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50 Fresh Outdoor Shower Design Ideas

Summer shower is one of the essential add-ons a suburban area. Little time has passed since then, as the phrase “summer shower” was associated with look at design, built from scrap materials. Today, however, the choice of design solutions, construction materials and finish of the cabin is so great and affordable that shower on the street can become harmonious, and even a stylish element in the dacha. The design of this shower will not only cool off on a hot summer day, but also bring aesthetic pleasure.

Choice summer shower

Choosing the correct location for installation of the outdoor shower will help to avoid problems in the future. There are some basic rules for the location of the shower on the street:

The site should be protected from the wind, even at high temperature air drafts can cause the common cold;
if it is assumed the availability of capacity, the place under the shower should be on the Sunny side of the site;
for the construction of a shower it is necessary to provide good drainage, so it is best to choose a place on the highest point of the site;
for the soul without the capacity important proximity to the water source.
Summer shower, as a rule, include:

The walls of the house. With this arrangement, water can flow from the water pipe in the house that has its advantages. Plums can also be unified. Otherwise, you should carefully construct the outflow of water, because the absence of a drainage system will damage the Foundation. The wall of the house, which adjoins the shower, you will need to protect against moisture, for example, to lay out the tiles.
In the garden. This option is the location of the soul gives the opportunity to show imagination: for example, you can surround the construction of exotic flowers, trees and shrubs (or place them inside). Take a shower in a cubicle is a pleasure: you can feel the unity with nature; water treatment, fresh air and aesthetics forms result in harmony and contribute to the normalization of the psychological state.
On the terrace next to the pool. So have a shower for rinsing after swimming in the pool. In this case, the shower can be part of a single composition design of the area intended for water treatment.
The choice of design
Designs summer soul there are many. If some time ago were popular ordinary booths, but now designers are increasingly deviate from the classical solutions. For example, a shower in the form of a pavilion, which often has only three walls, has become one of the trends. This design has enough space and can hang shelves, hooks, utility fixtures or decorative items. It is difficult to call such a construction of the cabin, rather, it is a shower room.

Another very popular design type – shower panel. It can be placed on any vertical surfaces: for example, on the facades of buildings. Very harmonious look shower panel, finished with a decorative stone, coupled with vertical gardening – this composition is associated with wild nature, mountains, rivers, waterfalls. The classic design of ceramic tiles, by analogy with a private bathroom.

Another type of construction – shower hour. It is a simple vertical rod of metal, at least – from plastic. This is the most simple and at the same time practical option: concise form and ease of installation make it possible to place the rack in almost any place of the site. It will perfectly fit to any design and design summer soul.

Summer shower as a design element

The appearance of a shower plays the same role as every object in the landscape design. The shape, material, color should not conflict with the General composition of the adjoining plot.

Wooden summer shower is a great option for the suburban area. The tree always looks perfectly in landscape design. Moreover, if the external decoration of the house is made of wood or imitates it, this summer shower will be the best fit in the design area. For example, a very spectacular shower of wood with minimal processing in country style.

Shower made of treated wood, looks stylish and noble. This option will look great on the site, issued in regular or mixed style.

Universal variant – stone walls panel soul. In combination with plants and the floor covered with natural pebbles, this structure looks very exotic and associated with recreation. This design will create a light atmosphere of peace, harmony and relaxation.

Unusual metal finish shower. This design is ideal for high – tech style. Strengthen provocative effect created by this style, plumbing original form.

Several techniques for clearance of summer soul:

Always a winner looks a shower, which is a continuation of the construction of the house, or echoes in color or material from any part of it.
For those who like to deviate from the standard solutions will surely enjoy a shower without the usual plumbing. An alternative solution will serve as the source in the form of a waterfall or shower, reminiscent of the shower.
Excellent field for the design of experiments is a plumber summer soul. If desired, it can be hidden, then we will have more space for a design wall. Shower of this type looks very neat. Another option is to act on the reverse and the principal to concentrate on the plumbing. Unusual pipes, shower heads, shiny metal – all these are wonderful tools for creating eye-catching design.

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