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30 Ideas for White Wallpapers Interior Design

For many decades the most popular finishing materials for walls are Wallpaper, which manufacturers made sure to make even the most picky customer could find a suitable option. The variety of textures, colors and patterns of this material will allow to realize the most ambitious design fantasies and to make an original and refined interior. In this article we will consider the standard version – white Wallpaper.

White color in the interior

White color is very powerfully influences the location, and increasing its filling with light and space. As a symbol of harmony and purity, it promotes peace and tranquility. It is a neutral color, but because it can be combined with all the colors and shades that are only in the color spectrum. The versatility of white color can be used in any style and in any room, that is why designers often resort to its use.

White Wallpaper can be a great background for a classic interior and the newfangled trends, which recently enjoyed great popularity. Minimalism, hi-tech, art Deco, loft or kitsch – white Wallpaper will fit into any interior, but the main thing to find the right combination, characteristic of each style.

Use white Wallpaper
It is clear that the room, covered with pure white Wallpaper will look boring and to prevent the interior must include saturated contrasting elements. Here are a few options:

white Wallpaper with patterns;
the combination of the white Wallpaper with color;
accent furniture and solid walls.
White Wallpaper in the bedroom
Very often for decoration bedroom use tried-and-tested design method – pasting to the wall bedside accent wall while the other walls are pure white. For this purpose you can use as juicy colors and dark contrasts. A great option would be and white Wallpaper with patterns. The theme of contrasts, you can continue in the design window, the bed and the floor, and include several interior color elements that will set the tone for the room.
Original will look bedroom using white Wallpaper as background. To create a warm interior in this room should be used or the colors are bright and warm shades of wood, or natural fabrics with their true color, such as flax and wool.

For an interior in the style of the 60-ies of the ideal white Wallpaper with geometric patterns that will create the appropriate atmosphere in the room. In such a room will look perfectly bright accents such as decorative pillows and chairs appropriate for those years style.
White Wallpaper in the kitchen
Kitchen in bright colours always looks harmonious. But on a pure white interior dare not many. It’s all about practicality, because the white surface is very Markie, though, and look very impressive. But in order to create a white kitchen does not necessarily make the interior black. In the kitchen you can use Wallpaper with a white background with floral or geometric designs in absolutely any color, and add some contrast detail. For example, to make black or dark brown countertop and floor.

Well will look kitchen, completely in white, with numerous bright or dark contrasting inclusions in the form of textiles and drawings on the white Wallpaper.

When making dining area you can use white Wallpaper with floral patterns. They will create a light atmosphere conducive to positive and conducive to relaxation. You can also use accent furniture, or make the interior is calm and warm. Supporting the theme of white Wallpaper, this interior will perfectly fit white dining table and black chairs that will add the location of solemnity. However, it will be interesting to look and furniture made of solid wood with white upholstery on the chairs.

White Wallpaper in the living room

Living room or as they say in our country hall should be solemn and spacious. This room is the heart of any home, where the whole family, which makes guests therefore to the design of this building should be approached very carefully. As nowhere else in this room would be appropriate white walls that visually enhance the space and provide a great backdrop for its content.

Using in this room clearly contrasts with the black furniture or carpet on the floor, they will need to be supplemented by elements of warm shades, which will smooth out. As such elements is ideal floor is covered with laminate and decorative pillows warm or solar shades. Theme white Wallpaper can be continued in the design of furniture, for example, be used in the living room a large sofa with white cushions or chairs. It should be noted that it is not necessary to use in the same room chairs and sofas in one colour, as is common in most people. It will be enough to beat their combination by combining decor, and then all the colors will appear in its place and harmoniously with each other to complement.

Advantages and disadvantages of white Wallpaper

The main advantage of the white Wallpaper is the ability of such walls to expand and visually enlarge the space. Also significant is the fact that white Wallpaper perfectly match with all colors and shades and look great in textured surfaces. But minus the white Wallpaper one – opportunity easily soiled surfaces.

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