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Black Mystical Apartment Interior With Bookshelves Wallpapers: pictures, photos

We offer you a tour through the rooms one unusual apartment. Here you will not find the usual pastel shades in the interior, minimalism, diluted with bright elements. The familiar surroundings of residential and utilitarian premises will not be. But there will be artwork with skulls, animal horns on the walls, plenty of wood trim and dark shades of colours of the room.
We will begin our mystical journey through the extraordinary rooms of the apartment with a living room, which will enter it through a hinged wooden doors with glass inserts. This design of door openings will occur throughout the apartment. Dark wood steel luxury material for the manufacture of doors, creating a slightly rustic feel.

The living room is striking in its ambiguity, it is difficult to add him to any one style. The walls are decorated with murals that mimic bookshelves, white ceiling echoes the same carpeted floors. Couch with light grey upholstery is in perfect harmony with panelled walls the same shade. On the coffee table is the attribute of this mystical flats – skull, and on the walls you can see the antlers large animals.

The living room has several pieces of fine art on the walls, each has individually backlit.

Within the living space can fit a small office Desk for work or creativity. Vintage typewriter is in a harmonious neighborhood with designer chairs and decadent table lamps.

Flowers slightly diluted the atmosphere of a dark color palette in mystic decor.

Comfortable leather armchair with scuffs, in the spirit of the universal interior represents not only a place for relaxation and reading area. Through the large French doors you can get to the covered terrace, where there is a recreation area.

On the glassed-in terrace, the atmosphere was much lighter and not only due to the abundance of natural light and white walls, window frames and ceiling. Near comfortable seats located interesting coffee table design. The ceiling is unchanged horns, but in a lighter design and a chic chandelier with lots of glass elements.

Contemporary Apartment with Mystical Decor Ornaments

Another door from the common room lead into the dining room.

A spacious room with a dining area is equally amazing interior than the living room. Wooden shades in the decoration of the room contrasting white shade dining set. Designer chandelier unusual shape hanging over the table, completing the image of the room for Lunches and dinners.

The presence of antique furniture and decorative elements makes the design of the rooms is eclectic and unusual. For example, an old Cabinet-showcase adds interior personalized chic of yesteryear.

From the dining room you can get into the kitchen space with interesting interior. The predominance of gray shades in the decoration of the room brings a certain bleakness to the working area, but the artwork dilute the atmosphere.

Exclusive Mystical Home Interior Design

Narrow, but long enough kitchen space accommodated all the necessary work surfaces, allowed to integrate ergonomic modern appliances and fixtures. Shine chrome elements of kitchen appliances is reflected in the Bohemian crystal chandeliers.

Antique trinkets and art is everywhere and always with ironic content, but in General gloomy palette.

Even in the kitchen we meet the continued presence of the skull, as symbol of the entire apartment.

And last the course, but one of the first in importance of the rooms – a bedroom. Spacious room in gray and black color palette is presented in a minimalist style. Of all the furniture we see only a huge bed on a low pedestal. Textiles bedrooms is as simple and concise, and the whole ambience of the room. Only unusual pictures with the same lighting and bronze chandelier with aging effect is diluted monochrome palette of the room.


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