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Hanging Beds Design Ideas

Hanging beds are associated in our minds with the outdoors, where you can relax, swaying slightly and enjoying the scenery. These designs bring us back to a happy childhood, when it was possible to lie in the cradle and nothing to think. Today hanging device beds are so diverse that allow you to equip sleeping space in any room:
If you decide to opt for outboard models of beds, you should consider the following points:

they are quite agile and sway with the slightest movement. Not everyone can be happy;
for children’s rooms it is better to install additional bracing;
their installation is more difficult and more expensive than traditional models.
However, hanging designs save space, provide an original look in the interior, if the bed is made on an unusual project and blends with the style:

The types of fixtures
Beds / hammocks can have a rounded or rectangular shape, may be single or double and bunk. Rectangular beds are heavier design than the round models. Therefore, and securing for them to be more durable and reliable.

Ceiling mount
When designing very important to calculate the static load, which will be hanging design. Anchors mounted in the ceiling, you must choose from durable metal alloy that can withstand considerable weight of bed:

Then to the ceiling fixtures suspended from ropes or metal chains, ropes. At the base of the bed through the holes in the corners are passed and secured with ropes or other devices. It is important to note that such a method of fixing the bed will be rocking:

If provided in the interior exposed beams, anchors can be successfully embedded in them:

Wall mounting
If for some reason you are not satisfied with ropes or chains, you can attach one part of the bed on the wall. To do this you need to calculate all fixing points and think the way of additional support.

Combined method
A method in which the bed is attached simultaneously to the ceiling, wall or to the floor, most reliable, and therefore more suitable for children’s rooms:

You can build attachment with corners from floor to ceiling, and instead of the traditional rope parts use a decorative carved elements:

Additional anchor, fixed to the floor, can be placed in the center of the bed. This will provide another level of protection from rocking:

As a stand under the base of the bed are ideal podium or sill:

Suspended Bed Design Pictures

The most suitable place for bed-hammock – veranda or terrace. This is a great opportunity to relax, unwind and enjoy the views of nature:

A nice option is to place the bed-swing next to the pool. Imitation of ancient Greek couches will plunge into the historical past in the corresponding interior:

The bathroom is a great place for massages or relaxing after water procedures:

In the nursery suspended models, are ideal for two-level designs. You can arrange them according to the principle beds, shelves on the train. Children will appreciate these sleeping places:

Styles and configurations
Very unusual and extravagant look in the interior of a spacious living room in Oriental style hanging bed-couch, decorated with exotic ornaments and carved mounts:

Relevant are wooden structures such beds in the country style, rustic or ethnic minimalism:

Unusual decor platform beds and fasteners will perfectly fit into the interior of the art Deco style:

Various configurations of beds, hammocks can be used as a swing. With backs and arms it will be a very comfortable sofa-swing in the garden, porch or loggia:

In the presence of the bedroom traditional bed, hanging bed can be an additional place to relax

How to choose a mattress
As a hanging bed – heavy design, the mattress need to pick up quite high, dense and at the same time lightweight. When mounting the bed must consider not only the height of the bed, but the mattress height to allow for the opportunity to climb on it. Swinging is not very convenient. If the bed is not intended for everyday use, the mattress may be of medium height and density:

And in the case when more often you intend to use this piece of furniture, the mattress should be firm and volume:

The mattress is not necessary to choose a fully matching the dimensions of the base. If it is smaller than the bed platform, the free space can be equipped for a stand for different things:

Pendant designs of beds are more suitable for people who love to experiment and appreciate the originality.

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