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Contemporary Design Monastery in France

Most likely, not everyone will be able to learn in such a substantial two-storey building, decorated in a Mediterranean style, a functioning monastery. Institutions of this type, usually have more severe and unsightly. But even more surprises waiting for us inside the modern monastery.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will visit all the most interesting premise of this unusual institution that performs the same functions as the monasteries that were built several centuries ago.

Features of the outward appearance of the building
This current French monastery is located in a very colorful place. The squat two-storey building, having a “G” – shaped, almost smothered in bright green. On the front of a bright spot highlighted with ornamental shrubs and beautiful trees scattered across the lawn.

The walls of the monastery stone a grayish color. The main building entrance (portal), located on the corner of the building, has an arcuate form. The same shape and have first-floor window, rectangular openings which are inscribed in fancy arched arched design. The sloping roof of the building is decorated with a row of attic Windows of the towers.

The monastery has a rectangular inner courtyard on all sides by a covered gallery limited (the cloister). Arched hallway with columns brings us to the beautiful garden, where you can discover an old well and unpretentious wildflowers.

Thanks to the outdoor terrace, you can enjoy the outer view of the inner courtyard, without leaving the building.

Modern 2015 French Monastery Photo Album

Here we find everything that you need for relaxation in the fresh air:
– comfortable seats;
– small sofas;
– elegant wooden tables;
– comfortable lighting with a floor lamp.

Interior design modern monastery complex
All the main rooms of the monastery have access to the cloister is a rectangular cloister with columns and arches bizarre. Inside the building reveals another long gallery, decorated with Gothic cross vault. The walls of this room are finished in a yellowish-gray stone, the space under the roof is paved with small bricks of the same color.

In the room is full of soft sofas and benches for novices. In the Central part of the room you can see a few oblong turbobrush tables used for eating and storing all sorts of things.

The hall is illuminated by several lamps under the lampshades on high legs with a steady basis. During the day the light enters the room through the double window in the front part of the gallery.

The second floor has a fairly steep spiral staircase, lined with bright bricks. When lifting up, you can use wrought iron railings with exquisite floral ornaments. Light falls on the landing through the arcuate window, covered with thin bars. In the dark, this area is illuminated with lamps suspended from the high metal rack.

The Chapter hall
The boardroom plays a huge role in the life of the inhabitants of the monastery. In this place the monastic community gathers to discuss the most important issues. Such events is to issue the clothing of the novices or the election of an Abbot.

At the end of a vaulted room, you can see the position of head of the monastery – freestanding table lit with a few lamps.

In the center of the room, under cross-shaped stone vault is a long table with a bright top, surrounded on all sides by a multitude of folding wooden chairs.

The room is quite dark, as the light seeps through a few narrow window openings. It is easy to see a large number of thick candles placed in special grooves of the table, and standing on thin candlesticks. These attributes are used when conducting services.

The dining room (refectory)
Monastic refectory is located on the corner of the building. Interior refectory has a fairly modern look. Hard to believe that this comfortable room with furniture made from the latest materials, is a place where food novices of the monastery.

In the refectory you can see:
cozy upholstered armchair with grey trim on a high, but sustainable wooden legs;
– extremely comfortable sofas, equipped with high padded backrest;
– small tables with square wooden table tops;
oblong table-Cabinet for storing dishes;
– chandelier original form;
– long mirror.

Inside the monastery: interior photos, pictures, images

The floors in the room monastic dining room lined with bright decorative tiles, and only in some parts of the hall carpeted with a thin coating expressive blue.

Monastic bedchamber
For the rest of the novices in the modern monastery there is a separate room. The floors in the cells covered with thin carpeting.

In addition to comfortable wide beds here you have the following furniture items and accessories:
– small chairs with thin legs;
– folding tables;
– compact wooden tables;
– hanging lamps.

Some come with soft sofas, decorated with subtle decorative pillows. In such cells can be seen as the comfortable chairs on the curved legs and the plastic coffee tables on sustainable basis.

The dormitories are adjacent bathrooms, where novices can wash and bathe.

In a French monastery has all the conditions for its inhabitants did not feel completely cut off from the outside world. Everyone can systematically visit the area, equipped with modern computer with Internet connection.

It is a quiet and calm place situated outside the city, will enable all who live here, completely distracted from worldly concerns, without abandoning his usual comfort.

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