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30 Beautiful Bathroom Rug & Mat Design Ideas

A normal day starts with a visit to the bathroom. How comfortably and harmoniously it has may depend on the mood for the whole next day. So emotions were only positive all the details of the situation should be selected carefully.

One of the functional and decorative elements for such a room is the rug. Getting to this island, the visitor boudoir gets the first impression about the room. In order for the Mat on the bathroom floor in line with expectations, you need to pick it up, considering many factors.

The main purpose of the Mat in the bathroom
The floor of the bathroom must have a number of properties. To compensate for the absence of some of them is exactly the Mat. One should start with the fact that this item environment should provide maximum security to those who walk on the slippery floor after water treatment. Materials are selected carefully. They should not slide and it is desirable that the Mat of them could serve as the insulator of the electric current. This is very important when using electrical appliances in wet environments such facilities. Anti-slip excellent products with small suction cups on the reverse side. This Mat will retain its stiffness even on a wet floor.

Another condition is the ability of the floor element to maintain comfort and to care for the health of its owner. After a warm shower, there is no need to step on the cold tile under his feet lies a warm and soft carpet.

Another important function of this accessory – decorative. To create a pleasant atmosphere, choosing the suitable combination of shape, color and texture, which harmonize enter this item into the interior.

What are the mats

A variety of rugs for bathrooms not only amazing, but also makes us think about the choice. The first sign for classification is the place where this product fits. It can be used on the bathroom floor or in the tub. The model for the bath attached to the bottom of the suction cups and are designed to prevent slipping. Usually they are made from acrylic, vinyl or rubber.

Carpet floor has a wider range of choice of materials. The only condition is that a rubber backing, which should help avoid slipping and to protect the product from moisture.

Another selection criterion is the shape of the Mat. Here a flight of fancy than not limited. You can simply choose the rectangle shape, which is perfect in a bathroom in a classic, minimalist or hi-tech style. Round rug adds to the atmosphere of softness and smooth out the rough lines of some furniture. Kids will like the model in the form of animals or different subjects. Original will look on the floor the product of irregular shape. For example, the Mat in the form of blobs, simulating a puddle of water corresponding color is perfect for the room, decorated in a nautical theme.

The coloring of the rug can select it from the situation and make the Central figure, either harmoniously pour it into the interior, thereby adding existing color scheme. Bright colors will attract children’s attention and make simple daily washing in the game.

On the Mat you can apply a pattern or picture. This can be a forest landscape or the sea coast. The image of fish and other marine animals and plants will also be an appropriate figure for such a situation.

Best bath rugs and mats design photos

Commonly used material for rugs in the bathroom is polypropylene. Its advantage is the abundance of colors and ease of care.

Another suitable material is rubber. A small price in combination with the above properties make this product a frequent guest bathrooms. Various additives in the composition of the rubber mats affect the texture and shades of this accessory.

In recent times become popular woven mats or products, including textiles. There could be linen, cotton or man-made fiber. The pile on this coating can be long or short. Minus natural woven or knitted carpets in their fragility. This disadvantage is compensated the softness and comfort, which provide only products from the tissue.

Products from polyester to all the benefits of artificial mats add and antibacterial properties. This accessory can easily be washed even in a washing machine without risk of damage.

Mat PVC is one of the cheapest options. The material obtained by foaming a special substance according to the special technology. This product is not demanding in care and, if necessary, it can be replaced easily.

In all spheres of life natural materials in recent years deserve more popularity. Rugs for bathrooms also have been influenced by this trend. In the list of natural materials for such products includes:

the fur.
In this group the original solution can be mats from moss, but should take into account the increased demands for care. From moss make luxury products for baths, using up to 70 varieties of this material. Beams mounted on the substrate, which allows the Mat doesn’t slide, creating a comfortable feeling when you touch the feet. The water flowing to the other coatings may be damaged. In the case of Mat from moss water only improves the condition of this natural material.

Wooden Mat should be covered with a special compound that will preserve the color and texture of the product, it also will protect from the spread of harmful bacteria. This same method is used to save the coatings made of bamboo.

Care Mat made of natural material is a bit more complicated than analogues of artificial substances. But the undeniable advantage of natural products will be the appearance, which will give the room a cozy and warm atmosphere in combination with the pleasant sensations from touching the pad of bare feet.

To the bath Mat has effectively served for many years, he must combine:
environmentally friendly;
the ability to harmoniously fit into the interior;
easy maintenance;
a pleasant feeling of touch.
If you can find a product characterized by all these qualities, then this is exactly what you need to create the perfect interior bathroom.

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