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70 Charming Mosaic Tiled Bathrooms

Any homeowner knows that planning a renovation in the bathroom, he will have to take many difficult decisions. And the most important one – what material to coat the surface? Room bathroom constantly experiencing high humidity and temperature extremes. Many surfaces of the room for bathing susceptible to mechanical stress. In typical multi-storey apartment houses bathrooms are often connected to the toilet. In General the bathroom is especially important to maintain cleanliness and order. So finishing material should be resistant to chemical cleaning agents and be easy to care for. All the necessary criteria that apply to finishing materials for bathroom, corresponds to a mosaic tile.
Among its obvious advantages are the following:

resistance to moisture;
the lack of reaction to temperature changes;
the variety of colors and shades;
a wide variety of material;
the possibility of facing uneven surfaces, complex shapes, making curved and concave planes, NIS;
sustainability color to fading;
the ability to create pictures, ornaments and even artistic works;
the ability to bond to any surface – concrete, plaster, wood or metal.In short, mosaic tile has at its disposal a whole list of advantages, characteristic for ceramic tiles (a favorite for our country finishing material) and a number of advantages, inherent only to this type of finish. And we are talking only about practical, functional aspect. But from the point of view of aesthetic pleasure that can be obtained from the contemplation in her bathroom art panels of mosaic, that the finishing material has no equal.

Of course, there are no advantages without disadvantages. The main disadvantage of surface decoration using mosaic – relatively high cost of the material itself and its installation. But if you amortize the budget of tiling bathroom for years that this finishing material will serve faithfully, without changing the color does not come off and not oblepias, from an economic point of view repairs using mosaic is a good investment.

Currently for sale presents a mosaic produced from the following materials:

mosaic tiles made of natural stone is often used for lining the floors, primarily because of its high qualities of strength and durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical stress. The most widespread such stones as marble, granite, onyx and Jasper. Of course, the cost of such mosaics will be quite high;
ceramic mosaic is one of the most common and budget options, the main advantage to the richness of the color palette, able to provide a selection of shades to any artwork;
glass as a material for the production of mosaic tiles manifests itself as resistant to moisture and chemical substances the material from which it becomes the leader in the category of ease of care;
the rarest, but it looks incredibly attractive – metal mosaic. For bathrooms used infrequently because of low resistance to moisture ingress. But can be used as decor in spacious premises in the sectors with the lowest humidity.
Consider a specific design projects bathrooms and toilets, how to use mosaic for facing one or other of the surfaces, selection of accents, decorating plumbing and furnishings, finishes complex geometric shapes.

Bathroom Inspiration Tile Gallery 2015

Pictures, ornaments, paintings
One of the distinguishing features from standard ceramic mosaic tile is the ability to create drawings, art images and original ornaments in a wide variety of color palettes. Not so long ago, the mosaic was one of the most important types of art, due to the durability of this material, many masterpieces have survived. To build in her bathroom semblance of artistic works – very large scale. But oblitsevat wall with ready-made blocks with printed pictures or hire a professional who will choose the image to your taste – it’s not impossible, which perfectly fit into the framework of the modern interior.

Bright floral pattern that occupies most of the vertical surfaces of the bathroom way to transform your room beyond recognition. This interior is not just unique, but also personalized, it reflects your own preferences and tastes.

Floral motifs are found in the bathroom interiors decorated using mosaic more often than other variants. This is due to the smooth lines of patterns, closeness to nature, energy and freshness. Even a small image as an accent that can bring the interior of your bathroom to a whole different level.

Original, but dull, not colored drawing, drawn using mosaics make unique wall covering, retaining the relaxed atmosphere of peace and tranquility that are so necessary in the room is the bathroom.

Using mosaic tiles with a pattern you can draw accent wall. The result is the original design of the shower enclosure, without ruining the budget for repairs.

Another alternative design is accented surfaces with mosaic ornament. The working area will be protected from moisture and originally decorated.The mirror on this background looks even more luxurious.

Without nautical theme bathroom with mosaic details anywhere. The combination of mosaic and stone finishes from small pebbles in the same room creates an incredibly effective design surfaces. This unique interior unforgettable.

Another usage of a marine theme when you select an image from a mosaic for bathroom. On light beige background small images look particularly striking.

Currently in stores have ready-made blocks with part mosaic ornament that line up together on the principle of the puzzle, forming a fabric with a large ornate pattern. A discreet yet elegant ornament can decorate any bathroom. For fans of neutral and bright palette of premises, such a mosaic on the walls of the bathroom.

Highlight key points
If repair bathroom or bathroom allocated a small budget and use in the finishing of certain surfaces of the mosaic tiles would like, there is a version of the design with the help of this expensive material, only one wall (or part thereof) is accented. In this case, you get expressive and practical interior with a small repair costs.

In the bathroom or the bathroom is the most popular form of decoration accent wall is a veneer surfaces above the working area of the shell. This is a practical way to facilitate the care of the planes exposed to the most moisture.

Veneer wall over the bath with bright mosaic with pearlescent able to bring your interior to the highest level of flavor. Original, color contrast that dictates the design concept of the room and acts as the centre of focus of attention.

Moden Mosaic Tile Bathroom Pictures, Photos, Images and Ideas

Another frequent design method in the area of emphasis – bright design of the wall opposite the sink with a mirror, and the repetition of an element of the same color in the working area.

For cladding bathrooms, located in the asymmetric attic rooms with sloping ceilings, mosaic tile can be a very good investment, time and effort. Considering how many ceramic tiles would be cut for clearance of the bevel, the presence of mosaic economically justified.

It is infrequent design decision, but accentual surface, lined with beautiful mosaics can be floor bathroom. Practical and functional choice becomes the basis for the creation of the design space.

Difficult geometry
One of the most important benefits of mosaic tiles is the possibility of facing planes of all shapes and degrees of curvature. In this case we can speak not only about the surface finishes of walls, floors, and bathrooms, sinks, all kinds of niches and recesses.

Smooth lines and shapes gives the bathroom a sense of fluidity and lightness. For small spaces this is especially important, as most bathrooms average apartments are.

Lining the base of the bath and curved surfaces – would it have been possible to carry out similar to any other finishing material, which can withstand high humidity levels? Thanks mosaic tile, such a cladding can be performed on more complex planes.

Veneer oval bathroom and pedestal of the same shape for a bath? There is nothing easier if you chose mosaic as a finishing material. Original and intriguing bathroom design unique.

The veneer is so complex, from the point of view of geometry and curvature, surfaces, unusual bathroom is only possible with the help of mosaic tiles. Thanks to the impressive scale of the room, dark shades of the mosaic do not constrain the space, bring in an element of drama, Oriental Zen for relaxation and recreation.

This diversity of color and texture making, finishing tile in various sizes not every room can withstand. Not without the help of mosaics in the decoration of complex curved surfaces has been the creation of a harmonious image of the bathroom.

Tremendous effect on the lining of the small elements
Sometimes to create a unique and interesting interior of the bathroom, just use a bright shiny or color mosaic only for a small portion of the surface – edging mirror or shell space, the allocation of the apron around the perimeter of the room, or decorating items of sanitary ware and accessories.

Veneer small reception separating the toilet area from the segment of water treatment, with the help of mirror mosaic looks very impressive. Vertical stripes visually increase the height of the room.

Small bar, decorated with mosaics, visually blurring the boundaries of space and will bring a variety of colors in the interior of the bathroom.

Another example of a similar design of the shower enclosure, but with the use of mirror mosaic with a vertical chips.

A small section of the surface above the working area of the shell is lined with a bright glossy mosaic, not only brought a variety of colors in the neutral palette of the bathroom, but also revived the interior.

Through the use of mosaic tiles, individual chips which are painted in the colors that are present in the base interior surface of the room, managed to create a balanced, comfortable way bathroom.

Total veneer mosaic tiles
Among modern design bathrooms many others where almost all surfaces of the room are lined with mosaics. Such repairs can be rather expensive, but the durability and permanence of its appearance is provided to you.

Even a small room the bathroom is transformed with mosaic finish. This kind of picture is called a pixel is an original way to integrate multiple shades of the same colors.

Monochromatic mosaic, which lined all surfaces, niches, shelves and recesses, is able to create an original image of your room to the water treatments. Depending on what size chips (tiles) will be applied, will be present between them, the grout and what the tone depends on the appearance of a bathroom or washroom.

Bright shades of mosaic tiles can visually expand the bathroom space, which is very often in need. Besides, a quiet, neutral palette adjusts to the relaxation and tranquility that are necessary to the household after a difficult day’s work while taking a bath or shower.

Among the bright palette of the mosaic tiles, I would particularly like to highlight the marble finish. Even small inclusions of marble mosaic in the interior add a touch of luxury, filled with purity and even utilitarian sterility of the room.

Contrasting combination of black and white mosaic in one of the premises produces an incredible effect. Especially, if, instead of our customary array of bright colors on bathroom walls, and the dark on the floor, we see the opposite color scheme.

Dark shade with mosaic mother-of-pearl shimmer in the total quality veneer surfaces, which can add drama to any bathroom. Thanks to the gloss of the surface of the mosaic, fingerprints and traces of water droplets will not be visible on dark chips, and to make the cleaning of the bathroom will not very often.

Bright blue, turquoise and shades of blue mosaic tiles are especially popular. It is not surprising that in the room for water procedures we want the reflection of the blue of the ocean or Lazurnoe heavenly reflections in the water, successfully integrated into the interior space.

Large monochrome mosaic chips against white grout give the room a bathroom incredible geometric rigor.

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