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Colorful Fusion Style Apartment in Moscow – White and Black Decor

Representatives of modern Bohemians used to show your bright personality not only in their stage costumes and outrageous behavior. Often their homes as their owners, the imagination of an ordinary citizen with its originality and extravagant design.

Well-known producer Bari Alibasov not far behind the General desire to Express themselves not only in art. His apartments are a mixture of bright colors and bizarre shapes, harmoniously matched in the interior of one apartment.
Huge living room decorated with unusual structure that represents the column with gilding, which fades into the ceiling. Contrasting stripes of black and white color on the floor doing the interior is colorful and memorable. Red wall with a niche for decorative figurines completes the look.

Colorful paintings give the room an unforgettable atmosphere. The colors used by the artist, in tune with the main colors of the interior.

The living room has several Seating areas. Different sets of upholstered furniture will allow you to retire and relax from the noisy company. Original design wall picture attracts the attention of visitors.

Several newspaper tables give the opportunity to have a large number of decorative items. Elegant accessories for its smooth lines continue the General thrust of the style.

In this apartment, great attention is paid to details. A variety of decorative elements at first glance are completely different. This can be read a certain unity of style and the General idea designer.

Unusual ceiling in the next room. Over a cosy sitting area is the design of plasterboard with a purple backlight. This allows you to add mystery. Here, too, there was a contrast of black and white, which is manifested in the carpet on the floor.

Bedroom Bari Alibasov bed with ergonomic shape. Hanging lamp on the ceiling made in outer space style. Floor and wall covering attract attention and make fascinated to watch them. In this room you can also see lots of decor items and original accessories.

The study area occupies a small area. Compact table is complemented by soft chairs gold color. Open shelves filled with figurines bizarre.

Each room in this unique apartment has its own character and its atmosphere. Designer almost never repeats of their decisions. Originality and uniqueness to every detail makes the interior unforgettable.

Unusual kitchen unusual in the apartment
The main colors for the kitchen were chosen black and orange. Perhaps this is due to the effect that has orange on the psycho-emotional state of a person. The color feature in its ability to create a dynamic environment and to energize. The contrast with the black enhances this effect.

Interior Design – Vivid colors: White, Black, Red, Orange and Blue – Pictures and Images

The island in the kitchen can be used as a small dining table. Pendant lighting spherical shape allow to balance the crisp lines and corners that abound in furniture. Additional ceiling lighting green add to the room brightness.

Glossy surfaces in this kitchen are combined with a matte coating of the walls, simulating the natural animal skins. A large number of colored lighting, hidden in every niche, create a stunning festive effect.

A large kitchen allows you to equip a separate dining area and a relaxation area. Upholstered furniture from green velour looks very interesting in combination with bright orange facades of kitchen furniture. The dining area is a large set of table and chairs in the already beloved master black and white colors.

Bathroom fittings
The bathroom is decorated in gold tones. Here all the glitters and shimmers. Glass partition separating shower area, reflect the light and add a room pizzazz. Very original way here framed lighting. From the ceiling hangs a lot of small LEDs lilac color. They add to the General atmosphere of mystery.

Another bathroom in this extraordinary house designed in white, black and red colors. Embossed tiles on the walls looks very original. The abundance of storage systems makes the room comfortable and practical. Multilevel sinks are designed to make the lives of the inhabitants of such dwelling more comfortable.

This bathroom has a full shower on the electronic control. In a recess under the sink is conveniently located washing machine. Everything in the interior of this bathroom designed and costed in detail.

Despite external diversity and abundance of seemingly useless things, the apartment is practical. All the necessary items of furniture designed specifically to create its owner maximum comfort.

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