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Decorating Ideas for Wall Mount TV’s

In almost every home TV is a place where the whole family gathers for a pleasant stay in the company of famous actors and an interesting story. And such an important part of the interior deserves to properly arrange a place for her. And here the main thing is that nothing distracted and did not contemplate interesting pictures flashing on the blue screen.Options regarding placement of TV actually can be only two: either he will stand on a table or stand, or attached to the wall. And it is quite logical that the center of attention in the room will become a wall, which will host the TV. And it is quite easy to implement. The easiest way is the color version is more expensive and finishing material, and the most expensive, but at the same time the original is a layered construction of gypsum Board with backlight with an interesting finish. And to choose the optimal design based on the premises. Let’s look at some of the most popular options.
The TV in the living room above the fireplace
The well-known truth says that the fire can be watched forever, but apparently this phrase was coined before invented TV.

Fireplace as the main focus of the living room is a classic interior design and at first glance it may seem that the TV did not place in several ancient and aristocratic atmosphere. And that huge plasma followed out of the picture, be sure to choose colors and location for it. And the place for it above the fireplace, because in this way you can combine the two basic elements that will create the perfect tandem. And why not? Who said that you cannot combine these two miracle of the invention, creating a great composition, is able to give joy to all the family.To combine these two fundamentally different elements should really try to make it look equal, otherwise one of them will be to attract more attention.

It should be noted that the idea of development of a real wood-burning fireplace suitable only for private homes. But the apartment is better to give preference to artificial hearth.

As for styling, the main thing here is not to overdo it, since both of these objects are very bright, and massive themselves. The design of the entire room should be as simple as possible with clear crisp lines and color contrasts that the composition did not seem heavy and saturated. Restraint is the main rule for the proper and harmonious interior, where it is necessary to combine the fireplace and TV.

TV as the main focus of the living room
It is clear that the TV is in every house, and often it is placed in the Seating area in the living room. But as nicely to fit it into the interior?

Any experienced designer will tell you what options may be weight. As budget execution can be photo Wallpapers, or Wallpapers with differs from the main wall texture or color. And to more expensive solutions include wood panels, decorative facing stone or brick, and 3d panels.

Decor Around TV: Pictures, Photos

While finishing accent walls can radically differ as colour and texture and to create a mood, and, conversely, to be restrained black and white background for the bright decorative elements and pompous pieces of furniture.

For lovers of quiet interior fit plasma in the living room even easier, it is enough to correctly select the combination of neutral colors, not forgetting about the elements of the black color, which will be combined with the TV.

It can be furniture, paintings, color, sex, or individual sections of the wall. You can also use several combinations in aggregate, however, we must be prepared for the fact that space with an abundance of dark shades will be too contrasting and even a little too dark, while the abundance of bright colors will give the room a light and open space.

The play of color in the interior
It should also be noted that when making a wall for placement of the TV, you can use simple rules of combination of different elements. For example, if the TV will be installed on wood panel with natural warm shade, and the whole room, including the walls, floor, ceiling and furniture in a neutral solid color, in this interior should add more details that support the wooden panel. Perfectly suitable for this purpose cushions, a pair of Ottomans or curtains on the Windows.

Play with color in space by using any of the interior parts, for example, the upholstery of the sofa perfectly accentuate finish a niche in the wall where the plasma, as well as glossy glass top coffee table black color will create a great combination.

Drywall constructions and TV
You should not write off all known drywall construction, with which you can create a great place to plasma. This design is a sin not to use the backlight, which will make its highlight in the interior, and will not only enhance the illumination of the living room in solemn days, but also to create a cozy atmosphere with subdued light. From this material, just enough to create a niche in the wall, or Vice versa ledge for the TV.

TV among shelves and cabinets
TV, built-in furniture wall is a great idea for those who want to make their living not only suitable for families, but also functional. So, for example, the plasma is easy to place in the composition of the bookshelves, symmetrically located around it. With the help of such a move is quite possible that even an impressive panel size will become a minor detail. It is a great idea connoisseurs of the classics, when you want the focus of the living room was the fireplace, which was mentioned earlier.Blue screen can be placed and additional cabinets wall. This option should evaluate lovers of minimalism. No shelves and small parts, and only clearly divided into sections wall with doors at a special mechanism to deliver the facades from the handle opening.The minimum color contrast and fine details make the interior perfect. TV among the paintings
Perhaps the easiest way to decorate a wall in any room is to hang her picture. Why in this song don’t turn on the TV? Just be aware that the biggest picture that will be used in this clearance should not be more than half of the plasma screen. Hang Krtiny best simmetrichno from the TV, and below you can buder to have a dresser or a large cupboard. Instead of pictures, you can use family photos or a small hanging sculpture.Instead of a conclusion
Summarizing, we can say that the TV is easy to fit into any interior regardless of the style. Through the combination of colors, various shelves, cabinets, paintings and decorative items TV will not rise out of the picture space and become its integral part.


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