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Cozy Authentic Italian Home Added Contemporary Features

A small house in a beautiful scenic location on the shore of the warm sea. Green lawns, bright sun, blue sky. The indescribable smell of blossoming fruit trees. Painting, music, architecture of ancient traditions. All of this is Italy. Beautiful Italy, which can leave no one indifferent. Italian style in architecture and interior design is extremely versatile. In each province of this Sunny country has its own traditional features of construction and design of houses. This chic, full of luxury buildings that adjoin the simple rural houses. Today the pomp and riches of, exhibited, attracted less admiring glances Italians. Much more important for them in a modern house cozy and comfortable environment, where everything is subordinated to the rules functionality.

We propose to consider one of the projects of country houses in Italy.

The designers opted for a rustic style with elements of rustically. For lining the home exterior used different types of masonry (brick and rubble and plaster. They are perfectly combined in the design of a facade. A small area in front of the house is decorated with lawn, vegetable arrangements in floor vases and green bushes:
Arched openings – the legacy of Roman architecture are complemented by modern methods of glazing and do not disrupt the harmony.

Rustic Stone and Wooden Apartment With Modern Solutions in Italy

In Italian patio ponds – an indispensable condition for recreation in the fresh air. Because the designers took as the basis of the project the principle of simplicity, the pool in the courtyard of a simple rectangular shape.

Interior trim
For the decoration of the house interior decoration in accordance with the rural traditions of selected natural materials, natural wood furniture, wrought iron items. All accentuates a cozy simplicity in this house:

For the walls you have chosen a method of mixing textured stucco with stone walls. This is a very popular technique in the Italian style. Such deliberate roughness of the walls emphasizes the delicacy of the other elements. Note the thin carpet, imitating animal skin, and elegant light fixtures:

Beams of raw rhyme with wood flooring and fill the room with natural warmth. Sloping attic ceilings are balanced by decorative beams. This ceiling design can be used for the fixtures or decorations:

Wrought-iron spiral staircase attracts the attention of rigor and elegance. The lack of ornate carved elements makes it the most appropriate to the situation:

Perfectly coexist in the interior of modern Italian home furniture and tough wood logs, adapted under decor items and furniture:

Originally designed and workplace. Instead of traditional desks and shelves with lockers designed a simple rack with tops on the wall. He fits perfectly into the overall atmosphere and make it more easy:

Along with demonstrative brutality of some of the elements used in the interior elegant pieces of furniture. Their grace stressed flooring that mimic natural stone tiles:

Country Italian-Style Home Decor 2015

Italian house is the embodiment of light and heat. Therefore, in a country house in Italy designers-decorators chose to finish very light colors: white, light gray, light brown. Shade the darker parts these colors and do not allow to become the interior is boring and monotonous:

This color conveys the Sunny atmosphere of the Italian climate and makes the room more spacious.

Besides white and grey, the interior is harmoniously interwoven yellowish shades of natural wood. In solid wood furniture and saved the texture and wood grain. So recreated the authenticity of Italian village life:

Rough wooden surface is very organic with a contemporary glossy coating of white color and modern appliances in steel gray scheme:

White dishes in the kitchen is also distinguished by simplicity of form and decoration. Color of dishes and combined with natural wood and white furniture:

Amid the bright splendor catchy colour accent walls stand out in the bathroom, decorated in dark purple tones. It is against this background sets white porcelain sinks and marble floor. The interior of this bathroom looks luxurious:

Decor items
In accordance with the chosen style, the designers picked the most suitable for the house decoration. Ancient amphorae, the dried trunk of the vines, linen curtains and bedspreads with the effect of bruising – all this can be very useful for interior decoration:

The bath model fully meets the traditions of rustic Italian farmhouse. The outer cover is reminiscent of painted unpolished cast:

Considered the project of a country house in Italy is the incarnation of the apparent simplicity, perfected.


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