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30 Amazing Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

Modern industry of manufacture of materials for finishing surfaces allows to recreate in any room the most unusual fantasy. Just a few decades ago no one could have imagined that on the wall in the room where it is always wet and little space, you can use something besides inexpensive tile or paint.

Now a private bathroom can be decorated with any kind of decorative material. The main thing is that he had a special composition, which will allow these Wallpapers or even a wooden floor to withstand the aggressive environment of the bathroom.
General recommendations for design EN
One of the main rules of the decoration of the bathroom is the observance of all rules and technology. It does not matter what materials will be selected. High humidity and extreme temperatures can destroy the most expensive finish, if it was done correctly.

Most often there is nothing difficult in such work there and need only follow the instructions applied to the selected material for finishing. The first and fundamental step before application of any coating will be the alignment of the walls.

Luxury decorating ideas for bathroom walls

Depending on the degree of roughness of the walls are chosen different methods of surface preparation. If the walls have only a certain amount of damage, and most of them smooth, you can use a plaster mixture to mask these imperfections. Divorced in special containers dry mixture is applied to the wall with a spatula and evenly distributed in the injury site. After drying the thus treated walls should be treated with abrasive paper. Get a flat surface. This method is the easiest and most economical.

When the whole wall is damaged, it is better to sheathe it completely water-resistant drywall used in rooms with high humidity. To begin this work with mounting frame made of metal profiles. The quality of such crates will depend on the future performance of the whole system. In addition, you need to plan what communications will be hidden under the drywall, and which will remain available.

After all verified and frames installed, you can pin them to the sheets of drywall. Under any coating must be applied antibacterial. This will prevent the room from the reproduction of fungal organisms. The finished surface can be arranged in any selected material.

Materials for decorating the bathroom
The most important factor for a perfect view of the bathroom are selected finishing materials. It depends on the color and texture of the wall space, as well as performance and the possibility of further decoration of the room.

A variety of materials, adapted to the difficult conditions of the bathroom is very large:

PVC panel;
natural stone;
the lining;
Wallpapers and much more.

Tile in the bathroom

The most common material for finishing the bathroom, without a doubt, is tile. This is due to high strength and water resistance of such material. In addition, surfaces, tile, does not accumulate dust and dirt, it is easy to clean. When this tile is resistant to processing chemicals.

Their decorative tiles also performs well. The variety of color palettes, shapes, textures and sizes will provide the ability to play any plan of the designer. Advantageously looks like grouting, matching tone on tone with the main floor, and contrasting shades.

Gluing the tiles in the bathroom does not differ almost from facing other rooms. This is the versatility of this material – it can be applied to any premises.

Wall panels

Another popular solution for walls EN steel wall panels. This is a great way to create an attractive appearance to the walls at a relatively low cost. Installation of plastic panels will not require a lot of effort and expertise. This is one of the few materials which does not require alignment of the walls, but simply hides all the flaws.

The framework for such material is made of wooden bars, pre-impregnated water-repellent and antifungal agents. This frame is sheathed by plastic panels. The mounting technology is similar to the application of the plaster coating.

The joints with plumbing and corners should be treated with a sealant. Decorative effect can be enhanced using special corners and baseboards, which can be found in the same stores where purchased and the panels themselves. This material can be finished ceiling and built in lights. This technique interior design bathroom will give practical and beautiful location that will not require additional costs.

Painted walls

Another classic and inexpensive way bathroom design is a painting of walls with waterproof paint. Suitable varieties include latex paint. In addition to water repellent properties, this product is still resistant to fats and other contaminants.

The only drawback of such coverage may be the need for careful preparation, which will require effort and time. Under the paint, the wall must be perfectly smooth. Then the effect of this design technique will be best.

This versatile material allows to make room in any style and color scheme. Using a stencil, you can apply any pattern or even to draw a work of art directly on the wall of the room.

Mosaic tile for bathroom wall

An unusual way of interior decoration bathroom is mosaic. This choice will ensure the uniqueness of the design space. It does not matter whether the elements of drawing large or small. The material also does not matter. You can choose from glass, tile, stone and other materials. Can be used as separate components to build your pattern and finished panels, pre-glued on a polymer base.

Stickers in the design of the bathroom
Stickers for walls of a bathroom are not the main material finishes. This is just a decorative element that adds to the interior and highlight the singularity of the expression designer.

The obvious advantage of such coatings are endless possibilities of choice of the theme of image and color image. It can be as original ornaments and family photos of the apartment owners. The sticker can be applied to any image and the range is limited only by the imagination of the author.

The linoleum on the wall. Original course
More unusual coating for the walls of the bathroom than linoleum, it is difficult to imagine. However, it is one of the possible options. Low cost and simple technique of gluing already do not allow to attribute this idea to the category of crazy. In addition, you can use not only conventional outdoor material, but also special types that are designed specifically for the wall design.

Previously, the surface should be prepared carefully and handle all of the protective substances that are recommended by the manufacturer. In this case, it is unusual floor will last for many years and will surprise visitors with its originality.

We can say that in a bathroom you can use any type of wall coverings. The main thing is that preparation of surfaces corresponded to the material used and the characteristics of the room. Then and granite, and Wallpaper, and mirrors will look natural on the walls of the bath, without giving the home owner a lot of hassle.

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