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25 Stunning Black And White Walls Design 2015

What is black and white interior? It is, above all, the strongest contrast of two opposites, which will be clearly visible to every detail, even the smallest. The color black like the deepest shadows, and the white symbolizes the opposite of absolute light. These colors can be placed anywhere: floor, ceiling, walls. In such black-and-white combination look great with all sorts of delicate drawings that mimic elegant curtain. And the space, broken into squares and even creates a sense of magic, of unreality, and even zakoldovannoy. Plus, get these colors in virtually any environment, on any surface and “friends” they perfectly with all other colors.

However, one should not forget that they also have many different shades, and also that in these interiors are the most important thing is the form, which will be primarily emphasized the contrast and the colors will recede into the background. In the case of any assumptions stylistic errors, the response in this situation is much harder to beat on the eyes. It is therefore very important to carefully balance between black and white.

Creating black-and-white interior

Currently interiors in black and white is extremely popular, especially in a modern style – just a surefire combination. The contrast wonderfully diluted with bright accessories, which, however, should not be much.

Draw in black and white colors can be absolutely any room, and in one case will be the dominant white, and Vice versa in the other black, and the third can even add a complementary color is all a matter of taste and imagination, only then would feel cozy and comfortable in the interior.

When using muted colors, such as gray-white, dark grey and steel, the situation will get much softer and quieter. After all, even the white color has a huge number of shades, from pure white to ivory. Applying in the interior softer shades, the style creates the most sophisticated, because it will not be sharp contrasts.

Black and white living room

For example, to furnish the living room, it is best to use more white paint, because this expands the color space. One wall can be decorated with black and white stripes or floral pattern.

You can make an imitation Zebra skins for all lovers of the exotic. Generally, ideally for such a combination living room should be spacious, i.e. almost half-empty. In this case, white and black items in it should have a minimum number.

The room needed more vivid colors, and thus reduce the sharp contrast and reduce the monochrome black and white. Using bright color accents, you can make your living room more soft and gentle sound. By the way, the most relevant and popular color-accent in such cases, the designers considered red.

Black and white bedroom

But in the bedroom wall can be made even completely black. Then you will need white accessories in the form of bed linen and table lamps. Oddly enough, this bedroom is recommended for people suffering from insomnia because it is unusually easy to fall asleep. Of course, you can make the white walls in the bedroom – in this case you will need black accessories, and furniture.

I must say that in the bedroom with black and white color combination categorically should not be them equally. Definitely one color should dominate. If it does not comply, the interior will at best boring and tasteless, and at worst just annoying. If you need more space, it is advisable to give preference to white, which should be much more. And black, for example, be used on walls as an original ornament. In the case of gravity to neutral and fairly quiet interior, you should choose a grey background. And white and black in this case will act as a complementary shades.

Black and white kitchen

For kitchen black and white colors create a modern style, moreover, it is desirable that the walls were white, and the ceiling, and the furniture and kitchen utensils – black. However, you can use other finish options, where the walls will be done in black and white. The materials can be completely arbitrary. The apron area typically is made of ceramic tiles, mosaics, glass or marble. Not bad on the walls use a Wallpaper that has the original black and white drawing. This will make the room cozy and comfortable.

Black and white bathroom
The bathroom for the walls are very commonly used stickers that look good on plain white tile. However, shouldn’t get too involved, to avoid oversaturation.

In General, processing in such a contrasting combination of bathroom, you must adhere to some of the nuances. If the floor area is small, then white must be more, otherwise black color will turn the room into a dark dungeon, in addition, will significantly reduce its area, because black tends to conceal the space.

In a small bathroom black color should ideally be present only in accessories. But the spacious bathroom black can be and the furniture and appliances, and accessories – anything.

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