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35 Stylish Japanese Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom in Japanese style
If you wanted to bring into the interior of your bathroom an atmosphere of serenity, tranquility and at the same time natural, the best option for you would be a Japanese-style bath. Based on your tastes and the size of the bathroom, you can apply for it using classic Japanese bath ofuro and other parts of Japanese style.

Classic Japanese bath – exotic or mundane?

If the size of your bathroom is big enough to create a real Japanese bathroom, you just have to install the bathtub ofuro.
These wooden bath made of Hinoki – wood with anti-bacterial properties, so strong that it does not rot and fungi, not to mention various kinds of pests.

In order for your bathroom in Japanese style was decorated by all the rules and looked really Japanese, it must be divided into functional areas, which can create using sliding Shoji.

In Japan public bath-ofuro has long been used as a place where you could relax, rest from worldly Affairs, to improve health and mingle in good company.

Today, manufacturers of baths offer modern Japanese baths acrylic and metal, however, they do not go to any comparison with this ofuro from the living and warm wood.

Create a bathroom design in Japanese style

In the interior in the single topic, none of the parts should fall out of the picture – each, even seemingly insignificant, little thing must take its place.

To create a truly Japanese style requires a combination of subdued shades of brown, camel and beige colors, it is also possible shades of pearly or milky white. Small accents can be created using a green or red, however, and should be used with caution.

To feel the atmosphere of Japan will help selected in accordance with the style characteristic features such as:

the minimalist;
the simplicity of shapes and lines;
neutral color palette.

Elegant Modern Japanese Bathroom Photo Gallery

Some people, even being constrained by the size of the living space and limited space in modern apartments with small bathrooms, in the presence of a vivid imagination and sufficient incentive incentive able to create really stylish and spectacular interior.

The most acceptable variant of the walls and floor of the bathrooms, according to most experts in the field of construction and interior designers is ceramic tile, the most practical and best for the price and quality of the facing material.

Thanks to modern technology, the manufacturers of ceramic tiles using color and special texture of the tiles have the ability to simulate materials such as wood, bamboo, straw, and even rice paper – could not be more suitable for creating a Japanese interior.

Nowadays many people are fascinated by the idea of creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in their homes, so some companies specializing in the production of ceramic tiles, create Japanese collections representing a variety of tile options:

In addition to ceramic tiles in the design of the bath in Japanese style, you can also use various thematic panels, special borduria and other similar elements. For example, to decorate the plain walls of subdued shades beautiful accent will serve as straw or bamboo panels overlooking the sacred mountain of Fujiyama, so beloved and revered by the Japanese.

Additional feelings of naturalness and authenticity can be achieved using tiles, stylized silk or linen, and use of the bright spots on the walls in the form of paintings depicting the interweaving of bamboo and drawings with leaded brush characters.

However, we should not lose sight of the basic principle of creating interiors in the style of Japanese minimalism.

Making your bathroom in Japanese style, do not forget about the decoration of the ceiling in the bathroom – as an option you can choose plastic or ceilings, and you can just paint the ceiling a special moisture-resistant paint.

To better fit the Japanese style entrance door for the bathroom can be styled with dividers Shoji.

Best Bath Asian Inspired Design Pictures

Great importance in the design of a bathroom in Japanese style has its coverage – it should not be too bright and blinding. The most appropriate option would be a small light with concise design, diffusing soft light seeping through.

A great alternative can be rectangular lights or glowing orbs, made in Japanese style using bamboo and other wooden elements.

Elements of decor for the bathroom design in Japanese style

As we have said, to complete the picture, every detail of the interior must be in harmony with the General thrust of the topic. In the bathroom these can be used with almost all things: from the shell and mixer and up to the soap dish, hooks and towel warmers – stylized bronze coating, some of them will look more impressive.

Choosing furniture for the bathroom, you should follow the Japanese style of design and its basic principle – minimalism, that is, it is desirable that all the necessary bathroom stuff was not in sight. To support the basic direction of Japanese style decoration, all EN-Suite bathrooms as well as towels, selected in conjunction with the overall color scheme or contrasting with it.

A wonderful additional element of the interior of the bath in the Japanese style will serve as a shallow niche in the wall, decorated with a pretty vase or a statuette in the Eastern style, and ikebana.

Japanese style is considered the most quiet reflection on human existence and obostrennom perception of the world, and the bathroom is the best suited for places where it is possible though to forget about everyday worries and enjoy the surrounding harmony of style and color.

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