaic wall
Absolutely inimitable interior of the bathroom will create a mosaic tile. It is made of different materials: tile, glass, plastic. Mosaic flooring, trim and any surface placed him at all temperatures. Choices of colors mosaic very much, you can use a monochromatic color scheme:

or create different patterns: abstract geometric
and more complex – plant drawings, reminiscent of a painting. This, of course, expensive way of decorating the walls, but the result is amazing:
Painting of walls
Staining is one of the simplest of designs to the walls, especially for drywall construction. The main requirement for the paint – moisture resistance, choose items with appropriate labelling. Before painting the walls should be carefully smoothed and polished to paint has been levelled. You can choose glossy, matte or combined cover:

How to Decorate Your Bathroom Wall

Looks spectacular colouring marble:
Unusual solutions
The bathrooms are not made to stick on the wall Wallpaper, because it’s not really practical. But if the home has good ventilation, washable bamboo is a great option for wall design. This coating is treated with a moisture-proof compositions and durable enough:

Mirror wall – elegant and stylish solution for your bathroom, especially if you use mirrored tiles unusual shapes, with a faceted edge. Similarly, you can give additional volume to the room. The disadvantage of such walls is a condensation from steam:
A stunning piece of real wildlife in the bathroom is a vegetal wall. To create it using tena – and moisture-loving plants: mosses, ferns, episcia. The living wall installation must be performed by professional florists, it is important to design a system of automatic watering and irrigation. Such complexity in the construction of the walls will be repaid exclusive and incredible interior:
Relief walls with 3 D effect is a relatively new field in design but managed to gain popularity, because it is made from solid panels, does not require additional processing of the walls before decorating and hide possible defects of the walls:

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