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Cool Brown & Graham Wallpaper for Walls: Modern Design 2015

Despite the fact that the grey color is very versatile, it is also quite complicated from the point of view of designers. And if you do not use it cautiously and carefully, you can get very sad and depressed atmosphere in the interior. Especially leads to abuse too dark shades of gray. But if you come to design wisely, you can achieve a very elegant and impressive interior design. And will help in this grey Wallpaper, on which we now dwell.

Gray Wallpaper in combination with other colors
The most common and effective combination is grey with black and white (and its neighbors), because they are neutral combination, with a dominant should serve it is gray and white and black are his companions, which may be introduced into the interior accessories, textiles, furniture, or any other decor. And the atmosphere in General is very quiet and cozy.
If you want to add sharpness, it is perfectly possible to do with black furniture, which amount is not so large as to cover the room in complete darkness.

The color of the curtains is usually selected a darker shade on walls. This particularly applies to the bedrooms where you want the main focus to do on the bed, representing the Central element of the interior. In order that the situation was more soft and tender, very good to combine grey with pink.

Brown wallpaper interior design

For maximum effect use the Wallpaper, where these two colors are present in equal amounts.
Grey in combination with yellow color also forms a good combination, for example, to finish cooking. However, with the condition that the yellow should not be too much. It is enough to use it as color accents and the desired effect is achieved, namely, the interior of this combination of shades awakens the appetite and is very original appearance, especially if you use darker shades of gray. By the way, according to the designers darker shades are best used for decoration living room or office,

and light for bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Generally grey color for the kitchen is quite popular, because it is the color of purity. Very often, this shade is used in modern styles, kitchen furniture can be both matte and glossy. Monochrome grey kitchen to some it may seem boring, but it is not annoying, tired, and Vice versa causes peace. Especially if you dilute grey shades of wood – interior becomes much softer.

If you use gray-white mix, it is best to prefer not pure white shades, and butter, because they are able to create the most light and delicate interior and a nice cushion gray color.

Without gray impossible many interior styles

The relevance of gray today cannot be underestimated, because without it it’s impossible to create many styles, such as high-tech, loft, Provence, retro, etc. However, when using it, do not forget that light gray and almost white shades serve to decrease the brightness of the color in the case, when used in the interior as a background. In other words, when you need to select some expressive interior, light grey background is just perfect for this.

Monochrome interior looks simple, but very stylish. Well, if you want to add a touch of “spirituality”, it is recommended to enter a warmer or even bright colors as color accents. It should be recognized that the shades of grey are perfectly combined with any other colors, especially light gray. As for dark edemas grey – it is very important to wisely and match it with a good combination, then eventually you can get a very noble interior. For example, if you make it so that the dark grey shade will to prevail, and to add to it as the finish color silver or platinum and a bit of light grey in detail, it will be very harmonious and stylish combination of colors.
Very often grey is put into black and white interiors, because excessive contrast quickly tiring and boring. And intermediate and neutral tones such as grey, perfectly calm the situation, sdela the interior of the most pleasant and restful to the eye.

Gray Wallpaper in the interior – the eternal classic version
I must say that grey Wallpaper are classics, since they are just universal solution for walls, because in perfect harmony with all the other colors and looks wonderful in any environment textures. In addition, gray has a myriad of shades. Wallpaper can also be both matte and glossy – it depends on the style of the room.


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