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Contemporary Loft Apartment With African Decor Elements

We suggest you visit one of the canadian apartment, the interior of which was performed as part of this stylistic direction, as loft. As you know, loft style originated in the period of active use of former industrial areas for construction of residential apartments and households. Large scale, huge Windows, high ceilings and no walls, partitions – all these features of the industrial genre are reflected in canadian modern interior of the apartment. Perhaps some of the ideas and design solutions will be close to you and can serve as inspiration for your own experiments in the repair or reconstruction of your homes.

Let’s start our little tour of the apartment, as expected, from the hallway.
Making the first steps in the living room, we understand that industrial past of the building is not forgotten, it is present in the concrete surface finishes, a monochromatic palette, deliberately overt displays of all utility lines and communications.

The harmonious combination of simple decoration with artsy, unconventional decor in an eclectic manner, creates the mood of the individual interior. These elements are incredibly personalize the situation, make the interior memorable and unique.

We invite you into the spacious and bright room canadian home – the living room. And again white walls common to all concrete surfaces, all lines of communication are saved, they are specifically hiding and are part of the interior. Huge Windows in factory style fills the space with natural light, and for the dark time of day there are three-section floor lamp almost black.

Soft zone presents unusual sofa design in natural shades. Wooden coffee table and a Cabinet for lamps completes the extraordinary image of places to relax and read.

The dining area is situated in asymmetric corner of the living room. Wooden chairs original performance circling around the table, with plastic foot dark green color. Hanging lamp over the dining table looks more like a bizarre flower, but despite the obvious decorative purpose, and has functional orientation.

On the Windows of the living room is missing textiles, guided by the concept of post-industrial areas in the room is ignored the maximum amount of light. Decorative elements throughout the apartment given special attention, many of them have deep, natural shades and look great against a light, neutral decoration.

Then go to the white kitchen area. Presented work surfaces, storage, appliances and a kitchen island can accommodate multiple households at Breakfast.

Modern White Loft Home Interior Design: pictures, photos, images

Roomy system kitchen cabinets made in white high gloss that makes it not only visually expand the boundaries of the kitchen area, but also to freshen up the room and give it a clean feel and flight.

Wooden countertop kitchen island that serves as the bar for seated on a contrasting black high stools bring a touch of warmth in the white kitchen space.

Moving further along the corridor to the recreation room, which combines both the functions of the library.

This room was no exception in choosing a color design options all surfaces. As before – light, neutral finish, even bookshelves performed in white tone.

For the whole apartment is characterized by the use of several levels of lighting. In addition to table lamps and suspension lamps in all rooms there are floor lamps unusual shapes, colours and textures.

In this room is a work area in the form of unenclosed mini-office. A set of small writing Desk with drawers and bright light orange tone, and a wooden chair, was a comfortable office area.

Cool White Loft Flat Photo Gallery

Next we find ourselves in the master bedroom – a spacious room with a minimum of furniture and decor. Against white walls are actively décor and artwork. A variety of options for lighting and wooden furnishings provide us with referrals to other apartment buildings, harmoniously closing the circle interior.

Bathroom bathroom shower presents with a simple neutral interior. Ceramic tile in light grey colours will certainly practical and functional layout of surfaces in the room of excess moisture.

The bathroom also does not surprise us surprises – expected white finish stands before us as a symbol of purity and freshness utilitarian premises.

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