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30 Best Exclusive and Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas 2015

A typical interiors remained in the recent past. To make the kitchen a unique will help unformatted design, and modern modular headset, made by author’s projects in accord with your desire. Sketches adjusted relatively square meters, will greatly enhance the functionality of the premises, and will provide spatial freedom.

To sustain the idea of the concept to begin a good idea to determine the priority of style. He will set the direction and entourage will create themselves. For examples offered dominant designs: classic, country, modern, contemporary.

According to the time

Art Nouveau was synthesized from classic and high tech, and has adopted the best trends of the identified concepts. Recognizable by clear lines, glossy surfaces, legs of steel. The facades of furniture made of inexpensive materials, but who bothers to replace plastic and enamel bleached wood or finish natural veneer?

A design like this will temper accurately, because the order guarantee glossy blank surface, the rational organization of kitchen utensils, hidden behind the Cabinet doors. Open shelves are excluded in principle. Insular or peninsular furniture Assembly over a large area combined with a U-shaped arrangement of objects. Restraint in the finish and simple design of the room well look at the background of stretch ceilings or whitewashed surface, with socket for chandeliers and moldings around the perimeter.

Multi-level play of light any interior make unique. Line points of light aimed at the coverage of each area, will flood the room with light, and the brightness of chrome highlights will benefit space. Surprised the original execution and mixer with backlight.

White design or saturated color yellow and brown Duo colored accents, moved to the accessories that accentuate your taste, and will indicate adherence to the style. A kaleidoscopic variety of colors is excluded a priori. Several vases, pots with plants and non-ferrous backs of chairs enough for tone harmonization.

Classic and country theme ideal for Housewives homemade 3-course dinners. High-quality furniture made of solid wood “tells” about stability in life and family values. This can be a long and sophisticated to talk about the environmental friendliness of wood, the front view of the kitchen with his participation, but beautiful and stylish sections appear self-sufficient and need no comments. Made in support of a given topic, they are always marked the author touches and excellent performance. Equipment lockers worthy accessories is of special value for ukrashatelstva moments.

Seamless countertop natural stone or cool imitation will be the missing link in the chain clearance, and will connect the modules in the set. Appliances, despite the modern look that fits in both genres, and will not contribute dissonance classic sound.

Classics in stone

Include fantasy, rely on the texture of the stone, and latch surface in the ring. Sill, monolithic plane of the island, the sink, with the inclusion of fragments in the wall panels is allowed to perform in the ensemble. The material is affordable to all styles and loyal in terms of flowers.

A good option is acrylic stone resin-based. Finished top of any size will look as if it was carved from a solid surface. And all because he perfectly glued and polished to a Shine.

Products made of quartz is a natural mineral, with the addition of pigment to the brightness, distinguish a wide colour gamut and natural isooctanol. Beautifully restored and will provide beauty to any surface. Brands Plaza and Stone do not hesitate to exploit it fully in their collections.

Cast sinter – composite material, in recent years, especially popular in the details for the kitchen. Contains crumbs, fragments of granite and quartzite and with the participation of powder paints, chic colors. Structure and strength made him versatile to use in any capacity: as for surfaces, and self-contained interior decorations. The collection of FOSTER Ekotekо represented by products made of artificial stone.

With an eye on the country

Oak spacious closets will support the country. They are not required to be Mature in brown tones, and dark cherry fronts will bring the energy of calm and comfort. Wooden knobs or metal hardware looks interesting, and reminiscent of vintage retro.

The massive table handmade are sturdy furniture, and together with chairs with a given subject, look seamlessly. If the surface is to artificially age – admission will add charisma. Dark furniture and wooden floors require the presence of bright colors and a few bright spots.

Keep on the table a vase with flowers, a fruit basket, linen napkins and throw the same towel on the chair. The design requires large Windows and drapery assumes basic decorative attention. It looks the carpet in the dining area to match the curtains.

Wall lemon yellow “drape” a lattice of thin wooden slats, processed brown stain. The cell sizes can be very large or small, square or diagonally. In the preferred construction, “put” a few sunflowers. Design duplicate at the bottom of the window, but only reproduce up in a small format, building a fence, see 50. Beauty will support yellow Roman blinds or other versions, leaving the glass available for review.

At least Maxim

The concept of “contemp” celebrate fresh ideas and projects beyond the conventionality of modern trends. The combination of the best stylistic “Marc” decoration and tandem with technological capabilities based on economy of space and identity project. The functionality is clearly “quoted” new appliances with comfortable accommodation for work. Usually are built – in models. But this does not mean that if you want to play around with French fries once a month, bought the gadget.

Furniture with simple geometry and the basic design is meant to hide household details, and assumes textured intensity surfaces. Cabinets can be made of modern materials and expensive invoices according to your capabilities. Judge for yourself might look like the interior, which involves glass, colored plastic, wood, metal. Although the priority in the floor covering tiles and laminate, are not excluded planks and stone.

Minimalist contemp loves black and white. Agree, it’s hard to call the plot is banal, when the light furniture is on the black floor. Notes of a familiar rustic style can be traced in the dark interior, rough wood ceiling and the same floorboards. Solid space dilute unusual bar stools, backless with fragments of plastic, artificial inclusions or texture pattern of the stone. Cold white will always balance out the warmth of wooden floor. Milky color of the kitchen in the company of the stone floor, tiled composite, unambiguously requires no additional decoration. Quite a few textile parts. Sophistication is determined by the ease of configuration and smooth corners. Glossy black – and-white Cabinet fronts in combination with hanging lamps delight.

Summary for the above: if you want to maximize the space and make the interior is always up to date, please refer to contemporary.

Original ideas for exclusive cuisine

If you go to the kitchen design exclusively from the functional side, and to bet in the design of practical, boring space with time psychologically crushed.

Colorful, catchy look apron, can become a piece of food. This will take care of laminated panels with unusual prints made taking the photo. Panels laid out in a horizontal aspiration above the working area, framed by a border, will be redundant beautiful track. It is interesting to look complex patterns or independent narrative fragments United by one idea.

The composition of triangles (chevrons), laid out the tiles 10 x 10 in the form of a cardiogram. Zigzags look fun when combined dissonant colors. This figure is a success and on the floor. Select ceramic squares of two colors, and repeat the curves on the lower plane. Monochrome space dilute bright carpet.

Impressive colors of the color for open shelves. Primitive actions affects luxurious effect. The inner panel open cabinets or back wall for wall designs paint in a contrasting color.

Fragmentary saver from Wallpapers have success. Actually execute the open wall sheets with cooking recipes or measuring proportions. White line markings on the grey plane certainly will not be called trivial.

Make a magnetic wall. The habit to hang on the fridge Souvenirs will leave in the past decade, but to get the “clinging” the Board will not interfere. It is possible to make the composition of the donated things and leave notes. The construction itself is made with a special paint. Chessboard is not only tiles. Using stencil floor can be run in the box, and it is not necessary to achieve black-and-white contrast. Make it purple – yellow or beige-brown, or vackraste in your favorite color.

As you’ve seen, kitchen design takes past traditions, and transforms them into new ideas. To avoid upgrades and Apatow design space.


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