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20 Stunning Ideas for Circle Modern Living 2015

Circle – the symbol of infinity and tranquility. It is the round table addressed important issues and cases. So, maybe round living is not just creative and unusual interior, maybe it’s also a sign of harmony, peace? Right, because only by looking at the photo, you see that the room is a good solution in all respects.
It should be noted that the round living room boasts not every building is a rarity, but staying in this room will leave an indelible mark in the memory. Often these interior design with luxury homes, but if you want, everyone can create such a haven of comfort in their home. One has only to consider some of the nuances and to seek the assistance of experienced designers.

The ideal solution for design round living rooms will be the use of pastel shades – room will seem more spacious, more comfortable, and emphasis will be transported to the unusual shape of the room.

If there is a large window openings it is possible to easily recreate the atmosphere of luxury, which were once filled the Palace halls. In this case, the best ornament round the living room will be Bay Windows – the room will be filled with natural light and will increase in size.

In this case it is necessary to abandon the heavy curtains, the beauty of the window openings can never hide, and if necessary, it can be done with a soft pastel Voiles.

If the ceiling height is significantly higher than usual standards for us – you can fill the room with warmth with accessories, fireplace, luxurious bulky furniture, high-living plants.

Ceilings and walls round the living room

Ceilings allocated a significant role in the design round the living room. They are in bright colors (usually white), so that visually increase the height of the room, filled with the atmosphere of purity and harmony. If the room is not circular in form, the ceiling, usually has a rounded shape, which is achieved through modern finishing materials. Very often round living rooms have ceilings completely non-standard forms, with different levels and geometric shapes.

As for the walls, while finishing have chosen shade darker than the ceiling. It can be grey, beige, light yellow or brown color, one side can have a bright surface, to create a dramatic contrast.

Furniture for round Seating

Unusual interior round the living room should not be overloaded with an excessive amount of furniture, would be inappropriate here sideboards, bookcases, shelving. Round table (dining or coffee), upholstered furniture and Ottomans – all you need for this room. In most cases, the main accents in the furniture are round sofas that different extraordinary style and unforgettable views. Red, white, and gray is the most common color for upholstery such sofas. As a rule, because of its unusual shape, the furniture is made to order, and preference is given to such materials as leather, wood, high-quality textiles, glass.

Round table is an important component of living

The circular room is not necessarily a bathroom with round walls and ceilings, often the effect is achieved due to design decisions, one of which is a round table.

If to speak about is an essential element of any home, it creates a certain effect, sets the atmosphere. In the case of round living he does not necessarily have the meal, it can be a way of reaching the round effect.

If there is a need for additional functionality – that should give preference to large round dining table. By the way, psychologists installed by the fact that the tables are rounded, without sharp angles have on the subconscious of people positive impact: this form soothes, helps to become more open, eliminates the hierarchy of provision gathered around the table people.

If we return to the theme of the table in the interior, it is also possible to find the benefits: round shape allows you to put more people, it saves the useful area of the room, but if you have small children then this is the best solution to the issue of injuries resulting from collisions with the corners of the table.

The round table will fit perfectly into any interior, be it a twist. Depending on the style, you might prefer various materials table: wood, chromed metal, polycarbonate, clear or tinted glass, etc.

Unleash your imagination – then your round the lounge will become a unique, stylish and comfortable at the same time.

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