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Cool Tiny House on Wheels – Inside and Outdoor Photos – Solar Battery

In the period of the summer season and holidays, travel and outdoor recreation, a growing number of our compatriots are thinking about the prospect of purchasing a portable mini-homes. In Europe and America, a small house on wheels is given has received the recognition and appreciation that likes to travel that is called “savages”.
Small house on wheels, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in all weather conditions may serve as a suburban home on your holiday. In this case, you don’t have to worry about his summer home in the winter, because the caravan will stand in the garage or on the Parking lot.

You can go on a journey, “taking” with a comfortable accommodation for a small family, which has the necessary segments for comfortable sleep and rest, cooking and the ability to produce all necessary sanitary and hygienic procedures, both on the road and while parked.

Electricity for home and digital technology for the country house is provided by solar panels. Therefore, the use of such models stay on the plot or just outside the city it is expedient in the warmer months, when daylight hours are long and the sun makes us happy more often.

Interior of the portable house

Let us consider how to arrange the interior of a country house on wheels — how the designers managed in a few square meters to accommodate many vital segments, integrate appliances and digital equipment, not to forget the storage and cozy bedding.

Almost all surfaces and built-in furniture of the house on wheels made of light wood. Only the flooring for the visual effect of the expansion of space is made in a darker color. This total presence of wood creates an incredibly warm and homely atmosphere, in which even away from home you can feel comfortable, safe and secure.

Despite meeting in the same small room areas, which are usually located in several rooms of an ordinary house, the house doesn’t look overloaded with furniture, equipment or fittings. You can even talk about a certain space, which is very important from a psychological point of view the comfortable stay of a few people in a small space.

Motorhome, camper, caravan in the photo

In small space areas have a very conventional boundaries. Living room, hallway she, blends in with the Cabinet, meets with the kitchen and dining room. We can say that the bedroom is located here, just on the upper level.

Storage systems are located wherever possible in order not to interfere with the movement of portable cabin. Seat hallway-living room, which if necessary can be transformed into sleeping space, serve as the storage system of things needed on the trip. Over the fridge the original image placed in small baskets. In the end, and useful space used and space for small things in the area of quick access.

Another, perhaps the main storage system located under the top tier, which is a sleeper. Even in such a small Cabinet to place all the necessary clothes and shoes to stay in the country or in the way.

The kitchen is a separate room – a small narrow Bay. Despite the modest size, it was able to accommodate all required work areas, appliances and even a sink for washing dishes. Not every kitchen, located in a city apartment there is the possibility to wash the dishes, glancing at the beautiful scenery outside the window. All small kitchen space is used to the maximum, even open shelving for food and all sorts of spices. For Russians, however, seems quite problematic transportation of the caravan, inside which there are open shelves with boxes on them by banks. Our roads are not yet able to guarantee the safety of goods.

Interior is very small portable house with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

Just a half-step to the left from the cooking area and look behind the curtain, we find ourselves in the bathroom and shower located in one small segment of the RV.

The shower “stall” is actually a shower located over the wooden tub, the space which restricts the curtain. This is certainly not a Spa at home, but their main function shower performs is to produce water treatments can be portable without leaving home.

Tough utilitarian space to provide a sufficient number of storage systems, not Salamu it. But most of the space is plumbing. Therefore, various devices for saving places.

The use of different storage systems, made with his own hands (or the hands of other masters), bearing a piece of comfort and warmth, helps to soften the atmosphere of portable dwellings, bring it to a primary place of residence of the owners country house.

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