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Corner Desk Design Ideas

In our small apartments, sometimes it is difficult to allocate the space to fit in a small room all the required items of furniture and equip the desired zone.

For example, in a room with an area of 6 – 8 m2, and it is the space allocated for nursery, where it is necessary to equip and relaxation area, and a place for homework and not to forget that the child will need somewhere to store a lot of personal things and toys and just play

The problem of lack of space may be encountered in the bedroom and in the kitchen and in the living room, especially if these rooms need to equip several areas, including work area. And it does not go on what part of the room to put a wardrobe, a bed or sofa, but how to build a mini-Cabinet, because the problem is a catastrophic lack of space.

How to be and what to find a way out of this situation? To abandon the wardrobe or chest of drawers in favor of the Desk is not an option! But to choose the right model, and a lot of places won’t take in the interior will fit perfectly this is exactly what you need!

In such cases, the angular design of the Desk is a real salvation.

Let’s examples let us consider how to organize the space in the rooms for different purposes and to organize them in all the zones.

Corner table in the nursery
As already mentioned, under the children’s room in a city apartment allocated a small amount of square meters, and therefore before purchasing the furniture for this room, it is necessary to calculate everything correctly.

Take, for example, the room in the shape of a square, in which the window is located opposite the door. The best solution for such a child will be a zoning by furniture arrangement at the opposite sides. For example, to the left of the box to put the bed, and the right to build a working area with a corner Desk, shelves or extension. The wardrobe in this room can be placed in the right corner of the door. And if there is enough space, it is best to install a small corner cupboard, completed section of shelves to free the wall.

Speaking of the angular table, you should not choose bulky model with a huge number of sliding elements, for the child would be enough for two or three shelves and a couple of boxes. Try to find a model of a table in which one turns out to be a solid side wall, and the other with a thin stem. This design will not aggravate the interior and keep the already small space.

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By this method of arrangement of furniture can be used and elongated in the room, but if it is too narrow, bed and wardrobe better to put under one wall and the opposite wall near the window to have a corner Desk.

If it’s a room for two children and for registration of the selected one of the bigger rooms in the apartment, corner tables, joined together at the window, will be a great working areas for children. You can also choose a model with big turns, in which each of the guys will be enough space for homework and storage of their personal belongings.
Corner table in the bedroom
Just fine, if it will be possible in the apartment one room to dedicate to study, especially if there is an acute need. However, if there is no such possibility and all rooms used for other purposes, it is quite possible to build a full working area in the bedroom. Would be perfect for that one of the corners of the room. To sit at the computer or to view important documents much space do not need, so it may suffice to establish a small corner table with drawers and hang over it several shelves on which to put the necessary machinery and different stuff. All that is necessary is to find a perfect combination of all elements of the furniture that will be in the bedroom that they were harmonious picture. This is the only way to properly fit the workplace to the bedroom, so that it may seem superfluous in the interior.

Corner table in the kitchen
Kitchen with corner elements headset is no surprise, however, they make use of every square meter of space. Corner table allows you to place a lot more cooking utensils than usual, and by rotation under the sink and get a huge locker for storage of pots or other objects. However, if the kitchen has enough space, then from the corner of the table it is possible to make the workplace that just perfectly fit into the interior. The main thing correctly to organize the space and corner to put the table adjacent or opposite walls relative to the working area of the kitchen, accidentally hurt left the computer or documents in the cooking process.
Corner table in the interior of the Cabinet
Just gorgeous, if one of the rooms in the apartment can be arranged as an office. And it may be not exactly the room, and, for example, insulated balcony. Here’s the place to the corner table where you will be in a relaxed atmosphere to sit at the computer or doing your favorite hobby.

Angular model has a much larger effective area of the countertop, rather than their rectangular counterparts and these tables are compact and convenient.
If a study was able to highlight the big room, huge corner Desk here will be most welcome. In this case, it is not necessary to choose a compact model, it’s a very fitting will be big and bulky important model corner of the table at which you at any occupation will feel comfortable and cozy. Such a table is ideal shelving with numerous shelves for decorating home library.


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