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30 Modern Wallpaper designs for Living Room Design Ideas 2015

The decoration of the hall should be treated with special attention, because this room is used for receiving all kinds of guests, whether relatives, friends or coworkers. In this regard, the atmosphere here there is special designed for various activities and special events. And when it all ends, in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in this room you can have a nice rest and relax. To do this very carefully and thoughtfully pick up the color palette of Wallpaper that will beautify the walls of your room. Hurry, today is quite a lot: it’s simple and paper, and vinyl, and liquid Wallpaper, and even textile – it all depends on your personal preference.

The easiest option – paper Wallpaper
Paper Wallpaper have high environmental friendliness, low cost and a large variety of colors. However, it should be recognized that this type of Wallpaper is quite short-lived, because it is sensitive to such factors as moisture, heat, ultraviolet light and mechanical damage. Of course, I’ll give them that – they are very easy to recover by sticking patches on the damaged areas. If you opt for this kind of Wallpaper, it is better to give preference to with a glossy or washable coating, especially if there are naughty children and playful Pets. Also note that choosing thin paper wall, your wall must be perfectly prepared.

Vinyl Wallpaper is a good option
If you opt for vinyl Wallpaper, it will be a very good decision. First, they do not accumulate static electricity, great hide any defects on the walls, comfortable and easy to care for, besides, there is a huge variety in the choice of colors and textures. I.e. vinyl Wallpaper is the solution to any design concept. Secondly, if you use perforated vinyl, wall and just breathe, as will appear free air exchange.

But foamed vinyl is not recommended for use in those homes where there are Pets, because animal claws could damage this coating. The only drawback to vinyl Wallpaper is the lack of sustainability, and therefore it is not advisable to use them for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Paintable Wallpaper is not bad either

Typically, this non-woven Wallpaper base, characterized by good elasticity. Just ideal for new buildings, where not excluded drawdown walls – these Wallpapers puffs and come off. The big advantage is the sustainability of this type of Wallpaper, as well as a wonderful opportunity without perekleivanie to change your interior.

One of the good options for the hall – liquid Wallpaper
In the composition of this Wallpaper contains cellulose, dyes and adhesives. The Wallpaper is very convenient and easy to apply and repair. However, there are significant disadvantages – liquid Wallpaper perfectly absorb all the smells, and moreover, they are not resistant to moisture and steam. So, if you are going to smoke in the room, the Wallpaper is not for you. Except that if you treat them with a special compound that prevents the absorption.

Strong and durable option – fiberglass

This type of Wallpaper is not afraid of mechanical damage, no dust, which does not stick to them. They also do not accumulate static electricity and will not become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Fiberglass has high indicators of sustainability and breathability. In addition they have a very aesthetic and attractive appearance. Cons, perhaps, only three required priming the walls before hanging, the complexity of dismantling, and will require an additional cost for painting they can withstand up to 15 cycles.

Textile Wallpaper for room a great choice

This type of Wallpaper for the room fits perfectly, because he is able to create a luxurious atmosphere in the room. It is considered important that the textile Wallpapers are of the highest indicators of environmental performance. Today, fabric Wallpaper is the most fashionable trend among designers. The disadvantages include the following points: to use this type of Wallpaper you require a perfectly smooth walls and a very cautious attitude, in addition, difficult care – only vacuum cleaner, washing is strictly prohibited. But the interior of the hall is very beautiful and spectacular.

Best wallpapers in living room

Currently very widely used combined Wallpapers that create a very spectacular and fashionable interior. So do not be afraid to experiment in the combination of colored Wallpaper with a plain, on one or two walls. Moreover, it is possible to combine three types of Wallpaper – all this will help create a unique and unique interior.

The illusion of the library or bookstore Wallpaper
Even without a single book, one can easily create the illusion of a huge library. To do this, just need a special type of Wallpaper, giving the impression along the walls you have plenty of shelves with books.

Using this technique you can perfectly recreate vintage decor without taking up useful space. Book Wallpaper is very suitable for the interior of the room, creating the illusion of a rich home library.

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