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60 Bright Ideas: Table Lamps – Designer Lighting Ideas

No interior is not complete without lighting. And if at the dawn of the electrification of all the rooms, it was just the bulb, sometimes the most simple lampshade, nowadays, the range of lighting is so wide that not to find a suitable style, materials, technical characteristics and cost version, is simply impossible. Designers around the world, they use their wildest ideas, creating models of lamps for every taste and wallet size.
Apart from its main function – lighting or illumination of the space, fixtures various modifications and perform a decorative role, provide zoning, highlight certain critical items of the interior and just become design highlights of the room.

To imagine a modern interior where lighting devices selected in a hurry, without compliance with the style of the interior and a harmonious combination with each other was really hard. If earlier the average family, made repairs in the apartment or one room, acquired a chandelier, for example, the light at the last moment, when finishing room and the furniture arrangement, decoration textiles is already completed. In our days the lighting system has been planned for the implementation phase of finishing the space. And it’s not just changing the technical characteristics of lighting devices, methods of their installation. The case is in the changed conception of the approach to repair in General. Most of our compatriots have already realized that to get a really harmonious, balanced design space, we need to plan the interior to the smallest detail. This approach, incidentally, saves time, effort and money.

Modern and Traditional Table Lamps: Ideas, Pictures. Photos. Images

By mounting or installation of all fixtures can be divided into the following categories:

fastened to the wall using a bracket or strap that holds the shade or lampshade. Such models are used for local lighting, used in absolutely any room. To create backlight or other interior lamps are used directional flow, as well as for the ability to read. To create atmospheric light scattering is applied streams of light. Wall lights are available in a wide range of models, are made of various materials and can satisfy even the most demanding tastes of homeowners;

Classification of fixtures for home interior
By mounting or installation of all fixtures can be divided into the following categories:

fastened to the wall using a bracket or strap that holds the shade or lampshade. Such models are used for local lighting, used in absolutely any room. To create backlight or other interior lamps are used directional flow, as well as for the ability to read. To create atmospheric light scattering is applied streams of light. Wall lights are available in a wide range of models, are made of various materials and can satisfy even the most demanding tastes of homeowners;

does not require installation, are installed directly on the floor. Usually outdoor lamp (lamp) is a high tripod with a fixed canopy or shade. The tripod can be both static and with the possibility of height adjustment. Crank tripod can bend and tilt are fixed to the ceiling, thereby directing the flow of light in the desired direction. Outdoor floor lamps are presented in a variety of designs – from imitation office table lamp large sizes up to three-meter with arched floor lamps tripod and metal shades. Ideal for creating atmospheric lighting, and can act as a main source of light for small spaces with the need to create an intimate lighting).

typically used in suspended ceilings, niches. Can be used for illumination of furniture, arches, steps and other objects and interior elements. Built-in lights can be as a point (small size, directional reading lights) and tape (usually led strip). There are also stone lamps, which are collected on one plate, a few light bulbs, which generally serve to illuminate part of a room or highlight a particular zone (for example the segment over work surfaces in the kitchen). Recessed luminaires can be stationary and rotary.

a portable light source that needs no installation and creates a local directional or diffuse lighting (depending on design). It is table lamps will be dedicated a big part of this publication.

Table lamps – stylish touch to finish the look of the room

Table lamps occupy a large segment in the environment lighting and there are a lot of reasons. They are used in absolutely any room, can serve as how to create atmospheric lighting, and directional, point, design table lamps are so vast and diverse that can find a suitable option for any interior, color palette, sizes and features of the room.

The advantages of table lamps in front of other modifications of lighting fixtures:

table lamp does not require installation, which means you do not need to drill holes in walls, risking to ruin the finish;
mobility – you can move your table lamps from room to room, thereby changing the not only the features of the interior, but the light level of the room in its sole discretion;
table lamp can perform both the functions of a lighting device for work and to create a certain atmosphere in the room;
the design of many models of table lamps are so original that can not only diversify the interior, but to transform it, to act as the focal center.
But where there are advantages, there will always be a place and disadvantages:

it is difficult to remove from sight wire, which have almost all models of table lamps (the lamps powered from batteries and solar panels);
as a bedside light source is a place on the bedside table or the table (unlike a wall-mounted lamps);
some modern models are so light that they can accidentally brush away from the surface of the table or tables.
All table lamps depending on the purpose can be divided into the following types:

Business – for reading, writing and homework. Typically, these table lamps are equipped with a function of spot – directional flow of lighting. Most often this type Lahm runs with an adjustable height and tilt tripod, plastic, metal or glass canopy, which can be rotated. But there are also completely stationary model without these functions.
Such models are typically executed in a single color, most often a tripod and the shade is made of the same material, but there are exceptions.

Best 2015 Photo Gallery. light interior design for bedroom and living room

Business models of table lamps are very similar to those used in offices for illumination of the workplace. Therefore, in the classical style, for example, will look out of place. But the modern style, minimalist, contemporary, loft, eclectic style – will be a great backdrop for such a lighting device.

Classic family table lamps are designed to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. Typically, these models are equipped with shades or shades that create diffuse light. As a result, the lighting is not so bright that you could read or do other work requiring visual concentration, but the room is sufficiently lit to guide the conversation and relax.
Nightlights – used briefly as the only source of light for bedtime, a light, relaxing atmosphere. Typically, the light from the lamp is used as the emergency lighting of the room.
Unlike business table lamps, decorative lamps, as a rule, all the elements are static – not adjustable leg (tripod) and not rotated the base of the lampshade or ceiling. The model most often installed on a round base, which is responsible for supporting the legs of the lamp. To the leg, in turn, is attached to the lens – shade (usually performed in a conical shape). Generally, table lamps provided with one shade, but there are models with two and even three elements of light scattering, which can give different types of lights – point, local or reflected.

But there are also the original model, the basis of which is a tripod that provides reliable location of the lamp on a horizontal surface.

Often classic table lamp is a miniature replica of the outdoor floor lamp. The same design, the same techniques in combinatorics materials of manufacture. But there are differences as table decor options legs is given much more attention.

Materials for the manufacture of table lamps
It is important to remember that the materials of manufacture of the lamp can affect its performance. If we talk about the shades, they may be made of:

Design the legs can be quite varied, made of wood, glass, porcelain, plastic, metal and even inlaid stones.

In modern models of table lamps are more commonly used metals and plastics in combination with fabric or rice paper.

For classical models is characterized by the use of wood, stone, glass and porcelain in combination with textiles.

Design features and characteristics

The diffuser (shade) most desktop lighting has a conical shape. A portion of the light propagates through the lower hole (larger) and a well-light space for reading or other household chores, the other part of the light flux directed upwards and reflects off the ceiling and walls. Still

Such modification of the lampshade is considered optimal because it creates a sufficient level of illumination that can transform the atmosphere of a room and are practical from the point of view perform some household chores.

But there are shades, for example, cylindrical shape. In such modifications is approximately the same part of the world are spread up and down the lens.

There are models of table lamps with round or rectangular shapes of lampshades. For such lamps require more space. If problems in the presence of horizontal surfaces for installation table lamps no, such a design of the lamp is able to become the highlight of your interior, to bring an element of uniqueness, personalization.

Choosing a table lamp, think not only about external attractiveness of the design but also the technical characteristics of the lighting device, do not forget about the main purpose of a Desk lamp – the creation of a specific light level.

Table lamp, the bulb of which is fully closed canopy can be used, basically, as the honour of the decor. Lighting such models yield little that is better to use as an attendant.

Most table lamps are designed to work with incandescent lamps and their taxes. In addition to power, such an important indicator bulbs color temperature is measured in Kelvins and is always indicated on the packaging. The lower the temperature is, the warmer, yellowish light gives light. And the more tired our eyes. The opposite side of this spectrum – cold and bright lighting (usually at a color temperature of more than 4000 K), which can be very cold and sharp. But the bluish lighting sets to work, while yellow shades promote relaxation. It all depends on what you plan to use your table lamp – if for work and reading, then buy a halogen or fluorescent lamp, if you need to create a warm atmosphere for relaxation – the incandescent lamp.

Use table lamps to create a harmonious interior

Unlike working (business) table lamps, which are usually bought in a single copy, decorative lamps commonly used in pairs in the interior. For example, you can place two identical table lamps on bedside tables or low tables, thereby ensuring the Ob side of the bed, has its own light source.

The bedroom table lamps can be installed not only at the bedside furniture, but also on the dressing table or stand in any area of the boudoir. But for the illumination mirror is not suitable for all models of table lamps. The lens of this device needs to be closed enough that the light from it blinded eyes, reflected from the mirror surface. At the same time, the color of the lampshade table floor lamp is of great importance and is able to distort zvetovospriatie own reflection in the mirror, which is important for applying makeup, for example.

Such models of lighting fixtures mounted on the dresser or console in the living room next to a sofa or chair, and sometimes just working the Desk.

Even in the kitchen there is a place for table lamps. For example, for the interior of a private house, in which the sink is located at the window and no way to post built-in lighting under the upper tier kitchen cabinets, as is done in most cases, or by using wall lights. Pair of classic table lamps are not only able to provide a sufficient level of illumination of the working area of the kitchen, but also to decorate her space.

The principle of “Twoness” is helping to create not only the symmetry obtained in the interior, to provide uniform illumination of the room, but also add the element of order and balance.

Used in the interior is bright models helps to create a positive mood and to raise the degrees of the room and transform his character. If the overall color palette of the room neutral, saturated color table lamp can make it a focal point that attracts attention. In the colorful interior of the room, the brightness table lamp (usually legs) will support the General atmosphere, not to lower the bar to the uniqueness of the design.

There are models with bright shades with a fairly neutral coloring of the stem and base of the device. Ideal would be a combination of the colors of the shade printed on textile, which is decorated room, or the pattern of the Wallpaper of the room.

In modern interiors are often used table lamps with legs and bases, made in mirror performance. This helps not only to combine lighting with design elements, furniture fittings and hardware, but also visually enlarge it, frame erasing.

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