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Friendly Eco Style Home Design Ideas

Whatever people were fascinated by the creation of new synthetic products, the most comfortable among nature and natural materials. The euphoria about crimplene, vinyls, polymers and acrylic passed and now we truly appreciate and value that is created by the nature that surrounds us away from the cities.

Trying to create in the house a warm and gentle atmosphere, invented eco style. This combination of natural materials, shapes and colors with modern processing technologies. The interior in natural style, not related to cheap, but he will completely meet your costs in a relaxing atmosphere and clean air that it creates.

Eco style, like nature, does not like conglomerations and unnecessary things. Therefore, the interiors are largely similar in design to minimalism. There is only one significant difference. All natural materials, colors are natural, progressive technology. Like the flora went to visit you and redid everything to your liking. Therefore, in interior design in eco style should be plenty of space and light. To start with, remove all excess furniture and mismatched decor.

Nature Material Decor

Lighting intensive and close to natural sunlight. It is desirable to have in the room a large window. The lamp must emit a warm range with a yellowish tinge. Most suitable incandescent bulbs. Homemakers with this range have a slightly higher price, but also last longer. A good option may be LED-lamps.

Good lighting helps create a bright walls and ceiling, reflecting surface.

Minimize the amount of furniture. Remove all bulky, tall and dark. Leave only what is compact and functional. Instead of tall linen Cabinet, put a chest of drawers that can accommodate all the necessary things, while it is considerably lower and leaves open the upper part of the room.

If you want to leave high furniture, the front wall should be mirrored or white. Place it along the wall opposite the window, but not near the light source, and front or side.

The space can be increased and at the expense of surface coatings. Bright ceiling and walls will significantly expand the space and make it visually above. But the lower the ceiling, the lighter should be the floor, about a couple of shades darker than the walls.

Nature color
In the interior, in nature-inspired colors should be natural and not Intrusive. Main background tone is better to make white, or rather to use its shades, such as milk, sea foam, ivory. You can use shades of brown and green. Blue in the lower part of the room minimize, as it applies to the cold colours and eco style is made in warm.

Bright shades of orange and red, too hot for nature. If you want to make the atmosphere warmer, use their muted tones in a small amount, or better soft yellow or warm beige.

To create a pure natural interior, add to white or milky color of the walls a little green finish. It should be a smooth vertical lines, similar to the stems and leaves. From straight lines, sharp angles and geometric ornaments give up immediately.

As for the black color, it is in the nature of pure form it does not exist, so I will exclude it.

Furniture and materials
The furniture should be of natural materials. Chairs made of solid wood or rattan. Well suited wicker furniture made of wicker. Table-tops are made of glass. In the kitchen you can use for work surfaces bright stone. The front wall of Cabinet furniture can be painted in light colours or made of glass.

Covering upholstered furniture from natural materials, it is linen, cotton, satin and wool. Curtains on the Windows of light and light fabrics, preferably just hanging, creating a light crease. Without valances, ruffles and Drapes, these decorations are alien to the natural style.

Sofas and armchairs best will look with low backs. The surface of the furniture should be as natural as possible. So polished it is better to prefer a matte or rough texture of natural materials.

The most popular decorative material when creating an interior WKO style, this tree. If you allow the size of the room, or rather if it has an area of more than 20 m2 and a ceiling height of not less than 2.5 meters, the walls preferably wood sheathing or to make a wooden panel. It should be light wood, covered with white Matt lacquer. Surface before coating polishing is not necessary, it should look natural.

The floor should be warm, wooden or stone. In wet areas it is possible to apply ceramic tiles.

The wall is not always possible to decorate the tree. For natural-style suit and other natural materials. This painted walls and covered plain Wallpaper, bamboo, or simply paper.

Regardless of the height of the ceiling, it must be flat. Eco style is simplicity and naturalness, so a variety of complex multilevel structures do not correspond to natural design. You can do it or suspended, but the surface should not be mirrored and Shine. The most common color is white.

If you have a large height of the room, and you want to visually reduce, then use the rule changes space, do the top is darker than the walls. But do not get dark and bright colors. It should be light and natural tone. For example, blue as the sky. You can use shades of brown and green, olive, marsh, beige, cream.

High ceiling can be decorated wooden beams. Decorate the ceiling of clouds on the sky background or a pattern along the perimeter of simple vegetable ornament. The figure should be in pastel tones.

Floor can be covered with a carpet of the earth’s surface. This sand, flax, wheat, light grey and various shades of green. Sofas and chairs will look well pillows marsh or olive tones.

Vases can be ceramic, clay, glass, majolica and crystal. They should have simple rounded shape and natural color without extra bright paintings and stucco.

The main attraction of the natural style are live plants. Small can be placed on the window sill. Large upright growing trees grown in tubs or ceramic pots. From vines or hanging tradescantia and ivy can make a wall.

The interior is eco style can not be placed in cages, aquariums and terrariums. Will become redundant and metal decorations, statues, knitted and embroidered napkins and tablecloths. Reserving them for national trends in the design of the housing.

What you can save
Wood floors do not need to make solid wood. The cheapest option from natural wood – engineered boards or double-layer parquet. They can be laid on the plywood. Special tools and experience this installation of flooring does not require.

The wall paper on the walls will cost you much cheaper bamboo. Many do know how to hang them on your walls.

Using paints and brushes you can decorate the walls, while adjusting the size of the room. Vertical green vines make the ceiling higher. And if you draw a tree with spreading branches, directed horizontally from the trunk, the room will become wider. Just don’t forget about small soft curves to make it look natural as in nature.

With regard to green space, every owner will cope itself with this task. Just ask the salesperson at the store, what lighting is required by the plant. But in the kitchen you can combine business with pleasure. Put the parsley, celery, Basil and other spices in boxes. You will create the style you need and will provide themselves with herbs all winter. In a big pot can be planted tomatoes and cucumbers. Now in seed stores the weight of seeds potted vegetable crops.

Show your imagination and make your apartment is bright, comfortable, spacious and appropriate for your taste.

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