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Eclectic Style in Interior Design

The word “eclectic” in Greek means “choosing”, and it is this value defines the essence of the direction of style with the same name. A complex combination of different and sometimes even opposite and incompatible artistic sense, style and origin of elements for the decoration of the interior is regularity. Not every person while in such premises, will be able to feel comfortable, because at first glance the apartment is in an eclectic style may seem chaotic and sometimes tasteless, but the direction of the designer’s idea finds its admirers that allows eclecticism to be at the peak of popularity for centuries.
And if it is good to look at the interior of the home each of us can find things that carry the spirit of the past time and fit perfectly into the overall picture, even if that conflict with trendy elements, than in principle eclectic style and stands out from many others. To combine incongruous – that is the main task for the registration of apartments in an eclectic style.

The basic rules eclectic interior
In order to achieve a harmonious connection, it seemed to be completely different and contradictory things when creating an eclectic style in interior design, you must follow the simple rules used by all the designers in the design of the interior.

Primarily all of the furniture should match in color, and sometimes to achieve greater harmony and texture finishing material. It is the combination of shades plays a huge role in the perception of space as a whole. Even if it’s contrasting colors need to be mapped so that all are the furniture in the room, whether it’s an old couch or newfangled chair, looked like one big picture with many interesting details.

The same applies to all textiles: curtains, curtains, decorative pillows, blankets – all of these elements should be in harmony with each other. It is worth noting that all these components in an eclectic style often saturated colors, and decorated in an Oriental style.
Eclectic interior is good for perception only in the case when indoors all rules, while an excessive amount decoration and furniture of different styles and time will aggravate the space and make it messy and uncomfortable.

Color eclecticism
The principle of a smooth transition from the gentle shade to bright colors is a color accept eclecticism. At the same time be aware that you use only natural colors, gamma solely depends on the tastes of the household. In the bedroom preference is better to give than flashy colors which will not be cut eyes, but in the living room perfectly bright and sometimes even sharp contrasts. For example, relaxing chairs and bright sofa will perfectly blend with each other, if you end a combination of pillows corresponding colors. Small bright accents can be entered and somewhere in the background in the design of the curtains or hang on a wall painting in the same eye-catching colours.

Creative ways to decorate your home

Typically, the walls and ceiling in an eclectic style are made in a calm tone, they can be plastered and painted, or use in the design of the Wallpaper. However, this does not exclude the possibility of creation of any panels or contrasting finishes. For example, the blue ceiling will look perfect with light-coloured walls, which can be placed panels of Wallpaper and wall moldings. Perfectly here will look and hand painted walls. You can also decorate the walls, laying them floors with Oriental ornament.
Floor safe bet will be the flooring or tile. However, as a cover for an economical option, you can use linoleum or laminate with imitation flooring. Mandatory registration of the sexes in the style of eclecticism are the carpets. It can be as modern carpeting and track in retro style with various floral or geometric patterns.
The furniture is eclectic – contact eras
Contact eras and styles makes for an eclectic style special. You can not refuse beloved pieces of furniture, the only thing you need is decorate a favorite mirror, a chair or coffee table so that it perfectly fits in the interior.
And even this will have to change the upholstery or paint the frame, whether it be a chair or chest of drawers, antique furniture will look great for special and, in addition, will carry the energy of the past. In the interior near modern leather sofa will easily fit the Cabinet with carved doors on the curly legs, which we have inherited. This combination not only add charm, but it can become a real highlight of the entire room.

Decorative elements
The decor in the apartment in the eclectic style can be quite varied. Given the characteristics of this trend in the situation perfectly fit a variety of items: vases, paintings, photo frames, figurines, candlesticks, and other trinkets.
It should also be noted that the lamps can also be an excellent decoration. For example, a large crystal chandelier with a lot of pendants, light from where the wall and ceiling “run” little rainbow iridescence. Also a good addition in this picture will be different lamps and unusual lamps.

Special attention is paid to the design window, here as anywhere appropriate massive draperies, grabs, fringe and tassels with beads.
Interior eclecticism as a way to keep dear to the heart of things
Eclectic interior is the perfect destination for lovers of independent and free views of the outside world, for people who appreciate rare items and are in no hurry to part with them, getting to his house something fashionable.

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