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Beautiful Rug Ideas For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the heart of any home, the most intimate place, which must be worked out in detail. Here man gives himself into the hands of Morpheus, experiences second, nightlife, and even misplaced picture can break this idyll, not to mention the carpets. This design element can make a warm and natural harmony in any bedroom interior.
The first thing to remember when thinking about the bedside rug is wise expression “got up on the wrong foot”, because in the morning we stand on our carpet. The carpet should be, first and foremost, pleasant, convenient and practical. Nowadays the market is full of different, effective and very, proposals, from which simply dazzled. Carpets with pile and without, mottled and pale, expensive and cheap, carpeting in all colors of the rainbow are able to fulfill any whim of the customer, down to every detail, so the only thing you really need to worry is the quality and convenience.

Big or small
Starting with the choice of carpet with the best size and shape. The form of bedside mats is limited only by the imagination of the manufacturer: rectangles, squares, circles, rhombuses, trapezoids, little lambs, fairies, crocodiles and much more. In principle, it will be easy to find a rug, repeating the silhouette of any celebrity, or to choose designer rugs that mimic the skins of animals – all completely in the hands of the designer. But the size is much more capricious parameter depends on the overall interior and dimensions of the room itself, but also on some external factors.

Cover the entire room

Many believe large bedside carpets much easier and more functional small for many reasons. First, large carpets, which are fixed on the floor by the bed, not slide on the floor, preventing any traumatic situation. In addition, such a carpet, with the work of the designer, can be a real continuation of the beds, skillfully combined with linens and color of the material of the frame. For example, a striped rug Zebra will blend perfectly with the bed, light wood and dark sand carpet will be a good addition to furniture, covered with a cloth of the same color but a different shade or texture.

The island of warmth and comfort

The purpose of small carpets – a color or style spot, along with the overall design and to attract attention. If selecting a great carpet designer should work with their friends, similar colors and shades, small bedside mats are fully based on the contrast. Bright white or beige interior and pale blue fluffy island tenderness – what could be better? Also a good idea bedroom, decorated in pastel colours, shaded by several bright color shades (including rug).

The choice of material
Then, what will be made future carpeted floor, it is no less important aspect, which depends on many different factors, ranging from budget maintenance to have in the house Pets. Agree to clean up from the fur of the cat ordinary carpet is much easier than lying on the floor of the skin of the bear, and some types of carpets completely combined, for example, with podogrevayemyy floors that must also be considered.

Naturalness above all
Wool carpet is, first and foremost, environmental friendliness, reliability and durability. Buying a carpet made of natural wool, you will not have to worry about horrible synthetic smells that can appear at your apartment at the same time with a new outfit. In addition, such coating is much easier to be washed off, and many well-known manufacturers in the manufacture of carpets use a special treatment that repels dust and moths.

How to choose and decorate your bedroom with area rugs

Remember that wool is the best natural filter that keeps your lungs pollen and dust. These unwanted particles will remain on your carpet until then, until you clean them with a vacuum cleaner, or deliberately not satisfied with the apartment small tornado, in order to raise them in the air. Natural wool is much nicer to the touch than synthetics, which surrounds us almost 24 hours a day. In addition to the foregoing, the coat is a wonderful heat accumulator, which perfectly fulfills its role in cold environments. And the main advantage of wool is its elasticity, even when installing it especially heavy furniture it does not lose its original appearance.

Fluffy joy
Carpets with long pile or as they are called, carpets “Shaggy” just created for bedrooms. To Wake up and touch the feet soft, airy fibers is much nicer than the cold, slippery flooring. The pile may be natural or synthetic, but, undoubtedly, environmentally friendly materials much better fit into any interior. The most popular and practical materials of which make this kind of carpets, it is silk, nylon, wool and polypropylene. Each of these types if there are pluses and minuses, for example, silk is very durable, but it is quite expensive, but polypropylene is much harder to mess up and it is much cheaper.

From the structure of the fibers depends on the purpose of carpet: he will become only a decorative element, which will be scared to go, or else he will bring joy and fit into the overall picture without any comments. Often the pile are not looped cut and looped cut, special connoisseurs distinguish such types as “scrolling”, “velour” and frieze”. These three species differ from the traditional two long and the color of the pile, but they are less durable and very quickly come into disrepair.

Our all luxury
The rugs as nothing else will give the design refinement and sophistication. This type of carpet is completely natural, and even carpets of silk cloth can hardly compete with him. Many buyers are afraid of the animal form of such rugs, someone appearance of this cover reminds of the animal origin of this coating, so the skin on the floor by the bed will not fit all. However, many modern designers increasingly use these rugs to implement their ideas, drawing on their practical properties. Such coatings are the most durable, particularly pleasant to the touch and not surprisingly, this wool is even useful to walk barefoot! Doctors say that such “walks” stimulate nerve endings on the back surface of the foot, which we constantly hide in shoes.

Doubtless design honors carpets from skins is their huge variety and at the same time, full of uniqueness. All of them are processed and executed in different ways, and hardly all over the world there are two identical animals.

Once the knot, two knot…
It would be a crime not to mention the rapidly growing popularity of woven carpets. The great advantage of these products is their versatility. Woven mats fit perfectly into any interior due to the fact that their manufacture is possible to use different materials in all colors and shades, to experiment with the size and shape and, in principle, does not limit their imagination.

To create a braided rug is used by dozens of different techniques, for example, felting, crochet, weave braids and even macrame. Such coatings are always unique, and if the budget repair allows you, the designer can order exactly the kind of carpet that will be tailored specifically to your bedroom. In addition, special enthusiasts will be able to make such coverage on their own. All that is needed is patience and a few well written articles.

Red or green?
Properly chosen colors can completely transform even the carpet, and he, in turn, will affect the whole appearance of bedrooms in total. It is worth remembering about the magic of color, especially about the ability of light colors visually expand the space, and dark, on the contrary, to narrow and compress. Also don’t forget about balance – the color scheme of the carpet needs to properly integrate into society. If you decide to do on this floor accent color tones to choose not too flashy, in order to avoid creating a “dead zone” right next to your bed.

All colors of the rainbow
Bright, colorful carpets has always attracted the attention of youth and special experimenters. Undoubtedly, these coatings always look original and unusual, draw attention to themselves and, with the right choice of colors, become the highlight of the design, but do not forget about the practical side of the issue. On a particularly bright carpets stains from spilled tea seen much better, and brought the child from the street, the dirt can not be washed. Many Pets can fiercely hate your favorite rug, turning it into junk for a few weeks.

Bright cover the entire color spectrum is ideal for the decoration of the rooms of children from ten years of age and adolescents. Buying such coverage, you must be ready that if your child is not very accuracy and sensitivity, this rug will last you much less than it could, but beauty is a capricious lady, requiring for themselves victims, and when the budget repair lets – go for it.

Play tone
Plain carpets (both light and dark) has always been considered a classic. Differing only in shades of barely noticeable patterns or being completely in the power of one color, such coatings are much longer. These carpets are worn and need to be cleaned with more evenly than their variegated and colorful brethren, so you can use them for much longer. It is also worth noting that the classic is always in fashion, no matter how many years passed. Even when moving, if the money for a new repair was not immediately plain old carpet can find its place in one of the rooms, fitting in the interior is much better than any bright coating, which is made to fit a specific unique design.


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