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Contemporary Tropical Bungalow-Inspired Residence Mixed With Classic Features

Tropical style interior was the result of a natural draught of man to nature, desires to have in the house and its ambient space is not just nature, and her exotic look.

Not everyone can afford to travel in a country with such a nature, but to take her to his house – it’s real. This will help tropical style interior.

Interior tropical style will put you in a summer atmosphere all year round in the house, and you will not have to overshadow the winter landscape outside the window. You – summer.
Tropical style is optimally implemented in all its glory in your home, although in a city apartment – not worse. That is this style, and how to make it in your home, you will learn after reading this article.

Style characteristics
First of all, for the tropical style is characterized by the simultaneous presence in the interior, its exotic design elements, simple forms and contemporary materials such as glass, metal, etc. Here you will not find flowery patterns and wood carving, but will definitely see “native” motives.

Color palette
Consists of natural colors of nature. The most common colors are green and blue shades. Also characteristic red, yellow. Perfectly the atmosphere of a tropical climate pastel colors.

Modern Tropical House Mixed With Traditional Elements in Miami

Not “inclined” to luxury. Simple in form, it is fully sustained in this perspective. Modern man, perhaps a little tired from fashion to luxury at the end of the XX century, today will like this furniture.

Very nice and looks original furniture made from natural wood. For example, the dining room table with the table top in the form of a slice of the trunk of a baobab will pleasantly surprise your guests with its unusual appearance.

The presence of furniture in materials such as metal, glass, gives it a modern look. This does not violate the harmony of the interior.

“Native” motives very original will be reflected in the furniture. Example, bedside table, made in the form of Tom-Toms. The back seat, made in the form of twisted vines or reeds, unmistakably point you to a tropical style.

Cloth upholstery, bed linen has a rough texture. Only use natural textiles, synthetic is not acceptable in principle.

Striking simplicity cushions, but this is also visible closeness to nature. As in nature, everything has an optimal, practical, and most importantly, natural look, no monograms and bells and whistles.

Of course, various furs and skins only enhance the natural effect of all that is happening in your home.

Contemporary Tropical Home Design: Pictures, Photos, Ideas

Decor style
The main decoration style are, of course, plants. Previously we talked about the style proximity to nature, and this feature is best demonstrated in the presence of representatives of the fauna and flora of the tropical countries. The more, the better it will look in your home. Without this unthinkable tropical style.

If your budget still does not “pull” the living representatives of the exotic nature, this issue can be solved by using colorful prints, paintings, displaying her.

Great decoration can be clay pots for houseplants, made in the form of exotic fruits.

Of course, not essential, what material are the curtains – lightweight fabric or cane, but cane blinds are more suited for this style, highlighting its peculiarity.

In conclusion
In conclusion I want to draw the reader’s attention to one detail – tropical style is preferred for spaces with large Windows, better if they are in the wall.

And don’t forget about the ceiling fan. Perhaps to you it might not be very useful, but will certainly complement the effect of the presence of the atmosphere of the tropics.

Well, if you are determined daily in the tropics, to admire their beauty, then don’t postpone your decision on the back burner. Good luck and a pleasant stay!

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