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30 Best Modern Style Interior Designs 2015

Time and skorosti determine the daily rhythm, and to match them is formed corresponding to the way of life. From the bustle and crowds can protect the walls of the house, where each of us are trying to organize a comfortable dwelling. The soul requires space, lots of light and quiet in contrast to close offices and collective communication.

Over the past couple of decades has formed a brand new design and concept in the apartment indicated briefly and succinctly: less stuff – more space. Do not take minimalism literally, and it is desirable to leave the right for experimentation and creativity to bring individuality to the design.
Freedom and creativity
Modern trends successfully change the attitude and taste in interior preference. In the end, from city apartments disappeared unnecessary things, changed color, and home has become a practical and functional. The chairs of times Kisa Vorobyaninov had remained a fact in history and in the life to come colored plastic, metal mobile design, technologically advanced coatings and interesting texture in the finish.

This does not mean that freedom is created by lack of furniture – its organization is subject to the order and soundness. As it turned out, even in small areas, it is permissible to create a space at the expense of compactness and mezzanine built wardrobes, overhead racks, corner shelves, shelving units-columns and folding interior.

Front room can be separate or combined with a dining room or kitchen. In the presence of modest square meters moves at creation studios, and major functional segments zoned only conditionally. Podiums, ceilings and composition on the floor serve as the demarcation area.

The use of sliding partitions leads to a rapid transformation of a small room in a spacious room or isolation if necessary. The increase in the area of helps and have a balcony. Area suitable for a panoramic view of the tea party, will solve the problem of accommodation dining group or will become a place for the winter garden.

General trends of contemporary interiors
The design is dominated by simple forms and clean lines. No mixing, heaps, pretentiousness or random placement. The decoration of the house is due to nuances, and knowledge of the basic rules of the dominant styles, help to compactly arrange the private life.

Its principle is to replace the relief and convex surfaces smooth. Competition drawings are monotone and muting palette, in addition to the contrasting black and white tones. If two words – “snow” walls and dark smooth floor will quote the meaning of a minimalist concept.

Amazing modern style interior designs for small and big apartments

For harmony and visually expand the space will need a lot of glass and chrome highlights. The problem is solved in two steps. It is a decent kitchen equipment fixtures and utensils containing the metal housing, the presence of glass objects in the interior. Appliances, in support of a given concept, in line with the General group, and denoted by the monopoly of white.

Monochrome schemes on the walls and furniture to draw attention to the configurations and textures, and to dilute the blended space, are bright accents. Creative strokes indicate the preferences of owners, why design acquires a special significance. They compensate for the lack of useless Souvenirs, gets rid of the time, and the available attributes is limited, and is intended only to maintain the surroundings.

The orientation vector relative to a given style converted to modular interior. When furnished room concept ideas should argue functional objects and comfort. The boxed items according to the minimalist idea, adhere to the strict geometry of forms, and due to the modest number of parts.

Sliding wardrobes are considered irrelevant, and things resortreviews in subjects of universal purpose. Appropriate boxes and shelves are roomy in the wall or “the hill”. Allocate space for tables under the linen in the bedroom technique and in the living room.

Coffee table and upholstered furniture are the basis of living. Usually soft group represent point sources – floor lamps or wall lamps and place of its localization allocate carpet. Motives floor coverings and textile upholstered interior elements can mimic the color of animals, or contain modest prints floral patterns, or geometric forms. Thrown on the floor “leopard skin”, when matching trim sofa will make a great ensemble.

Practical ideas for walls
Vertical plane shape the space. From their colour and texture depends on the overall perception. If the preference for the Wallpaper, take note of a few tips:

hall suitable duplex texture under the paint or vinyl.
in the living room appropriate textile or non-woven;
bedroom Pets glue the same or a classic paper rolls.
In texture they can be:

silk or rough terrain or embossed print;
with convexity or to be laminated;
different degrees of density.
Photo identified with banal landscapes, perished with age . Today, wall decoration modern counterparts surround effect is a tool for the unique design and the arrangement of the room

If the range of Wallpaper you are not satisfied, bring imagination with paint. Among the proposed textures and decorative nuances always find the right version. It is not difficult to obtain the effect of metallic, transparent nacre, which changes tone depending on the light or chameleon. Using the gun is acceptable to receive the mosaic due to solid particles, the texture of suede and other materials. World of colors varied, and any meaningful will provide the beauty and practicality.

Like colorful shades? So what’s the deal: color radiant paint one of the walls, and slide her soft set or dining group. And it is not necessary to combine a small area of intense color is not the best option for modest apartments. Do the contrary: to the white wall, then slide the furniture with your favorite color. Stylish and relevant! The power of red will give dynamism, and dilute identical boredom neutral walls.

Grey is a universal solution for processing with precise hit the bull’s eye. It is organic for any style and color combinations, and focuses on minor details. The prevalence of the white in combination with wooden floor boards color harmony will bring heat into the room

Beige and blue tones will enchant the evening glare light and encourage deep relaxation. True and of course it will look a room with beige and brown colors. The main thing is to keep the proportions of the colors so the room was dark.

Under the light of lamps
Lamps create an additional effect, and complicate the play of colors of light. Variations on the theme of lighting lot: pendant, recessed or wall types. It is important functionality to subdue the style of each room, and avoid the universality of the approach.

If listed species are known in principle, with track lighting and decorative features may have been confronted not all. He is reckoned among the suspended structures, and is the original form. Presents spiral garlands and smoothly curved curve. Ultra-modern version – led light and spots. Of course, chandeliers are always in favor and are not to boring classics. Luxury crystal or glass Murano demand for any style.

Of particular importance has concealed lighting, when a thread gets out of nowhere, and miraculously combined with open to the gaze of the lamps. An interesting option to light in a niche or on a concrete wall. Test options themselves. Buy lamps-clips and bulbs of different colors. From the placement of the source and direction of flow of the interior will be changed on the eyes.

Decorative moments
The principle of jewelry constructed in accordance apartment size and materials used. To smooth the perception of a small space, one should prefer the amorphous form of large elements. At the peak – metal accessories. In the design of the prevailing scale of the objects and their thoroughness, and accents are visible “strokes” on the outdoor background. Decided to get tender violets on the windowsill? Then it is better to buy a couple of pots or any adult plant in the barrel. If the vase – outdoor large or 2 medium duet.

Canvas – textured material with great potential. Captured picture can capture the subject with high color accuracy. Fashionable printing technique will allow you to duplicate on canvas reproduction or display people’s faces. The design of the walls is not the prerogative of the classic interiors and nuances in the decoration is only because of the framing. Luxury baguettes – the symbol of the conservative classics, when minimalism prefers modesty decor and simulated structures surrounds.

If you love bright walls and abstraction, then this style is for you. Picture of medium size or posters are in the same frame, and are grouped as Callas or hung in proportion parameters. Great work it is desirable to place in the niche, and to maintain the beauty of painting with light.

Use textile for decoration. Things are always willing to diversify impression and introduce novelty. A soft cloth will add comfort and make energy at home warm. Throw colorful pillows on the sofa, bathroom, purchase a colorful group of rugs and towels, season bed corresponding bright linen.
If you decide that your design project coincides with the neighbor – put an electric fireplace, and living room will be similar to the main hall. Not cheap, but beautiful and functional.

Everything in life is so changeable and may not should adhere to fashion, and build the house according to personal needs ? After taking fashion theory for the guide to action strictly on points, the risk of losing individuality, the desire to experiment and get stuck in a familiar reality.


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