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30 Cool Floral Wallpaper for Walls Design Ideas 2015

Try to imagine that a husband and wife, each independently, will choose Wallpaper for the same room. If the husband can still think about how he may please his wife, the wife is likely to be thinking about design and are unlikely to take into account the preferences of the husband. In the end, the man accepts the choice of a wife, because for him it is not so important. As a result pleased with both. But what form would the apartment without female interference?

Why, come to someone else’s home can about the apartment to say: “the man cave”, even if it was right, and the other describing the design of the housing, to note that I feel a woman’s hand, although from the point of view of a man there “many things to fix”? So, it’s safe to say that with a slight female hands “blooming wall” make the situation more delicate, cozy and soft.

What influences the choice of Wallpaper
Can you imagine that a man buys a flower shop flowers for yourself…? This would be the exception rather than the rule because such purchases are made for women! And the woman if she could buy some flowers for yourself? Easily! The same principle is used in the purchase of a Wallpaper. There is a business behind the choice.

What colors look best on the floral Wallpaper? Speaking specifically about the flower, each of them in his own good only right to put together a bouquet. However, each unique arrangement of flowers. Have you ever had so that, walking past the stalls of flowers, you mentally gave a description of each bouquet, noting, for what occasion it will fit? General background there are two types of bouquets – wedding and funeral, so the last option is not our case. This layout we will avoid, in any room. The main criteria on which the choice of:

color pattern;
background color;
the illumination of the room;
composition. Everything must be related to each other.
Talk about the picture
Let’s look at how look Wallpaper with bright colors. Very impressive will look red flowers on a dark background, but this arrangement must be softened light colors. This is done on a supplied photos – added the right amount of white, which made the room warmer.

Red and its shades are very versatile as it looks great on a dark background and light.

This active and energetic color that can enhance the functions of the body, excite and create a sense of warmth, stimulating nerve centers. Therefore, excitable people should use the background is a different color.

Saturated Wallpaper
Bright and vivid Wallpaper help to achieve a great effect. They can create a harmonious atmosphere, aggressive or annoying pattern or unnatural colors. It is therefore very important to maintain moderation and follow the rules of the layout. Consider different options and approaches to decoration floral Wallpaper. Some of them turned out beautiful, others not. Vote for yourself which option saturated color of the Wallpaper you like.

Special attention deserves the bedroom. It is a place designed for relaxation and inappropriate use of bright exciting colors and contrast combinations. Lighting plays a significant role, depending on which is selected in the desired tone. In bright light it is recommended to use cool shades, and in a dark room Vice versa. In addition to the main tone, size and shape of the flowers need to pay attention to the type of Wallpaper because the texture also affects perception of color.

How to decorate walls with wallpapers

In another category of Wallpapers is not so pronounced color. They are soft and the pattern is not evident. In this design shows the moderation and calmness.

Monochrome Wallpaper
If there is a desire to keep up with the trends, you can choose a Wallpaper with a monochrome pattern. It can be black flowers on a light background, or Vice versa. Gray flowers also look originally. In this case, the floral Wallpaper will be perceived differently when evening artificial and natural daylight lighting. In addition, color to monochrome men in the house are quietly. This style is even considered male.

Neutral two-tone Wallpaper
In the Wallpaper pattern is designed in two neutral colors that can be close in hue or contrast. Also relevant is the presence of intermediate shades.

Although it is generally accepted that the flowers only like women, actually it is not. Just women like them more than the men who should not be afraid when balanced wives tell them about my desire to change the design of the housing so that “wall bloom”. Pick them together. Look for this time, and then the bright colors and lush bouquets, blends harmoniously into the design, will not let you get bored and create a real family feel.

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