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Black and White Kids Room Design Ideas

Long gone is the stereotype that children’s rooms should be decorated in blue, pink or yellow tones that pink color is suitable exclusively for girls, blue is for boys, and the black and white combination – monopoly for adults.

The trend in interior design in recent years – the color palette of the children’s rooms should be much broader and include not only pastel colors. Now black and white are the colours of the unisex; they are equally well suited for the decoration of the room and the boy and girl. Using black-and-white palette, combining two neutral colors, you can create a unique artistic image, balanced, personalized, where the child will be happy to learn, to play, to relax, to sleep.

Black and white color combination is very elegant and gives a lot of room for the imagination, has countless options combinations, updates, and never goes out of fashion.

Choose the style
Contrasting combination of colors applicable to various stylistic influences, which can be decorated children, – minimalism, art Nouveau, art Deco, Provence, fun fusion. Black and white minimalist bathroom or Scandinavian styles – win-win technique for creating the perfect interior.

Small, airy, well-lit bedroom in the style of minimalism. Horizontal stripes on the wall are repeated in the floor Mat. Bright strict and laconic interior make details and decorative elements on the background of black walls, red furniture set – table and designer chairs by Verner Panton.

Room in art Deco style for the young Princess. Horizontal black stripes visually expand the wall. Carved intricate black frame mirror contrasts in the pattern and matched the colour of the frame pictures. Transparent chiffon black cloth covers, canopy and curtains gives a feeling of lightness and airiness of textile accessories. The white color of the walls, floor and ceiling serves as the perfect backdrop for all of the expressive design details. A touch of glamour pink hue makes covers for pillows.

Luxurious bedroom in the art Deco style for the young lady. Black-and-white palette is enlivened by the presence of a deep yellow color in the decoration of the bed, curtains, lampshade table lamp and cushion covers. The mood of aristocratic past create carved frame, print, depicting a crystal chandelier and a clear acrylic chair-Ghost by Philippe Starck.

Bathroom in Provence style for girls. Fallacy decorated with curtain with fringe, floral patterns linen, paintings and curtains create a cozy atmosphere of a country house. Pink shades interior elements destroy achromatic monotony.

Take into account the age

Getting clearance space for your child, you should consider many factors, including age group, which is changing very quickly and requires modernization of the interior. Black and white version of the child may be easy and not too expensive to upgrade with new original parts, removing completely or on time, those items that are a bit tired, old, or whose children are grown.

Children for the newborn. The elegance of the room will undoubtedly impact on the formation of the impeccable taste of the little man. Personalization is achieved by using a monogram on behalf of the child art photos on the wall and the table. Flooring natural wood breaks the monotony of grey shades and makes the room warm and soft.

Cozy room for grown-up child. Black and white stripes represented in different ways – window louvers, grilles cots, the texture of the floor carpet. Room has enough space for movement and active play of the child.

Room for older adolescents. Austere clarity of black and white geometric shapes emphasizes decoration wall Board, written formulas. And only a huge fluffy decorative pompons mitigate the severity of the interior, making a note of humanism.

Room for teenager decorated to reflect the owner’s interests – from digital technologies to extreme sports and martial arts.

Zoned space
Most often kids room multi – unites the bedroom, playroom, study room. Using design tools (furniture, floor coverings, partitions) is zoning.

In the bedroom area and the main object is a child’s bed, painted in white or black color, or preserve the natural wood color. On the white crib can be used linen printed fabric with large black-and-white prints depicting the letters of the alphabet, funny pictures of people, animals or vehicles.

In the play area for outdoor Mat is just the perfect black-and-white stripes that go well with white furniture and a two-tone or completely white walls. Mats with contrasting prints, combining geometric figure with figures of animals, floral ornament will function not only as a place for games, reading, sitting, but also as a decorative element.

In the area to practice wall or part of it may be closed by a black Board on which you can write or draw with colored chalk or special markers.

Room for a young lady with a creative inclinations. The black Board is almost wall-to-wall makes it easy to capture emerging idea. The red blanket – perfectly (if you trust the opinion of Shakespeare – “On the perfection of scarlet on white!”) with crisp white linen.

Color additions to the achromatic interior. Red and blue blotches make perception of the environment cheerful and optimistic.

Teenage bedroom interior design

In a room for a teenager furniture, and articles of textiles decorated in black, which forms a single color ensemble in terms of the dominant bright shades. Items wall decor resonate with colorful splashes of covers for pillows. Wooden furnishings, wall frame and beige floor also combined with each other.

Fantasize on the subject…
It is a mistake to believe that black is too dark for children’s rooms, because the addition of the white color in the dominant aspect ratio provides sufficient light component. In addition, achromatic combination – the perfect backdrop to create the theme of the game, taking into account the individual interests of the child.

The interior of the room a nautical theme for a boy. Black and white are not only balance, but also complement each other functionally. Black walls, white ceiling, light flooring makes the room visually higher coming from the Windows of natural light – more vivid and intense. Important role in balancing the contrasting proportions play details – lighting system (ceiling chandelier with white shade, decorative led lights on the wall, table lamp), textiles (bright linen, striped bedspread), accessories (carpet with a striped print, a large wall calendar). Bright color accents (yellow furniture, decorative elements) make the room warm and cozy. The design of the room is devoted to the marine theme, expressed in concise detail the pattern on the pillow, crab in a glass case, the image of the fish over a narrow window, watches as instruments of the captain’s wheelhouse and large decorative letter M no one will doubt that the room in which nothing is superfluous and a perfect order, belongs to the future conqueror of the sea.

Compact room for the young musician. Here rationally used every inch of space. Black music the line is represented in the form of prints outdoor carpet and black slats, fixed on the wall. The theme music is reflected in the black-and-white and color pictures framed by white frames. White furniture is beautifully contrasted with a black textile bed linen. Floor color light wood “warms up” the strict atmosphere of the room.

Nursery for preschool age. Theme dark Northern nights presents cold colours – white, blue and black. Little bear, sitting in a cozy white bed, out the window of his den watching a beautiful landscape winter sleeping the sleep of the white trees.

Set accents
To destroy the achromatic monotony, you can add items in bright colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow or blue. It may be a shade floor or wall lamp, carpet, curtains, furniture from wood. The inclusion of fluorescent colors will make the space warm and joyous mood.

Small room for the teenager. Black wall makes the room more depth. White – give the room a light and volume. The furniture is also designed in black and white with touches of light coloured wood headboard, wall shelves, tabletop desktop). The expressiveness of the room is enhanced by the use of orange color, textiles, combined with a touch of radiant floor coverings.

Room for primary school children. Bright red frameless chair acts as the focal center of the room, although its owner is, rather, the Association with a warm fire in the winter forest.

Playroom for a child of preschool age is decorated with a wide black stripe adjacent to the ceiling. It is a popular decorative technique – the use of letters of the alphabet. White walls, ceiling and floor visually expand the space in which the basic elements of children’s classes – toys, Board, table – presents vivid colors.

Reveal the big secret for the small company
Children’s room could be used for several inhabitants of different or the same age. In this case, you should consider their individual and common interests. Black-and-white palette perfectly solves the problem of “the taste and color – no friends”.

Bathroom in shades of gray for two young owners. Wooden bunk bed provides maximum comfort for guests. White translucent curtains from floor to ceiling soften the intensity of light from the window. With the design of the interior of any chromatic color would be ideal. InRoom for the twins, who are considered to clothe, equip and endow the same. When making room uses the same principles of “sameness”. The same cots, booster seats, a total couch and a table. Carpet with black and white stripes resonates with elements of walls, Windows and accessories. the use of turquoise, yellow and orange make the interior very festive and cheerful.

For two young ladies sharing a small double room, is ideal choice for minimalism with characteristic dominant white finish, black furnishings, elegant decor and bright focus. In this room, used a few color accents – brown screen as needed to delineate the space; bright covers pillows and scarlet kanowski chair of molded plastic.

Room in the attic for teenagers. Spacious and bright (due to the white color of the walls, ceiling and floor) loft decorated with elements in black tones, emphasizing the characteristic geometry of the attic. Red-orange interior details give it the necessary “hot” thing, and the pattern of the rug and the curtains are decorated in traditional style associated with care of the good grandmother.

Remember that details create interior
Decoration is very important details that make the space more personal and natural and cozy. It can be pictures young owner bathroom, Pets in glass frames and hung on the walls or set on the table. Black color can be represented in the decoration of the room (walls with Wallpaper polka dots or vertical or horizontal lines), furniture (bed, table, chair), textiles (bed linen striped pillows with elegant forms), accessories (the pattern on the curtains, lampshades), small details (wooden toys, garlands, balloons). On a white background looks great with black shelves and frames for decoration of walls, you can use vinyl stickers with geometric patterns.

Pictures within the main element of decoration.

Small room for the teenager. Dominant white in the room creates a feeling of blinding light. The black bars used in the design of walls, visually raise the ceiling and extend the volume of the room. Design idea emphasizes the use of black frameless seats with white stitching, and linen in black and white stripes. Decorating your walls with black panel and bright digits – a technique that is often used by designers to decorate the nursery. The extravagance of black wreath on the wall softens pink garland, matched in color to the curtains. Delicate pink in various shades of repeats in the small details – the color table, the figure of the veil.

To create the ideal nursery interior is important, not the size of a room, it can be any value are carefully selected pieces that go well together, don’t clutter the space, the major components of the design of the room – space, air and light.

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