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Functional and Elegant Kitchen Table Design Ideas

The kitchen is one of the main rooms in each house. This is the place where the whole family gathers for Breakfast, lunch and dinner, where very often welcome guests and arrange friendly gatherings. This is the room where the owner spends most of his time. And so the kitchen should be comfortable, because the mood is so important spaces for each family member is able to influence the General atmosphere in the whole house, because it is here that the heart of the hearth, where each household receives vitality.
Therefore, the design of the kitchen should be approached responsibly, to get comfortable, functional and comfortable space. One of the main stages of kitchen equipment is the choice of the dining table and this will be discussed further.

Each of us at least once in your life dreamed of a big and friendly family, assembled a large table in a celebration or a quiet romantic dinner with candles and a children’s party with a big cake. And if you take a good look in the picture, it appears that in all cases is precisely the Central table. I think everyone will agree with me that this is a very important piece of furniture, without which no cost, no family. But what exactly should be the dining table, to have a functional and practical and on top of that in the situation room fit?
Of course, if you have a single large room under the dining room of the problems with choosing a dining table should not arise, because it will fit even the most bulky model, but what about those lucky people who are trying to fit all the necessary items of furniture in a small area, because often, in standard city apartment kitchen hardly exceeds 10 m2.

Varieties of tables

Well, for starters, you should consider what are the different models of dining tables and deal with the advantages and shortcomings of each of them. The shape of the tables come in round, oval, square and rectangular, but the design of the legs can be very diverse, exactly as the height of the table.
There are many models with sliding mechanisms that allow easy movement of a hand of a miniature table to make a huge dining table. However, this is not all the surprises from the manufacturers, because in the furniture market presents a huge number of models with adjustable height that makes it easy to turn your kitchen table into a coffee. Such designs kitchen tables would be a real boon for those who tries to rationalize the use of space in small kitchens.

Speaking of saving space, it is worth noting that the round and oval tables harmoniously will look in a spacious room, but touching the wall rectangular or square table is a perfect solution for a small room.

What should be the kitchen table?

Another important factor is the material from which made the table, in order to make this piece of furniture has served for a long time and did not lose its appearance it needs to possess a number of qualities:

Moisture is a prerequisite for a long service life of any piece of furniture in the kitchen, especially the table. After all, spilled water or tea, and a simple wet cleaning in the absence of such an important quality to have a negative impact on the appearance.

Ecological material one of the basic conditions, but otherwise how can you put food on the table, which is made of harmful materials.

Practicality is also an important component, so as to ensure that the dining table was pleased with their owners for years, he should at least be reliable.

Among the many materials from which today produce dining tables at the peak of popularity for centuries remains a natural tree. This table will easily fit in any style interior, from rural, country to classic and aristocracy. No less popular today, and glass tables that original look will be in the style of minimalism, hi-tech and modern. It is worth saying that the table with transparent top can be a real salvation for a small kitchen, because even having a sufficiently large surface, such worktop will not aggravate the space, while a table of the same size wood dark color just steal the ease, which will give the glass. However, such models are not cheap, and not every family can afford such a luxury.
A more budget option is the table made of wood chipboard. Typically, in such models from solid wood are made with only the legs and the tabletop from extruded plate. This table served for a long time, it should be protected from excess moisture, otherwise the surface may go a blistering or flaking. Less susceptible to humidity models with laminated worktops.

How to choose the color of the dining table

It is no secret that for the harmonious design of the interior the right color combination of all the elements of furniture, textiles, finishes and decor in the room. But because the dining table in the kitchen should ideally fit not only in style but in color. Bind it to different elements. For example, it may be the floor covering, kitchen color or technique. But quite often designers make a dining table is the main focus of the room that also looks quite original. A striking example of such a decision may be oval table with glass top and bright blue leg, that looks like a cocoon, in the interior of the kitchen with the weave of white and chocolate brown.
Just imagine a round white table with a glossy Shine, surrounded by bright orange chairs and lamp with shade on a warm Sunny in neutral shades of beige and brown interior of the kitchen. With this combination, dining table will appear to be a source of heat and solar energy, which attracts the eye.
No less interesting will look like the table warm shades of wood on black-and-white kitchen, unless of course complement the interior decorative elements defined that the table did not seem lonely, for example, chairs or cushions.
Depending on the style chosen for kitchen design and choose the appearance of the table is the well-known truth, the same applies to color. However, that did not work so that you represent the table is almost impossible to find, should be before the repair can browse the catalogs of furniture manufacturers and to review the offered range. However, if you plan to make furniture to order, then this problem disappears and then you can safely fantasize, creating a unique interior design.

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