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Glass Block Bathroom Wall Design Ideas

From familiar from Soviet times uneven glass blocks glass blocks has long been turned into exquisite finishing material. Decorate with such elements can be any room and at the same time achieve a stunning effect.

The unusual properties of glass allow you to create a memorable elements of the interior, which is capable of performing both a decorative and practical function.

The features and properties of glass blocks
The glass looks like a hollow square brick. Emptiness inside gives it the properties that it attracts designers. Refraction of light inside a glass cube makes it unique material to create unique designs.

The color palette of glass blocks can vary in a wide range, and the surface can be matte, glossy or even corrugated. The play of light in the design varies based on the type of the selected cubes. Among them:

The strength of the glass parts allows you to create not only decorative objects from the environment, but also to build the front part of the houses. The limitation may only be the fact that for such a load-bearing wall material is not strong enough.

The moisture resistance and the resistance of the material can construct elements of swimming pools, saunas, baths, locker rooms and use them in the bathrooms. With partitions of glass to decorate or to separate the bathroom from the common space. If the structure is assembled correctly, with the wall with no problems for years. Typically use the following form blocks:

Glass Block Wall Decor Pictures and Photos

corner details;
with rounded corners;
irregular shape.
Interesting course can be regarded as laid out inside the glass block decorative element. This design method will refresh and paint the room in bright colors. In addition, using a partition of glass in the bathroom, you can save the seclusion room with adequate insulation. Also useful would be the ability to limit admission to the premises of the cold air. And in low light such wall will reflect some missing rays in all corners of the room.

The glass blocks in the interior of the bathroom
For bathroom partitions of glass will be divided into internal and external. Outside is a wall that separates the bathroom from the rest of the dwelling. The advantages of such a wall is clear: with limited transparency into the room enough light penetrates from the outside that will not allow to appear unpleasant oppressive feeling of an enclosed space. This approach will be ideal for the office bathroom modest size.

If installing glass walls seem impractical, you can use the glass as a decorative element. The result will be somewhat opaque blind Windows in the wall of the room.

If your bathroom size allows, the inside can hold space zoning, making it partitions of glass. This way you can allocate toilet, shower, closet with bath amenities and other areas.

Apart from the fact that the blocks have a different shape, texture and color of them can be created and different form of construction. Straight or curved walls can decorate different size and design of the room. In addition of glass blocks can collect arch, pedestal, column and other architectural elements. Creating rounded glass elements, you can add an extra softness. Psychologists have long been convinced that the contemplation of round subjects has a positive effect on psycho-emotional state. In combination with this play of light adds to the effect.

Special attention deserves the floor of glass in the bathroom. Thanks to the excellent tolerability of exposure to water, this floor will last for many years. The original solution would be to install additional lights in this floor. Glass cubes will direct the lights up, creating an unusual atmosphere.

Except that the glass elements are able to decorate the room, couched in any style, glass blocks can also add harmony, combined with the decor in color. Modern dyeing technology allow such elements to retain color and brightness for a long period of time without suffering from burnout and temperature changes.

Designers recommend for bathrooms to apply ceramic classic colors due to the similarity with the appearance of the water. Color accents may be selectively placed to emphasize the combination with the rest of the decor of the interior. You can also apply the mosaic method and create of colored cubes figure, which fits the style of the bathroom.

Modern methods of processing of glass allow the imagination of the designer to create the glass block design of various shapes and purposes. For bathroom properties of glass bricks are optimal because they can best achieve their practical utility in conjunction with unmatched aesthetic qualities.

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