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50 Pattern Ideas For Ceramic Tile The Bathroom

For decoration of surfaces in the bathroom, the most popular material for many years remained tile. Numerous advantages make it popular for use in all areas where there are temperature extremes and high humidity.
Best color combination
One of the advantages of tiles is a huge variety of textures and shades. The surface can be both gloss and matte. In addition, for each member you can put your own picture.

For bathroom floor it is better to use matte tile. In conditions of high humidity glossy floor may be too slippery. If the choice fell on glossy tile in this bathroom, you can use a rubber non-slip Mat.

On the walls in the bathroom imagination can give complete freedom. The nautical theme can effectively be expressed in the blue wall tiles. On the floor you can put the tile colors that mimic sand or pebbles. Modern ways of drawing figures make it very natural to represent such a surface stones, shells and starfish.

Green, according to psychologists, is able to calm and relax a person who is surrounded by his shades. This mood in the bathroom will be to place as many after a tiring working day prefer to relax under the warm jets of water. Green walls of the room will help to regain strength and to achieve energy balance. On the green tile seamlessly looks a vegetative ornament.

Neutral colors will also find use in the bathroom. Among them:

light grey and other pastel colors.
Special attention should be paid to the design of the white tile. White inspires a feeling of cleanliness and sterility. But do not forget that the abundance of white can bear a negative impact on mood. It is believed that the overabundance of white can cause a person unprovoked attacks of fear. It should not exclude the application of this color, just mix it with elements of other shades or use white tiles as decorative details.

Best 2015 bathroom ceramic tile design photogallery

The rules of matching colors and shades spread on the tile. Lighter colours will visually expand the space cramped bathroom. The greater the area of the room will allow you to apply more daring combinations. Even aharmonious at first glance the colors with skillful use will be advantageous to put on the walls and the bathroom floor.

Mosaic tile
Methods of laying mosaic known since ancient times and to this day are popular methods of decorating surfaces. Bathroom can transform due to proper use of this element. The benefits of using tile in the bathroom are:

external appeal;
a variety of options;
the ability to create a unique pattern;
wide price range;
can be used on uneven surfaces.
The last advantage can be decisive for some architectural elements. Small pieces of tile mosaic will allow them to apply for registration rounded arches, tables, niches and other convex-concave surfaces. This is especially useful in areas with an abundance of decorative designs. It will be interesting to look the mirror in the design of the mosaic frame.

There are panels that have already been finished drawings. This product small parts transfer on the wall, getting in the end the finished picture. Such panels can be visualized as a picture of the famous wizard, and personal photography. This design approach will make the interior unique.

From mosaics to collect any pattern for decoration of the walls on the perimeter or the formation of the drawings in any part of the surface. An interesting solution would be the design of the ceiling mosaic tiles. Relaxing in a warm bath, you can contemplate the forest landscape or sunset in the mountains.

The diversity of tiles and its use
Modern production industry tile allows us to produce items of different shapes and sizes. The pattern, which can be obtained by using such unusual tiles, charms. The elements can be in the form of:

elongated diamond.
the triangles.
In order to produce a product of any irregular shape and give the room a unique.

Tiles can glue not only the walls, floor or ceiling. It is suitable for decoration of the bath, door posts, sills, frames, Windows (if they have one in the bathroom). Interesting may be the manufacturer of the tile frames for paintings and mirrors. Furthermore tiles used for walls, you can decorate the furniture in the bathroom. This way it will blend in with the interior.

The popularity of the use of tiles for the bathroom due to many factors. But in order to achieve this cladding material maximum effect, it should be carefully selected and correctly applied. Then tile on bathroom walls sparkle with all the colors.

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