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Cozy and Warm Scandinavian Living Room Design Ideas

Easy, light, space and comfort. A simple definition is hidden essence of Scandinavian theme. Reticence reflects the character of the Northern people, preference in design, the orderliness of life, the pursuit of warmth and comfort. In fact the direction is divided into classic and modern. In the decoration of the first authentically preserved the idea of the concept represented by the interiors of the nineteenth century. Today’s design is adjusted according to the time, and the updated version offers functional minimalism. Despite the modern interpretation of the preserved history, ethnic characteristics, and the opportunity to spend aesthetic paralelly with Swedish home decor. The domination continues for vsepogloschayuschem white, identical in tone furniture facades, open space and practicality. In the design of organically combined “remakes” touching rare items.

We have a Northern style caught on, thanks to the founder of IKEA to Enguarde the Kamprad. The network of branded stores have provided the opportunity to acquire a simple and affordable furniture. Rationalism, interest in elegant interior design groups podvignuli designers on a deep dive into the subject and, consequently, the direction became popular. The simple geometry of lines and shapes, magic colors in the decoration of the charm of simplicity. This democratic style really materialize in any sizes and modest incomes.

Acoordance and color

In the embodiment stylized interior perimeter of the large room, the main condition is considered to be architectural features – the presence of observation Windows, high walls. Simple design will heart lovers Ecostyle. The topic is particularly relevant for country houses. On the ceiling Swedish or Finnish homes are unlikely to see a model of the suspended structure. The upper plane of the script is supposed to be smoothly plastered and evenly colored. Alternatively considered his wooden performance. Ivory, cream, blue paint, veneer light wooden panels relevant to the walls. They contrast beautifully with the segments of gray stone. They faced a plane above the fireplace and the back side in the niches and built-in shelves.

The wood is maple, ash is perfect for flooring unobtrusive design. Looking ecomaterial almost white, if we do not take into account light reddish or yellowish shades. Very similar in tone to match the birch boards, as well as the beauty and dignity of oak flooring. This breed is often subjected to whitening to get the desired color on the floorboard. The finished material is dithered and often its structure is duplicated in the laminate, replacing analogue. Parquet made of hornbeam is milk or sand colors and in any case they provide an excellent background for styling. The floor will blend beautifully with light perimeter and will stylishly look in contrast to the decor.

Arrange the furniture

The sophisticated interior is ideal for living. Number of shelves, open sections allow to maintain order, without the need of bulky cabinets. In a private house it is much easier to solve the problem of storing things through ancillary facilities. To meet the theme, the apartment is permissible to arrange the pantry under the closet. In the bright living room is no place for antique furniture, frames with gilt and complex fittings. The principle of organization and execution of a priori formed on simplicity and rfonline.

Interior plot in the Scandinavian theme written with a light watercolor, and smotritjsa great thanks to the ergonomic layout of the furniture groups. Most often, the modular sections are manufactured from wood, which adore the northerners birch. This does not mean that completely excluded modern materials. Any stylistic direction is entitled to their own vision and aesthetic surgery, leaving right behind the idea. Groups are created on socetanii textures of glass and wood, partially closed combined panel or otherwise piece equipped facades. Most of their content is open to review, and rows of wooden shelves perfectly balance the room with an asymmetric arrangement of modules.

In the living room, plenty of space and nothing is superfluous. Identify the principle configuration of the interior: good taste and sense of proportion. Sofa with grey or cream upholstery, small chairs, compact table, white shelf or a cupboard, a chest of drawers. Quite a different impression from the living room, based on the principle of color contrast.

The evening light as day, with great emphasis. The lamps around the room, the lamps on both sides of the band soft, symmetrically hung sconces, clearly hinting at the worship of the Scandinavian sun. The reason for that is difficult climate. Ceiling chandeliers are not in favour of just decorative unit. Preference for soft flowing streams from point lights from the mentioned sources.

Diversifies the picture of the fireplace with tiles. Wood burning ceramic stove for the living room of a country house is also an option source of heat. The glow of the fire fascinate beauty. Classic is the angular model of the fireplace, but its location does not matter.

Concise form of furniture look simple only at first glance. Refinement type inlay, wrought iron elements in a constructive parts. Significantly enliven the room literal prints on textile or walls. Wooden chests with thread, wicker chairs, lampshades, baskets, planters combine functionality and aesthetics.

Add color to the space

It is the attributes and the intensity of the colors in the details create the right mood, and resist the seasonal Blues. The purity of the white charms and singing only one tone will create a picture of a winter fairy tale. To brighten up the coldness and the facelessness of space to make the room cozier will help fluffy things in the natural colors.

For a start, make a selection with the use of textured fabrics. Soft velvet and velour on the sofa upholstery, bedspread faux fur and cozy plaid-tartan are among the essential attributes of Scandinavian style. Wool blanket ready not only to give warmth, but also the diversity of cells to decorate the room. Scented sachets, loved the smell of candles, aroma beads, the smell of citrus or bergamot special spray will ensure complete relaxation. Will add pleasant sensations fire.

Linen and other natural fabrics for draperies better matched to the upholstery. This is usually natural colors: silver, pearl, blue and pale green gamma. The idea is that in the daytime they are going pleats at the top, as in the Roman model. Apart in the form of Japanese screens or in the case of conventional paintings every morning relegated to the sides. Not so important mechanism solutions as the desire to use the energy of light.

Bright accents is permissible to do single strokes and a pair combinations. Schema successful combinations with white, red with sand, with contrasting black, wenge, yellow will form a pleasant visual illusion. Colorful cushion, ceiling lamp, Ottoman successfully written to a neutral background. The space will come alive thanks to the carpets, ornaments on the topic of the North on fabrics and furniture covers. A collage of family photos, paintings, ceramic Souvenirs reinforce the impression of Nordic design.

The image of Christmas trees, natural scenes is likely to materialize. Artificial imitation in the form of chandeliers, repeating luxury deer horns, wooden figurines and Souvenirs on the ethnic theme pozabotitsa on the completeness of sensations. Play winter story, buy transparent sphere, with falling snow behind the glass.

Love glass vases identifies with the light and reflected the light. The vessels are small stones, fresh chips, disks sawn barrel. Woody smell in harmony green plants, as well as possible create a natural atmosphere for humans. Spacious living room of a country house especially cosy with wicker furniture. Chairs, boxes, small items of bright vine show on the history of Nordic style.

House in Scandinavian style is a design that is not boring. And if you want something new, just change the decor. Often another model of the curtains and the color of the lamps form diametrically opposite impression of the room.

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