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Absolutely Amazing Floor Vases Decoration Ideas

The role of decoration in the interior it is difficult to underestimate: to create a homely atmosphere without additional elements sometimes simply impossible. First, the decorative purpose form individuality, artistic image and spirit of the room. Secondly, they can be used to combine or split the space and accents in the room.

Floor vases – beautiful decorative element that can be used in any interior. Vases come in many shapes, colors and sizes, so for the formation of a certain style of the room to pick the right model is not difficult.

The choice of vase: form and material

An important role is played by the material from which made the vase. For example, made of glass vases are low cost, variety of shapes and colors. That is why designers often use them for interior decoration.

Vases of porcelain is more expensive and is typically used for interior decoration in a classic antique style, or in Baroque and Rococo.

Recently gaining popularity vases made from a tree or vine. They are ideal for artificial flowers and ornamental compositions.

For an interior in the style of hi-tech ideal metal vases. Streamlined concise form, shiny metal – it all better emphasizes the concept of this style. However vases of metal can also have a vintage appearance: the surface of such products specially sostarivayut and put flowery patterns.

In addition to individual preferences when choosing the shape and color of a vase you must also determine the role of this subject in the interior. In order to emphasize the style in which decorated the room, you must choose a vase in the tone of the base color of the room. The shape of the vase also depends on the design of the interior:

The bathroom in the avant-garde style will perfectly complement a large vase of bright colors, unusual shapes. The basic idea of this style – originality lines, the rejection of the usual and kind of audacity. In the embodiment of the idea of the accessories play a significant role.
For a classic style, the best choice will be a vase of white or black in a simple form. Often for decoration of the interior use fresh flowers that adds sophistication to the atmosphere of the room.
For minimalism will fit a large vase that will create the main motive at the expense of form, texture or color.
The art Deco-style characterizes the regularity, the use of expensive materials, individuality, vibrant colors and symmetrical geometry. In order to achieve maximum expressiveness in the design of floor vase for this style should be selected taking into account these characteristics.

Vase, ideal for interiors: a few design secrets

Effectively decorate a room, no matter what style it is decorated by using simple techniques:

The use of transparent vase with a theme song. The main advantage of such vases, through which you can create unusual decorative forms, is the lack of its own accent. For example, in a room with natural motifs can be placed in a clear vase tree branches.
Color, structure, or material vases, overlapping with other interior items. Using this technique to piece together the image of the room: to unite the space or zone. For example, a vase in the same style chest of drawers with associated framing create a warm cosy atmosphere in the dining room.
Wicker vase in combination with the basket:

Shiny silver vases with identical framed mirror:

Several floor vases. You can use the same vase in the composition, it will give an atmosphere of harmony. This technique is perfect for creating a symmetric interior room. And vases can be different colors – it looks bold and original.
No less impressive look grouped vases, of various forms, sizes and colors. When creating such compositions can unleash the imagination, to use not even compatible at first glance materials.

These simple tricks will allow you to seamlessly pick up floor vase to any interior, make it come to life and fill individual, unique atmosphere.

Floor vase in different rooms

Vases for the bedroom, as a rule, choose a quiet hues. This is due to the special atmosphere of this room – she should relax and tune in to a calm way. Usually large vases put in front of the bed is thus achieved by visual balance in the room.

For the living room can boldly choose the design and color of the vase. Restrained colors and forms relevant for a classic style. In the interior, decorated in a modern style, you may want to experiment: to create a single focus using vases or to create a bright group. An alternative option is to select a vase in the color of the walls. This technique will allow you to make the space more volume, without compromising its integrity.

Not less than it will look harmonious floor vase in the lobby, at the entrance. In this case, carefully it is necessary to choose the design as accessories will be immediately evident and set the tone for the whole room. Bright colors and bold shapes of the vases will indicate the originality and extraordinary taste of home owners and calm shades emphasize the consistency of style.

In the kitchen or in the dining area looks great floor vase with striking compositions. Live or artificial flowers, decorative plants can not only decorate the room, but also inspire positive mood, create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Of course, to complement the vase composition is not necessarily is not always appropriate. For example, in the dining room with laconic interior vase unusual shape at the same time emphasize the severity of the premises and will add elegance.

In the bathroom look thick-walled ceramic vases. Colors can mimic the patterns of the tiles or mosaics – this design fits perfectly in the bathroom.

For a child’s room, you can choose classic vase shape and bright colors. The appropriate composition of the plants and flowers delicate shades – a perfect complement to the interior of the nursery. An important criterion of selection of vases for children is environmentally friendly, so it is better to give preference to natural materials.

In fact, the vase is a universal element of the decor and decorate it any room in the house. The main thing is to choose a vase with consideration of the peculiarities of the interior, and then you can create unique and original atmosphere in the house.


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