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50 Modern Loft Apartment Design Ideas

High walls, conscious negligence in their finishing, open view engineering columns, the presence of roughly hewn ceiling beams create a different format. The meaning of the loft initially hidden in the meaning of the word translated as the attic, and involves the resettlement of former industrial sites for housing. Today, democratic design designed for free artists wishing of expression, and clearly protesting against stereotypes and stylistic rules. Shared and private nuances decor attercliffe preferences and character of the owners. The idea behind the concept of maximum freedom and comfort at affordable costs.

What is the difference between loft design from Studio apartments, since so much in common in the organization of open space? All, except two points: the lack of walls and dividing the space into functional segments. The trend towards practicality and rationality today transformed into an active desire of many to change the order of life open shelves with the demonstration of their content.

Viewing window, the absence of static partitions, curtain fabrics, plain flooring, azacyclonol on forms and color harmony sometimes controversial. And bold disregard of conventionalities eloquently speak about the tendency of modern man to internal and external freedom. Consider in more detail the principles of materialization adventurous ideas, will touch upon the subject of privacy, issues of acoustics, system storage.

Planning and zoning

Columns of brick, concrete, or consist of artificial stone, symmetrically along the sides of the equipment lamps, conventionally razmazyvayut the perimeter. It is also known that manipulation of the constructive part of the arch gives different results. In one embodiment, it acts as a decorative element between the supports, and does not contact with the bottom plane. When relaxed two-way framed wall construction is issued in tone accent walls, and usually duplicates brickwork, although allowed other versions.

The furniture are placed differently, but away from the walls and in all positions clearly outline the place of rest. The backs of sofas and chairs visibly mark the boundaries. The carpet under your feet is another decorative argument in favor of clear zoning. Such impression podium of stone, high platform with steps between zones and finish in the tone of the walls. Their height varies from 5 cm and above. Plot bedrooms this design under the bed simultaneously solves the utilitarian task of storing things. Drawers on runners or rollers in the bowels of the structures resemble sections of the chest.

To integrate the kitchen into the living room design valid with Breakfast bar and high chairs. Delineating strip in this embodiment, will serve as the floor and the line of the table. Ottiliana wooden floor main part of the complete umesto replace practical tiles that mimic the texture of the boards, more practical for this block. To kitchen modules organically grown in the loft space, select fronts with metal trim combination, artificially aged or stay on open shelves. One of the mandatory requirements of the equipment of kitchen gadgets. This applies in General home appliances. Home theater, the kitchen area is impressive refrigerator, stove with shiny metallic surface, the rows of electrical “helpers” relevant to the loft. By the way, the TV series “Friends” is a display example of a demonstration kitchen in this concept

The loft is marked by the absence of roomy cabinets with rare exception, when a long design serves as a partition. Instead wardrobes operated floor cloakroom. Mobile design is equipped with wheels and can easily change the arrangement.

With this purpose, activated shelves with plants, kredens, buffet or long shelves, placed perpendicular to the wall. Shelves shelves are open for review.

Loft apartment interior decorating ideas

Functional task ordering and storage perform numerous bookcases and chests of drawers, furniture section. Much easier solved the issue, thanks to the top floor. Niche under the stairs is completed with rows of shelves, and the process is spacious dressing room. Not surprisingly, the presence of stairs in full duplex space. They can be light and graceful – aluminum profile and glass. Design thoroughly presented March version.

Rationality and creativity
The right way to organize personal space is to equip niche or alcove. The border is likely to indicate using the wall-screens with wooden paneling or drywall, the size of the growth. If the opposite sides of the rack-fence to put compact table-top, formed two jobs. The decision is also true for children.

Of course, there is a sense in sliding structures that help to comfortably adapt the space for themselves. Because the idea of walls and excludes, in principle, not advocates for privacy, support personal desire to abstract from the world through other structures. This is an opaque light shields with frosted glass or Japanese Shoji, made of rice paper. Glass verticals allowed to be mobile, be specific esthetic, be transformed into invisible side panels.

An interesting version of the mobile system in the form of slides. They often come in unusual modifications. The model, which forms a door and frame, galvanized steel or copper-plated, unique to the loft. It is quite reasonable to mount on the ceiling of the plastic panel that will perfectly cope with the task.

Do not be confused by the volume, size and acoustics. Proper placement of furniture and lighting to successfully correct working area and sitting area. For the reason that the magnitude of the perimeter of the hollow echo reflect the sound vibration of the voice, should seek textile attributes, carpeted floors, an abundance of cushions. Echoes leveled soft panels plot the bedroom or a special acoustic mats.

Create interior

Manning room functional items, you should rely on your own taste and to buy copies. Loft-style due to the large number of seats, therefore, sofas, chairs, benches not much happens. For ideas characteristic dimensions of furniture that does not “dissolve” in the full space. The scale exhibited interior exposures, does not prevent to compensate for the fine attributes a modest sizes and different configurations. With this handle bags, long table with multi-level light, linear elongation of furniture items.

Appropriate furniture without much pretentiousness in the finish. Welcome dark and light, metal, wicker, combined facades, bright contrasts, dissonant combinations. Chrome plated metal and glass coffee table, a group of worn leather upholstered furniture, vintage chests along with a colorful tapestry free will register in the segment of the living room. Rarity and modern exclusive tolerant to a mutual neighborhood. Soft purple pouf will live on one square with red sofas and colourful cushions. Dominant loft is gray-blue palette.

To use a Central lighting as the main, is not accepted. The chandelier in the middle of the room diffuses the light on the ceiling and the bottom of the view angle is continuously shifted upwards, ignoring the interior exposure. For this reason, make up a different scenario with independent lighting zones. It is considered an ideal version with tires. Original backlight with precision convey the atmosphere of industrial.

Metal pipes in solidarity brick look particularly impressive against the background of brilliant bathroom accessories. On the background of the rare white installation looks wonderful expensive plumbing. The symbiosis of brick and marble cladding interesting rhymes with vintage taps, modern white bowl with a fragmentary part of the tree. What would modern materials not prevailed in the lining, a couple of strokes and architectural features still to designate belonging to the style.

Decor, loft-style
Without hesitation combine different directions and don’t be afraid of creativity. Stylistic neobosnovannost loft tolerant to participate classics in tandem fashion concepts, and allows for unexpected combinations. So, if classical group to add dazzling bright chair, not overlapping with the main kit may be in color or in form of impression did not suffer.

The wall is allowed to leave not covered. Grey concrete or red brick is a special feature of the loft. Bright posters, black-and-white photo exhibition, wall shelves with small items perfectly decorate the vertical. For colorful put the jars with caps, wine corks, colored pebbles, glass beads, bamboo sticks or fill the vessels in its sole discretion. Colorful accessories and a number of them have great influence on the decor. Vases of different colors and textures with or groups are placed one by one. Despite the simplicity in design, paintings can be traced urban style.

Still lifes, as well as placed the dishes in the depth of the shelves, are distributed randomly on the walls and will fall by the way not only in the dining area. Also remember the presence of graffiti, abstractions, which do not necessarily hang in the usual manner. They are very easy to lean against the wall. For especially creative suitable road signs, old tanks instead of flower pots, hanging gear and other futuristic version. Room Conservatory or Zen gardens will add naturalness, and will create a light atmosphere. Only it is not necessary to clutter the window sills, so as not to interfere with the maximum penetration of light. For this reason rejected the window drape.


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