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50 Stylish Bedside Tables Designs

This piece of furniture can now be found everywhere – not only in private homes but also in various institutions: hospitals, rest homes and hotels. Few people know that the word “stand” is translated from French as “post” or “stump”. Nowadays, this word often hides a small closed type Cabinet with drawers and shelves or comfortable wide stand for something. In addition, a stand sometimes referred to as the lower parts of your kitchen or Desk.
The bedside table in the bedroom, of course, is not a necessity, however, its role in the interior of the room and in a person’s life is already decided. There is an assumption that this piece of furniture was created in the Middle ages, when there was the need to keep weapons near the place of rest, to protect yourself from an unexpected enemy attack. But only in the middle of the eighth century in France cabinets have gained real popularity. At the time, bedside tables were low and consisted of one drawer and shelves. Following the French dandies about this piece of furniture has learned and residents of other European States.

You should give them credit
According to statistics, the man holds in his sleep about one third of his life. This implies that a significant part of our time passes in the bedroom. And given the fact that many have a habit of reading before bed or drink a mug of tea, can not do without Cabinet next to the bed. You can always use its surface to put the cell phone or read a magazine. On the nightstand is easy to “get along” so different at first glance items like a glass of water, framed photo, alarm clock, pencil, and even a candle in sustainable candlestick. More useful things can be placed inside the pedestal. It is a convenient place to store many accessories – from cosmetics to linens.

Decorating ideas for modern and traditional bedside tables

Some homeowners do not see any sense in purchasing bedside tables, because they believe that all the important accessories can be stored on the dresser or closet. However, they are deeply mistaken, because tables have a number of important advantages over other pieces of furniture. They are compact and functional at the same time – you don’t have to worry about where to put the thing in which it is no longer necessary, without rising from the bed. In addition, this accessory will serve as a perfect complement to the design of the bedroom. And the extraordinary diversity of in our time-tables will allow any owner to find a suitable alternative is available in terms of material and combines beautifully with the overall style of the room.

The diversity of their species worthy of praise
It is difficult to navigate among a huge number of modern bedside cabinets available in the market. Most often in furniture stores you can find the following types of tables for the bedroom:

bedside table with drawers;
an open Cabinet-nightstand;
hinged models;
Cabinet with sliding or rotary table.
For the manufacture of bedside tables will match any materials. This piece of furniture produced from wood and MDF, glass and mirrors, metal, plastic and even leather. Often designers use a combination of several materials. The main thing – that the finished product harmoniously fit into the interior of the bedroom.

Helpful hint: if someone in your household suffers from allergies or asthma, you should opt for the bedside nightstand, is manufactured from natural materials. Most preferably, of course, the wood furniture. The most popular products are made of solid oak, beech and pine. However, models with elements of plastic, metal or glass are considered to be more practical. Besides, they look perfectly in any modern interior. But, if you still have to buy a bedside Cabinet from less expensive materials, such as fiberboard or particleboard, be sure to verify that the bonding of furniture was used glue manufacturers. Adhesive low quality often causes unwanted evaporation.

The next thing that you need to pay attention to is the hardware used in the manufacture of bedside tables. Definitely worth checking out all the knobs on doors and drawers – they must be of good quality, resistant to abrasion and easy to use. A process of opening doors and pulling out the drawers should be virtually silent.

It should be remembered that the shape and size of purchased product will depend on the square of the bedrooms, as well as its busiest other furniture. A place to relax requires plenty of fresh air, so we should not over-clutter the space. If the bedroom is large, then the best option would be a miniature pedestal with drawer, equipped with two or three shelves. Corner Cabinet will take up less space and perfectly fit into the limited space. The spacious room is perfectly placed bedside table with lots of drawers.

Another important point to consider when choosing a bedside table, is its height. This piece of furniture should always be combined with the dimensions of the bed. You must pick a pedestal so high that she had not closed the review in the bathroom, and was very low. Too low in the model to make their owners very uncomfortable for me, because they were difficult to reach.

Currently very relevant models of cabinets with lockable doors, including simultaneously and drawers, and shelves. No less popular are the bedside tables, consisting of countertops, compact drawer and special niches for the placement of magazines and books. Such models are easy to move from place to place and are well suited for tight spaces, so as not to overload the interior of the room.

Bedside tables for fans of all original

Modern designers now pay much attention to the creation of unusual bedside tables. Such tables, if not raise your spirits, then at least make you smile. Limit design ideas there!

These models, you’ll learn soon. Such cabinets are produced in the form of a glass pyramid, ladder or Cuba. In addition, in the manufacture of modern nightstands in the course are the most unexpected things: chairs, old suitcases, trunks… and even buckets. Very fashionable steel cabinets with soft upholstery textile, fur and leather. The advantage of this furniture is its security on its edges cannot be injured. Fans of African style very much like wicker furniture.

What are the only models of bedside tables not invented by designers in our time: light and massive, impressive size and very tiny, with or without legged, with multiple compartments for storing things or for the sole branch, decorated with various accessories or decorated with antique! Each of them can play a crucial role in your bedroom. The choice is yours.

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