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Elegant and Cozy Apartment in Scottland – Wood Decor – White Wall – Traditional Interior

Each ethnic culture of the country style in the interior has its own characteristics, its individual elements and nuances of design space. In this publication we would like to introduce you to the apartment, which is located in Scotland and is a shining example of how to make a modern dwelling with the help of design decisions in country-style. These small apartments that emit light, the cleanliness and the comfort of home can be the inspiration for homeowners who are looking for new and fresh ideas for the organization of space in a non-traditional manner, but with comfort.
We begin a brief tour of the Scottish housing with the spacious, main Central bathroom – living room. Many rooms in the apartment have an asymmetrical form, partly with sloping ceilings, it is not surprising that homeowners chose a light color palette for surface finishing space. White walls and ceiling, in the company of beige flooring excellent job visually expand the space, giving it freshness and lightness. In the living room, as, indeed, other rooms, we will see a lot of country elements and pieces of furniture made of wood, carved, made antique, really antique or artificially aged.

Wonderful Home in Scottland: Photos and Pictures

A harmonious blend of modern decor and furnishings with antique elements, allows you to create a unique, but incredibly cozy interior decor.

On the background of bright finishes the living room, carved chairs of dark wood look most advantageous. Special attention is paid to the textile, which helps you to create a really homely, warm atmosphere.

The room is a living room connected with kitchen area, presented in-line arrangement of work surfaces and storage. The built-in cabinets in a space which has successfully integrated all the necessary appliances, kitchen space takes up very little space. If the living space is illuminated with chandeliers, original design, of kitchen worktops provided by the built-in backlight.

The modern kitchens are often the replace stove cooktop, freeing up a lot of space for storage in the lower level kitchen cabinets. Given the presence of the oven, the family can be provided with all the appliances needed for cooking various dishes, with a substantial space saving kitchen area.

Area moved to a separate dining room from the kitchen and living room. Here we also see a bright finish so necessary for a small room and wooden furnishing, which became a symbol of Scottish property. Original decorative items not only make a variety of dining room interior, but also create individual, personalized atmosphere.

As bedspreads, upholstery and textiles for pillows using natural materials – cotton and linen. It is obvious that these tissues are most consistent with country-style wooden furniture and the spirit of antiquity, placed in a modern home.

We will continue on to the private rooms and visit the bedroom. It is not surprising that in this room of modest dimensions used a light finish for all surfaces. Even the bedroom furniture is either made of light wood or painted white.

Thanks to bunk the location of beds, managed to save a significant amount of space to the bedroom without breaking the aesthetics of the room.

Modern apartmen with traditional furniture & decor elements

The headboards are shallow niches, which allow you to place what is called a “handy” necessary items. Thanks to the wall mounted lamp. You can read a book at bedtime and do not necessarily need to get out of bed

A small Seating area and part of the reading corner presents easy is furnished with a small table and chairs, dressed in funny covers with painted frame these pieces of furniture.

Next to the bedroom is a small bathroom. With the bright finish, the use of glass and mirror surfaces, managed to visually expand the space of the room for bathing. Combined finish with ceramic tile stone-and moisture-resistant plaster, creates an interesting appearance bathroom.

Marble countertop and small shelf for accessories, the color of the tiles, perfectly completes the image of the bathroom.

The brilliance of modern attributes of a bathroom that is required for water treatment looks great on the background tiles that mimic natural stone.

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