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Natural Bamboo: Wall Mural & Photo Wallpaper Design Ideas

Natural materials in the interior, each year gaining more and more popularity. Even despite the high prices, more and more people give preference to environmentally friendly finishes such as bamboo Wallpaper. It is about this stuff and will be discussed.
Features bamboo Wallpaper
Primarily it should be noted that this type of finish is not suitable for every style of interior. Bamboo Wallpaper will fit harmoniously into Eastern and ethnic eco-style, but are wholly inappropriate in the classic design of housing with notes of gentility. So if you want to see in his apartment the bamboo finish, you should consider what you wish to see the design of the room.

If future interior style figured out, then you can proceed directly to the development of the project design of the room. There is one important point: bamboo Wallpaper can be used either as a decorative element, or to make the main material for walls. And depending on the choices you make use of this material you can get some visual perception of space. So, for example, the partial inclusion of bamboo Wallpaper on the walls give the room a charm and a homely warmth, but completely papered their walls will make the space enveloping, and wedges simple.
Another feature bamboo Wallpaper, which distinguishes them from conventional, is that they can be used not only on the walls and ceiling. This is a great material for decorating the slopes, various cabinets and stands in need of restoration. Updated so the pieces of furniture will fit perfectly in the Eastern interior and complement the proper atmosphere.

The combination of bamboo Wallpaper
Warm Golden tones are natural bamboo shades, but manufacturers by heating this natural material has been able to achieve and darker shades, which significantly increases the ability to implement design ideas. The color scheme of this finishing material is not so wide, but there are plenty to choose. Bamboo Wallpapers are creamy, almost white, peach, Golden brown, olive green and copper colors. In addition quite often in stores you can find a combined bamboo Wallpaper in which sequentially stacked elements of dark and light shades, and even printed bamboo Wallpaper with delicate floral patterns.

Wallpaper of bamboo can be combined with any finishing material, be it tiles and natural stone, or a normal Wallpaper, or just painted walls. But combining different finishes, special attention should be given to the color scheme. For example, cool shades in combination with natural bamboo will give the room a strict and even elegant look, but to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, you should use the appropriate colors.

Amazing bamboo wallpapers design for home

The important role played by the combination of bamboo Wallpaper and furniture. It should be natural materials in natural colors. For example, if the sofa, then certainly with leather or linen upholstery. It is this ensemble will create a harmonious picture in the room. Also should prefer furniture made of natural wood.

Generally, in the interior, which uses bamboo Wallpaper, every detail is important. It is important to have the contrast and combination of materials and textures, and decorative elements. Considering the fact that together with the Wallpaper of bamboo in the interior need to use only natural materials, it should be noted that here, as nowhere would be appropriate large potted plants, all kinds of decorative items made of natural stone, and paintings depicting nature and individual plants.
Where to apply
Walls with bamboo Wallpaper will be appropriate in any room. And as already mentioned, it can either be total or partial. For example, the bathroom will look great with tiled walls panels and Wallpaper from bamboo. They’ll look great and fully bright bamboo walls with white sanitary ware and beige furniture will create original ensemble. In this bathroom is easy you can include the walls and floors of natural stone.

Fine bamboo Wallpaper will fit into your living room in a colonial style with huge dark velvet sofa, leather pouffes and wide ceiling cornice, with intricate carvings.
However, if you prefer a more light room, it’s perfect in this interior fit upholstered furniture with light padding under the linen texture and a coffee table made of wood. In addition to bamboo Wallpaper, you can use blinds of the same material, which will give completeness to the whole interior.
Bamboo Wallpaper is well suited for finishing in the bedroom. This material will contribute to the room and comfort, to achieve desired by many owners. Bright bed in this interior. And regardless of the size of it will seem easy and will not aggravate the space. Good contrast in this room will be open shelves or drawers and dark wood.

Wallpaper of bamboo in a favorable light will emphasize wicker furniture, combining that with other types of finishes to achieve harmony is hard enough.

No exception for use bamboo Wallpaper and became the kitchen. Warm shades of Golden bamboo will make this important room as comfortable as possible. And to make the space seem dull and blurry it is possible to dilute the colors and textures, combining bamboo with painted walls.

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