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Dark Wood Laminate Flooring Photo Gallery

Dark floor can give any room a refreshing new look. Deep shades of different colors when the right combination will not be dark, but will give the interior of nobility and chic.
Advantages and disadvantages
Any floor covering has both advantages and disadvantages. Dark laminate flooring is no exception. One of the main disadvantages is the fact that visible on a dark floor debris and dust. So on a dark laminate will leave marks on the shoes if it is not perfectly clean. The way out of this situation could become a regular wet cleaning or acquisition of the robot cleaner. There is a little trick: on a Matt laminate pollution is less visible than lacquered. The glossy surface also loses its form from small scratches. The areas most prone to dirt and damage, can be covered with rugs. Also, this lack of a dark coating can be compensated by selecting a model with light inclusions.

Another disadvantage dark laminate is its whimsicality in selecting other elements of the interior. Wrong choice of tones for the walls and ceilings can transform a cozy room in a dark area. And quite fallible just a few shades. Also a disadvantage is the ability of a dark floor to reduce the room. Therefore, it is contraindicated small rooms with low ceilings and low lighting conditions. To solve this question by combining methods to increase the visual space:

bright walls and a ceiling;
vertical bars;
mirrors and reflective particles in the coatings;
the abundance of lighting and natural light. Among the advantages that dark laminate flooring always looks more expensive and more effective than the same light quality. Such a property of this flooring allows you to create a unique interior for little money. It is enough to combine all the details.

Dark floor gives the room a feeling of safety and strength of its Foundation. In this room visitors will feel comfortable and protected. Such laminate is the most impressive looks the contrast of colors. In this way, the showiness of the interior to manage to give without much difficulty and unnecessary costs.

The diversity and properties of dark shades

Despite some limitations in the use and design of outdoor dark laminate in the design of the rooms, here is where the imagination to roam. The main aim of this coverage is the fancy interior. The first step is to decide on the shade of dark laminate. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of product range. Each color affects the interior in its own way. Warm chocolate color looks expensive. He is able to give the living room a cozy place for family gatherings and quiet of reference for leisurely conversations with friends. Also this color is able to elevate the Cabinet and give the image of his master’s determination and brutality.

The most common was imitation wood coatings. Among them are many dark shades. With the help of this chic floor can give another similarity with expensive wood. In addition will be able to achieve naturalness that is fashionable for years.

“Wood” laminate looks great with exposed ceiling beams. Country style requires the use of wooden flooring, and the shortage of funds the laminate will be the salvation. Premises, stylized hunting or fishing lodges, will look finished, if the floor will be based on high-quality imitation dark floorboards. In the interior of the fireplace and a bearskin on the floor will look particularly natural.

For fans of unusual conditions suitable subfloor. More often it is used to create the background of modern interiors. Such a laminate suitable for a minimalist style and the rooms in the style of hi-tech.

Dark gray colors more suitable for public spaces:

adoptive officials;
the common areas.

Best 2015 pictures of wooden dark laminate flooring

This is due to the coldness, which has a gray color. For the dwelling should pick up another tone, as obuyutit room with grey floors will be extremely difficult. The combination of dark laminate with other elements of the interior
Designers recommend the use of dark floors to create a contrasting interior. Mostly it is because the combination of dark floors with dark walls can only be used in large spaces that do not appear oppressive state tight spaces.

The background is dark laminate makes a wonderful base for bright spots. It is not necessary that these were other colors. You can choose lighter shades of the same color. For example, a dark brown floor will blend with coffee and beige shades of light colors. Here you can use all: curtains, furniture, paintings and their frames, Wallpaper and other details. This method will help to create a cozy soft atmosphere in any room.

If innate taste is not a strong point of the one who has been involved in the design of such facilities, it will be a win-win option to choose from the following shades to combine with dark laminate:

baked milk;
tea rose;
These shades will give the perfect combination and will not be mistaken with a choice. A more ambitious solution would be black and white interior. Strict black floors and white walls with the ceiling will create the desired contrast. This design decision will add to the originality of entrance hall, living room and other similar places. Bedroom or nursery such sharp transitions is undesirable as it can cause delirium. Cushioned interior that will pale in color, and will add dynamism by using rich colors: orange, green, red.

For black-and-white interior would be appropriate geometric patterns and straight lines. The brevity of the situation will balance the sharpness of the contrast. Choosing dark floors, it should be remembered that they emphasise and reinforce the influence of any other color. Therefore, for the dwelling excess active energetic colors in combination with a dark laminate may be inappropriate and cause irritation visitors. To achieve harmony, it is enough to adhere to the principle of moderation. Then the dark floors will show all its advantages and will delight guests.

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