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Canopy Over Bed: Design Ideas for Romantic Bedroom

A bit of history. If you ask any modern man, where did the canopy, then the answer is that he appeared thanks to the whims of emperors, the rich-padishah and the like heroes of that time. Of course, this answer was born for a reason. Any historical film about the middle East will prove to you this answer. Therefore, in the minds of modern people the canopy is represented by the symbol of luxury and wealth.

But few people know that this element of modern design, existed in Russia from time immemorial and was a plain calico cloak, thrown over hanging from the ceiling baby bassinet. This Cape-canopy had a purely practical value – protects baby from drafts, all kinds of insects. Thus, children hanging bassinet with a canopy of cotton – the progenitor of all the four-poster beds.

Of course, speaking about such a beautiful design element, as the canopy, I don’t want to mention his initial purpose is the protection from mosquitoes and other insects. But that was the original idea of our ancestors in the purpose of the canopy. And only later, through the efforts of designers, he has become part of the decoration of the bed, which is also quite justified. Everything in the room must perform not only a functional role, but also to decorate it.

Species of the canopy. Frame and mounting methods

As the canopy today almost never plays his original protective functions, it is often used as decoration of the bed and the room. Like any design element, it undergoes changes.

In some cases, its presence marked faintly, purely symbolically. As an option – this canopy, consisting only of the top. This design will protect you except from falling from the ceiling plaster. But psychologists say that even such symbolic canopy will give you a sense of security and peace. This feeling just need you for a normal night’s sleep.There are several types of canopies. The most popular is the four-poster bed, hung on a frame. The frame is placed above the ceiling and secured to the bed posts. Sometimes the frame is fastened to the ceiling, not forming a unit with the stand – it looks great. This design is a transitional variant from rectangular form to the tent. But if your bed was not originally conceived with a canopy, that is, the rack is missing, then you can likely get away with a simple frame is fixed to otakuthon can be wooden, and metal. The design of this frame, of course, depends on your financial capabilities, as it can be made of wood of valuable breeds or wrought metal, plus various artistic elements.For lovers of refinement there is a canopy in the form of a “crown”. In this embodiment, the axis of the canopy passes through the center of the bed. The frame is made in the form of a circle or square, through which is threaded fabric. Look, of course, bed, canopy bed – king, but provided that “crown” similar to the Tsar, and not on sports wrap with a cloth thrown over.

As beautiful canopy can be considered as the fabric hung on a frame in the form of an arc. The arc is attached to the wall at the head of the bed. Very beautiful, functional and quite a budget variant of the canopy.

Quite convenient and simple in manufacture will be the canopy, curtain, which is transferred through the crossbar attached to the wall at the head.

Modernity makes its own adjustments. Today, the canopy can be not only in the form of fabric wraps over the bed. Often it is presented in a rather original form, only vaguely reminiscent of the classic valance.

Agree that the canopy with elements of the flora will create an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation in nature. And if you hang the cage with a singing bird … it will be a real Paradise.

Some features four-poster beds for children and adults

Every parent wants to see their child happy and doing everything for this. Builds a child’s room as a prototype of his future life – a beautiful and protected from all ills of life.

Baby crib with canopy is definitely needed for children for one simple reason – protection from insects (the main reason), from the rays of light draught.

This bed is universal for both sexes up to a certain age. The continuation can only be if this bed girls or girls. Boys, when reaching a certain age, under any circumstances do not agree to sleep in the bed – a man after growing. But this, of course, is purely individual. It is possible that it will be delayed indefinitely. Therefore, we consider variants of the canopy for girls.

In this case, one should strictly adhere to the traditional colours of the room. The main fundamental difference beds for girls is the color of the canopy. Of course, this color should be pink. Allowed, and other colors, but only close to the pink color on the color palette.

As the child grows, the protective function of the canopy turns into an atavism. Therefore, modern canopies above a child’s bed began to play the role just a beautiful design element bedding and child’s room.

Adolescent girls are the best option would be the canopy, representing the drapery that hung at the head. However, this option does not refuse and girls. This design will make the bedroom a more feminine, surpassing several of her childhood.

Being the original one, you will have to like the four-poster bed, hung over the bed is not a standard way along the bed, and across it.

Great idea to decorate the canopy on the nursery theme. For example, fixed to the canopy butterfly will definitely impress your child. Also hung on the curtain canopy garland is a great solution two questions – night lighting and at the same time decorations in the form of asterisks.

A four-poster bed for adults is, in principle, the same traits that children, except that here the canopy performs more the role of a design element to create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom, rather than practical value. But that would create such an atmosphere, no matter how the canopy of the veil, silk and other translucent fabrics.

Specifically, the fabric of the canopy plays an important role in creating a harmonious design bedrooms. The fabric of the canopy should be airy, light, colors, combined with the overall style of the room. Of course, the best fabrics such as has silk. Also looks great canopy of organza, Voile.

Despite the popularity of silk, often for the canopy and used heavy fabric (jacquard, velvet, tapestry). There is a reason, because the canopy is kind of a symbol of prosperity, which fully confirms the canopy of beautiful heavy fabric. Besides the heavy fabric of the canopy in the winter will help you to keep heat in the space under the canopy.

Remember, the fabric of the canopy, of whatever material it was made, must be harmonious with the rest of the interior of your room, especially with the curtains, the bedspread on the bed

The canopy and the style of the room
The four poster bed in the bedroom is a special, significant design element of the room. It requires a special approach to the selection of designs, shapes, fabrics. It’s important to consider the available area of the room, because in a small bedroom, the presence of the canopy above the bed will make it even less. You should also consider the illumination of the room, the style of its interior.

If we talk about the combination of the canopy with the style of the bedroom, there are certain dependencies to ensure the harmonious interior design. For example, in a classic style, it is necessary to use heavy fabrics, silk, satin fit perfectly into Baroque.

The bedroom, decorated in the style of hi-tech, the canopy must be different from the classical one (of fabric). It can be any design, but without tissue.

The canopy in the Eastern style should look like air. The use of light fabrics provides this effect. By the way, the canopy without ruffles and tassels – it will be, and beautiful canopy, but not in the Oriental style.

In conclusion
Listed options canopy over the bed is not the final authority. You can show your creative nature and to construct something of their own, of course, with an eye to the already known variants. It will be interesting work, and you will enjoy every night when it comes time for rest and sleep. A pleasant night’s sleep in four-poster beds!

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