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Best of Dark Wallpaper for Walls & Black Wall Coverings 2015

Despite the fact that many black color is just afraid of his Terumoto and gloom, it should be noted that these fears are completely unfounded. No, of course not, all it is: black color really has all these qualities, but other than that, he’s still extremely mysterious and even passionate, mystical and mysterious, dramatic and elegant. In short, this color is not for the timid designers, frankly. Because how to make this color look not negative, but rather showy and attractive, knows only a true professional. Here it is very important to determine the correct dosage and favorable color companion. Let’s try to understand how to do it.
A variety of black Wallpaper

Today there is a huge variety in the choice of black Wallpaper. Moreover, pure smooth especially not quoted, after all, they have to say, for everybody. And here’s a Wallpaper with textured patterns, glossy and pearl look quite differently, acquiring more cheerful and optimistic tone.
For example, black and white Wallpaper is absolutely not look bleak, but rather a very effective and popular nowadays.
Probably the only drawback they have is the possible ripple in the eyes because of the contrast. In connection with this circumstance best array of Wallpaper to decorate the walls, which don’t have to look long, for example, it may be the wall behind the bed or sofa. But not the TV wall. Of course, it’s a matter of taste, and some people may like the opposite it is the contrast – the owner of a gentleman. In General, the eye is more enjoyable a combination of black with a more neutral or warm colors, such as gray, beige, gold, etc. Similar Wallpapers less tiring.

What areas are suitable black Wallpaper?

As strange as it sounds, but primarily for the marital bedroom. In these interiors, black color acts as a magical and passionate and absolutely harmonious looks.
Look good options, where black is used in combination with another shade. And is often formalized men’s bedrooms. They look more strict and brutal, so to speak, endowed with masculine traits.

In addition to the bedrooms, black color Wallpaper is perfect for decoration of offices and living rooms. For example, in combination with white or grey gives a very effective option. Similar achromatic gamma calls for concentration and focus, because there are no distractions (color missing something).

Relative to the living room I want to emphasize that here as never before it is important to calculate the correct dosage of black color. In order that the room did not look intimidating, black should not be too much. Moreover, this space serves as a place for the reception, so this fact must be taken into account, even if you yourself quite comfortable in this Gothic atmosphere, it does not mean that guests will too.

But for hallways black Wallpaper is strictly not acceptable, since this area should not be gloomy and austere. Except in the lobby or corridor, not performing the function of an entrance hall, a valid decorate the black part of the walls, and then for emphasis, not for finishing entirely all surfaces. Also black Wallpaper is contraindicated for children’s rooms, even if they will only be used for zoning. There are many other colors for this case, but not black. In the kitchen, apply black Wallpaper, but usually for decorating one wall, and then, if the kitchen is quite spacious and big.
If it is combined with a dining room, black is not better to use because it not only reduces the space, but also reduces appetite. The bathroom can also apply black Wallpaper on the walls, provided that the observed measure of inclusion of the black color in the interior. Only then the beautiful design will combine the drama and elegance.

Black Wallpaper as an accent

To accentuate black Wallpaper is a very suitable, especially, in the modern style of the interior, such as high-tech and minimalism. This is typically achieved using two-tone, neutral or monochrome Wallpaper, devoid of colorful patterns. Wallpaper black color with silver ornament (sometimes Golden) provide a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere, as a rule, it is used in the Baroque or the glamour.

By the way, you can also use Wallpaper in which contrast of silver or gold is the background, and the pattern is printed in black ink. To create an accent wall black color is best to use the one in front of the window.

And it is desirable not to apply monochrome plain paper, and with a pattern or gloss that will perfectly reflect impinging light on the wall. As a result, the wall will look more bright and interesting.

It would be nice to hang on a black wall mirror, which will reflect any light source (this can be a chandelier or wall lamp). Designers are very fond of this technique, which helps to offset the bleakness of black color.

Or you can hang sconces – the effect would be the same.

The combination of black Wallpaper

In contemporary styles, for example, in minimalism, usually black Wallpaper used in combination with another color. And doing it this way: black color decorated with accent wall, usually the wall behind the sofa or the TV area in the living room,

above the bed or near the dressing table in the bedroom,

and wall with computer Desk (Desk area). The Wallpaper is pasted over or the entire wall or only part of it. Actually, I should say that the most harmonious and the winning combination of black color is white. This combination is the standard, because both achromatic color, with white offset the gloom of black, and black in turn successfully dilutes the void of white. If you want to reduce the contrast, you can choose not pure white, cream or beige shade. If the Wallpaper on black background are colored drawing, the partners in this case are selected in the tone of this picture.

A little bit about the furniture in the interior with black walls
The most elegant against the black walls look white furniture or mirror (silver).

If the interior is decorated in a modern style, then this is definitely white furniture. But if it’s the glamour or the Baroque, it is relevant here specular, glossy or polished furniture – any with reflective surfaces. Yet it should be noted that the black color is a wonderful background to emphasize the bright interior, but it should be the only focus.

By the way, the wooden furniture is lost on a black background and bland. Well, about the accessories are also not to be forgotten, since any item can dramatically revitalize and transform the interior. Just do not forget about the sense of proportion.

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