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20 Amazing Glass Houses Design

Structures stunning beauty, giving a sense of space, the infinite lightness, transparency and maximum closeness to nature…
Isn’t it, it’s like a fragment of insanely beautiful, but unattainable dream?

This is not entirely true, because such houses are not uncommon in modern architecture. Over the past century, the number of those who seek to experience the fullness of life, is growing steadily. The glass walls allow home owners every day enjoy the whisper of the leaves outside the window, floating in the sky with clouds and unique sunsets. Rooms are filled with sunlight and seem more spacious.

But even a few hundred years ago, the house of glass anywhere in the world were built. And when the Englishman Joseph Paxton decided to build in 1851 glass pavilion, necessary for carrying out the first ever world’s fair, to many, this idea seemed crazy. And only after 1931 through Glass home design, created by French architects, this trend has gained recognition all over the world.

In the construction of houses is transparent frame technology, the origins of which date back to the half-timbered constructions Germany. As you know, “Fachwerk” (from the German word “FAH”, i.e. the cell) is a rigid frame made of wood, including the beams and braces forming sectors a large area. Half-timbered construction, in addition to decorative functions, gives the structure reliability, stability and durability.

A little about security glass buildings

House of glass, contrary to popular belief, very practical and completely safe.

Seven advantages of a house built of glass
1. These buildings have a very modern look. They are very effective and extremely attractive. Most interior transparent buildings will appeal to fans of all extraordinary and extravagant.

2. Due to the unique qualities of glass to use in the interiors of houses unlimited. With sufficient determination and financial capabilities, you can make any, even the most fantastic idea.

3. Construction glass structures is carried out using the most advanced technologies. In the process of creating houses are all kinds of engineering and construction know-how: an airtight and energy-saving materials, solar collectors, and even system known as the “smart house”. All this ensures that the objects of the highest quality.

4. For the erection of such buildings – from design to completion of interior takes not more than one year due to the fact that their frames are made in the factory and delivered to the place of Assembly in a ready kind.

5. Beautiful light glass houses contributes to significant energy savings. The use of glass makes the room not just bright and almost transparent. The abundance of sunlight in the house helps to maintain a positive attitude by its owners and allows you to save on coverage to individuals who live in the Northern regions. If you use glass with a special coating, delaying infrared rays, it is possible to simultaneously reduce the cost of air conditioning with heating.

6. Structures made of glass have a sophisticated communication system, which is designed at the stage of project development, and absolutely does not spoil the appearance of the room. Air conditioners are mounted in the ceiling structure. All pipes are hidden from prying eyes under the floor and practically invisible.

7. Glass buildings have a high degree of fire safety. They do not suffer from moisture and corrosion resistant. Modern design of glass and aluminum designed for significant service life of over 100 years.

And most importantly: a house built of glass, gives its owners the opportunity to be closer to nature. At any time of the day to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window, without leaving the cozy room. And no matter what the weather is not always conducive to walks: inside the transparent house comfortable in any season. In this environment, it is very good to relax and unwind.

In the construction of glass houses is maximum open plan, providing for a minimum of partitions, the large size of the premises, the brevity of decorative elements.

Modern unique glass home decor ideas

1. The construction of the cottage of glass is available only to very wealthy people. The use of high-tech materials and modern techniques during the construction of the building greatly affects its value.

2. Owners of such houses expect significant costs for cleaning the outer surface of glass from snow. Upon cooling, the glass panels on their inner side formed by condensation. To reduce the intensity of its fallout can, using special moist collectors. When developing a construction project glass, it is important to remember that the bearing types and cages need to be suitable for carrying out maintenance of the entire system mounted.

3. Transparent house is absolutely not suitable for people who diligently protect your personal living space from the prying eyes of others. They are not yet ready to let strangers there, and it is their personal right. Most glazed housing options preferred by those who look to the future with optimism. Typically, these people cheerful, willing to communicate and cooperate.

The buildings are made of glass fascinate with its stunning beauty and lightness. And let that not everyone will decide on such a bold experiment, one thing is certain: indifferent glass house will not leave anyone!

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