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Best 50 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs Ideas

Recently very popular in the design of the exteriors and interiors has acquired the Scandinavian style. Since the climate in the Nordic countries with similar natural conditions the greater part of our country, the tradition of Nordic architecture has accustomed us. Features of this style can be described as the pursuit of nature, so construction and finishing materials are selected natural advantage timber.

The kitchen in the Scandinavian style is suitable for those who prefer the warmth, comfort, warmth and comfort. It consists of usability and naturalness. To develop in this direction can kitchen space of any size and configuration. When choosing a design project should consider some features:

walls, floors and ceilings of natural wood, no artificial materials should not be;
perhaps a combination of wood, stone and glass;
colors in light, neutral tones;
allowed a few bright accents;
the furniture is simple, without frills, functional;
be sure sense of purity, harmony and space.
The arrangement of the dishes is better to start with the floor. Special attention in the Nordic countries is really warm floors, so the decks are made from solid wood. From a large selection of modern floor coverings is better to choose parquet or engineering Board. These materials are ideal for equipment system “warm floor”, their texture, the texture and the color palette is exactly the same natural properties of wood. It will look harmonious parquet flooring, matching wall coverings.
The classic version of sex in the Scandinavian kitchen – wooden boards. Natural wood is always an expensive material, alternatively you can pick up the floor, simulating real planks of solid oak or ash.

Floor covering can be in a contrasting colour to the walls. More dark floor is both practical and original. For a touch of vintage appeal will give the interior floor, tiled wood with effect brachiolaria.

Decoration of walls and ceiling

Decorating the walls in kitchens involves the use of materials in white or natural color of the wood. Smooth matte white or other light colors cover is a modern version of the design. This method creates an aura of purity and visually increases the size of the kitchen.

Traditional wall in Scandinavian homes clad with wood. Optimal use of the lining from natural rocks. Such boards can be left in its original form, covering them with a clear varnish. This will give the kitchen a closeness to nature.

The boards can be covered with paint, it will not break style cuisine.

The combination of wood and stone is one of the design techniques. A very good solution is to put natural stone or brick wall in the kitchen area.

For ceiling use similar materials and methods of design. So, smooth white ceiling will create a single unit with walls and furniture.

Very impressive looking beams, released to the outside. Such designs can be contrasting or monochromatic walls.

In Scandinavian cuisine traditionally in the same room are a working area and a dining area, sometimes performing the function of the living room.

As already mentioned, the basic requirements for the choice of furniture is its practicality and restrained design. The main thing is that everything was at hand, so the cooking area need to focus major household appliances and items of furniture.

Smooth facades furniture designs without unnecessary details with simple accessories is what you need for the Scandinavian country.

Special attention in the kitchen paid to the dining table in the eating areas. According to folk tradition, the table should be wooden and large, which could accommodate the whole family. Quite suitable U-shaped form made of wood, preserved wood texture:

No less an original look tables, in which the top of unpainted natural wood. This detail which combines the style of the dining room.

Interesting oval or round light design tables. They do not violate the stylistic unity and at the same time facilitate the space.

Relevant also is a glass table.

The window in the Scandinavian kitchens

Kitchen, and other rooms in Scandinavian style, should be filled with light, preferably natural. In this regard, the window in the country Scandinavia is always great. Like all other interior details, they do not require any jewelry. Discreet design a simple one-piece window in the kitchen in a wooden frame is a standard glazing Scandinavian style.

Accessories and accents
The minimum number of elements is one of the rules of the Scandinavian areas. In kitchens, made in a monochrome palette, bright textile accessories will enliven the interior.

Very often on the Scandinavian kitchens you can see paintings, because the residents of these countries is very sensitive to all kinds of art. On the bright walls look very impressive portraits or abstract canvases.

Often in Scandinavian interior is used stencil painting the walls. It can be floral and geometric designs. Paint one wall or area is quite enough for the kitchen, it is better to do it in the dining area.

Original lamps not only performs the function of lighting. But also play the role of smart accessories. Unusual forms of lighting will attract attention and will give variety to the interior.

The combination of elements of Scandinavian style with other.
Always kind of look the interiors in which they embody several styles. Eccentric interior, which combines elements of high-tech and natural warmth of Scandinavia, of course, will find many fans.


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