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Absolutely Amazing and Luxury Bathroom design Ideas 2015

In the phrase “take a bath” hid a ritual marked by the need for relaxation and relaxation. The coincidence of desires, opportunities and the availability of large spaces allowed himself to please unformatted decor and expensive finish.

Because in life there is always room for creativity, it is possible to materialize interesting ideas. Decorative tile features and new versions of the materials when you see them on the move born of interesting projects that allow to transform a private area into something extraordinary. In all cases, without creativity can not do, and to compare design features, to begin to Orient themselves in the flow of the proposed building products.
Spatial boundaries are marked walls, and vertical designs have the initial value in the design. Inspection bathrooms, with few exceptions, showed duplication of similar design, up to the stereotypes in the lining with the prevalence of the classical scheme of tile “seam to seam.

In this panel from the dark tiles through the demarcation of a border crossing in light shade, and form a ceramic surface that is different from the neighbor only color. Practical material worthy of praise, but isn’t it time to move away from templates and make the design unique? Why not take advantage of the decorative possibilities of lovely squares, ideas designers or your own imagination?

even after facing at an angle or diagonally, it is permissible to achieve an interesting effect. Skilled work is especially noticeable on high walls and a decent plot;
scheme “in range” based on the principle of offset of the next series, identified with brickwork and will be a good option for rectangular configurations;
the usual “chess box”, made basic by the way, occurs on so often, but looks impressive due to competing colors;
peelee look wall with alternating identical tiles, different color, stacked bars in any endeavor.
If desired, you can find all the modification from the Italian designers. The same form an interesting inclusion in a collection of different diameters, and ready-made puzzles on the wall to create the illusion of a foam with bubbles of different sizes.

Colour artwork

In the fashion gradually include bright colors and eclectic figures imprinted on eco-friendly materials. The original decision – tiles with simulated book roots. Colorful sensations will add relief surface and expensive collection with splashes of amber or gold thread.

Usually in the bathroom exploit the theme of water or marine plants. For example, yellow sunflowers look no worse, and it is difficult to be indifferent to pastoral scenes. Traditionally, the puzzles are laid out on the wall next to the bowl framed by plain tiles, and assembled are nice pictures. It is impossible not to admire the glossy beauty of the butterflies on the walls, caressing eyes, and create the same “fluttering” mood. Their allowed to settle on one wall or “dissolve” in the whole space .

Panels – fancy fragment in the bathroom. Composite image formed of the color elements, and is an unusual composition. Sold by whole series of images on a particular theme. The figure we can conclude in the curb frame, reproduce the entire area of the wall or broadcast segments on the perimeter of the individual plots. Starfish or pearl shells definitely will decorate the room, and give aesthetic luxury.

Kaleidoscopic mash mosaic

Glass mosaic is suitable for both full lining the walls, and the design of the upper edge of the columns. This will become the dominant feature of the fragments on the floor, will create a decorative nuances on the facade of furniture or accessories. The reason for this demand was unlimited decorative potential of the material.

Regarding the idea permissible to combine the tesserae configuration, transparency and external brilliance. Created fragments equally chic look under artificial light and sunlight. Reflected glare will complicate the perception under the led track and make transparent the glass under natural flow of light.

Even natural inclusion squares in identical space “killed” boring impression. To avoid tasteless diversity at full-scale the walls and get down in favour of monochrome version, eventually diluting solid surface color inserts.

In confirmation of its popularity to the place to recall mosaic interiors five-star “Sheraton” or Versace mansion. Part of the dilemma of choice can solve the complete set of products. Perhaps this will be a collection of mixes or color “extensions” panels, extraordinary borders with touches of silver or gold.

Elite design

Granite, amber chips, travertine, marble … Natural stone in the skillful hands ready to take any form, and to transform into tesserae, folding in patterned ornaments or detailed scenes. Unusual ideas affect not only the content, colors, and shapes. The finish is also presented and minor conglomerates, reminiscent of river pebbles or caramels. In all cases, a complex combination or even primitive scheme of laying of surprises. In addition to wall and floor them to decorate table tops, frames mirrors and lamps.

What will happen with ceramic tiles if violently throw? True, it will break into fragments. In the search for new forms designers repeat this technique to achieve non-trivial effect, and put the song in the combination of fragments with integer squares. These panels are considered to be exclusive and original idea impossible to repeat.

the Italians went on, and release a version of metal on the rubber in a different configuration. Rubber-based make knurling, pleasing to the eye reflecting the “Bunny”;
not to mention the “Golden” steklovata. Because each fragment attached gold foil high sample;
the copper oxide makes mosaic faux aquamarine delightful, although the process is quite energy-consuming;
luxury variant is obtained from natural mother of pearl, causing the room to Shine white – grey tints.

Focus on style

If you are a connoisseur of gold and items made from plaster, prefer a bath with lion paws, sitting majestically on a podium in the center, then a focus on French chic.
Wood paneling, plumbing brass, imitation antique, in combination Wallpaper or colored plastic panels, will represent the idea of English classics.
Japanese restraint permeated with an atmosphere of harmony and peace with a preference for natural colors in decoration, eco – friendly furniture and shrouded special aura.
On the background of the prestigious interior with gold, glitter, vivid detail and characteristic patterns on the floor, Oriental design will be “swamped” by the luxury.
Portals with columns similar to the rotunda and walls with Venetian plaster, will talk about netrivialen Roman style.
A special style will acquire bathroom with tropical surroundings. In the story means a lot of light and heat, beautiful scrub plants and colorful paraphernalia against a modest furniture.
Minimalism are brown colors of the interior and achromatic scheme. In contrast glamour, with a characteristic luster, pretentiousness and many mirrors in metal frames.

The relaxation area

Prestigious finish requires the company participation beautiful baths. According to your desire the approach to it can provide speed. In another embodiment, the podium is allowed to expand within the limits and to turn the font into a mini-pool. Shower is not necessary to include in the kit and it is better to mount offline. Equipment additional functionality – hot system and aromatherapy will replace the SPA salon.

Plumbing is subject to the classic format, and only the original faucets made of expensive metal show exclusive. Today’s idea – this stylish pendant sets with installation. With regard to the monopoly of sanitary engineering white, so he has a lot of shades, different tone in different collections.

classics can be found on amorphous forms and decorative addition. Gamma – beige-brown, white or blue colours.
hi-tech – solid geometry lines and angles, metal, brushed chrome and greed in relation to decor.
fans of “old” like the wooden facades of furniture and fittings of bronze and brass. Today the choice is not limited, and each season the ideas embodied in metal or ceramics. Now fashion favors to brilliant fragments on the polished furniture.
The font in the Oriental style allow for the variety of colors, and adequately perceived in harmonious accordance neutral background. Built-in washbasin, mount in a marble countertop, self-sufficient in itself, and supported the classics. Minimalism combine with Corian or any white stone.Dear shell, made of natural stone are not all on the wallet, but if you can afford to add to the polished interior gloss Jerusalem conglomerate, washing of petrified wood, granite or onyx question of prestige will be solved. Calculation designers justified the proposal to produce sets of synthetic analogues. Design of polymer crumbs and crushed stone are not inferior in aesthetics, and have the advantage of not accumulate mineral deposits.

Exclusive is created not only by walls. The room will be a special comfortable, if you put a couch or items of upholstered furniture with waterproof coating.

About light and color

Without glass can not do, in principle, and it is always in trend. Sliding partitions successfully share a room on a transparent functional segments. Brittle material involved in the coverage, and may be part of the furniture and paraphernalia. ‘t go wrong if you buy the model interior with inserts of brushed or grooved glass.

Bath lighting – separate paragraph. It is customary to do for multilevel regulation of mood and emotions. In addition to the standard lighting use TRANS-mirror light system “starry sky” or the illumination spot is placed on the floor.

The color value in the bathroom design is a relative concept, but the harmony classics requires no more than 2-3 colors, but the glare and brightness will provide chrome plated bathroom fixtures and accents, moved to the accessories. For example, on the background of a boil – and-white bath natural look to the furniture of their tree, the top of a light grey marble and yellow or emerald textile sets.

Stereotypes remain in the past. New times require other standards and fresh ideas. Create for yourself a beautiful and comfortable reality that is different from the other.

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