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Black And White Contemporary Apartment Design in Paris: Photos, Pictures, Ideas

We suggest you to visit a Parisian apartment, the interior of which is made in the contemporary style. Residential and utilitarian premise that French homes are modern classics, a kind of minimalism with the decor. The contemporary style is now called everything new and progressive, which appears in interior design. It’s the space and brevity characteristic of minimalism, but also the decor, the accessories and additions that we could see in rooms in the style of modern or even eclectic style. Contemporary advocates of the convenience, simplicity and practicality, putting at the forefront the functionality of the objects, their availability. So often in the interior of this style, you can see the furniture is mass produced and not handmade. Because contemporary is inclined to the interchangeability of objects and elements of the situation, to the ease of Assembly and the ability to change the interior every 3-5 years. This style involves the use of ethnic decor, innovative design elements, but always with a rational, practical background. But let’s leave the theory and start looking unique, unusual and interesting interior design Paris apartment.
From the first steps in Paris apartment, it becomes apparent that this is a spacious and bright room is decorated in classic style, with stucco on the ceilings, arched openings with moldings and many additional elements. Bright palette of finishes of walls and ceilings contrast with the dark, deep tones of doorways and wide skirting boards, giving the premises a certain Bohemianism and pomp. Bright furnishings and decor items look most advantageous on light background.

Welcome to the living room – bright, airy, asymmetrical room, which like most of the premises of the French apartment, decorated in bright colors. In turn, the furniture, textiles and decor fireplace is made in dark colors that create a pleasing contrast.

In the contemporary style is very often used set of open bookshelves, shelves for all sorts of little things. In such constructions an important precision and brevity. Upholstered furniture, in contrast, preferred a more flowing forms, as if flowing into one another. Texture soft sofa has become the focus of the recreation area due to its shape, primarily.

This reading corner, as a symbol of symmetry, comprises a pair of comfortable Seating with curved original coffee stand, ample bookshelves, open concept and stylized fireplace the Central focus of attention with a mirror at the top. Thanks to the large Windows, the room is filled with natural light, and dark elements don’t make the interior room, and only add dynamic contrast.

The next room on our way and dining room. This spacious room includes dining exclusively the group, but filled with many interesting decorative items.

Black And White Exclusive Flat Design in Paris Mixed With Traditional Features

In the spotlight, especially the table and chairs of unusual design. Dark palette dining group is clearly visible on a light background walls of the dining room. Original lamp from well-known designer represents a particular installation of the thoughts, notes, memories and favorite phrases. The leaves are strung on special rods can be changed, making new notes.

The walls of the room are worth noticing. Original works of art and applied art could be present at the exhibitions of modern achievements. Textural composition of the boards is, of course, the decoration of the dining area.

From the dining room we follow in the kitchen. Original design was divided dishes for the white and black areas. Large dining table with marble top has become the center that connects two radically different areas. The table itself performs the function of the island, its surface integrated sink and countertop is designed for the workflow of cooking.

In the white area of the walls in the form of an apron covered with ceramic tiles “subway”, the remaining surface is painted in white color foam.

As storage for utensils used open shelves and closed cupboards on the bottom. Original decoration items vintage steel food scales that are now used rather from an aesthetic point of view than from a practical.

Plenty of open shelves steel storage location for all kinds of kitchen accessories, tableware, jars with spices and other utensils.

In the dark zone total black color is present in everything – the walls, furnishings, appliances and kitchen accessories, even the apron over the stove are lined with black ceramic tiles. And the wall behind the fridge is a painted in black tone Board on which you can leave notes, write recipes or messages for the household.

From the lower level apartments on a carved wooden staircase in dark colors, we go to the second floor of a Parisian home.

Incredibly high ceilings decorated with stucco, large Windows decorated with stained glass and carved wooden frames – everything here works in creating luxurious, but comfortable atmosphere of the dwelling. Bright chair with stand steel composition to stay in the space near the stairs. This colorful group perfectly fit into a monochrome situation ladder.

Black and White Decorating Ideas For Your Home

On the second floor is a small room for relaxation and reading. Originally designed bookshelves a dark color adds some geometric and clarity in the interior of the room. A bright red sofa and chairs added a colorful and heat. The finishing touch was the original chandelier.

From the small library we proceed to the living room. As can be seen in the hallway, before entering the bedroom housed a dressing room open.

The bedroom is located in a spacious, bright room with white walls and ceiling and wooden flooring. Despite the fairly minimalist environment spacious premises, bedroom presents everything necessary for sleep and relaxation – a large bed, decorated in dark-gray palette, a reading corner with soft leather armchair, a table-stand and large floor lamp.

The bedroom has quite a spacious bathroom, which is through the use of a bright color palette and a large mirror seems even more. The bathroom used combined walls – work surfaces are tiled in light marble tile, other walls painted white.

Even in the bathroom found the use of white open shelves on which to place required for water treatment accessories. Window decoration using light light textile makes the house airy and clean, and fresh flowers on the window sills bring a touch of natural warmth and freshness.

The next room will be to explore the study, a spacious room that can serve as a living room with a working fireplace. All the same neutral light room finishing diluted only by bright stained glass. In the spirit of modern minimalism, the situation is only a necessary set of furniture and a modest Alliance of decor.

One of the walls of the living room Cabinet is made in the form of a collage of photos of well-known figures of cinema. Accent wall became the backdrop for a couple of white hanging lamps of original design and small couch. In the corner of the room contrasting red spot marks the place for reading and relaxing.

Another bathroom is a white room, equipped with everything necessary for holding water and hygiene procedures. Asymmetrical space with sloping ceiling is painted in white color foam, apron lined with white tile “metro”. The flooring also decorated with ceramic tiles, but with a dark trim around the perimeter. Interesting and practical at the same time the group has established a suspended sink with storage, mirror over and wall lights.

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