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Glass Kitchen and Dining Table Design Ideas

In light of recent trends of contemporary designs claim to the space, uncluttered design and visual weightlessness. Based are clean lines, precise shape, practical compact modules, light fittings. Picky selection of furniture and ergonomic organization of space is dictated by the desire for freedom and reliability of operation of the interior. In addition to the functionality and overall compliance with the standards of ecology and aesthetics of the facades and surfaces of kitchen sets are crucial when buying.

Luxury and reliability oak table to discuss is not necessary – it is like arguing with a certificate of quality or to object to the classics. Made of hard plastic, laminated surfaces, and similar adaptirovannym options, compete with the elegant glass interior. Organic material meets the above requirements, and perfectly rhymes with current stylistic trends.
Non-fragile glass
At the mention of the word “glass” Association helpfully remind of the Windows, the transparent accessories, kitchen items, segment inserts and, of course, the splinters. In fact, the range and choice of subjects is much wider and security “on high”. Due to the complex treatment principle the quality of the material was excellent. Changed the parameters of thickness, introduced the technological amendments to the relatively sharp edges, diversified glass design.

The latter aspect is allowed to change the priorities in the collections of dining sets. The world saw the analogy stained glass compositions, complex patterns on planes, relief and acceptable forms of geometry. It uses several techniques of applying texture paint, powder coating and other opportunities for originalnogo design. And, as a result, today, a transparent coating in comparative rows of textured materials on the first positions.

For furniture designed sheets of 8 mm. smelting Method involves interesting shapes. Curved legs, shaped back chairs, transparent chair attract technique. Despite the illusory fragility, a wall of glass in 15-20 mm cope with the weight of a large plasma televisions and home theater. In favor of eco-friendly surfaces can lead to many arguments, but the aesthetic component prioritizes the selection. We are interested in dining sets, produced in small series or unique instances, what determines their value.

Moden Kitchen and Dining with Glass Table Interior Design

The dining table will take root in a small area and not get lost in the Studio apartment. Moreover, it will become a connecting link between functional segments. For a modest site it is better to use model-transformers, when due to several motion coffee table transforms into a dimensional model. The functionality of the moving mechanisms encouraging sliding types. Insert butterfly allows you to adjust the length of the design as needed. Model with adjustable height provides for the possibility of transformation module modest size in a full dining table.

Often occur in combination sets in the Commonwealth of other materials: wood, stone, plastic. Regardless of the idea neoprene glass loyally accepts the vicinity of heterogeneous structures. Combination with chrome elements – the most common variation.

Graceful wrought iron, wicker, legs covered with leather, gets less. Previously popular version with armour of aluminium frame is irrelevant. Modern versions offer direct screwing of the supports in the countertop. Without the usual metal support structure fazlagic gentle and easy, and it has no adverse effect on strength.

Transparent and white countertops easily adapterus under any design and more familiar to the eye. Options common, however, is not unique. Turquoise, orange and other colorful tones comfortable chairs look great in the perimeter of the kitchen.

Special attention is given black glass. In the company of chairs with chrome-plated body and dark seats group is very effective. And look completely different ensemble, if in the demonstration group to make castling: replace black chairs white. In any of the versions opaque Desk will seem massive, and for this reason, glass installation is better to put in a spacious room. The idea is in demand for Gothic and glamorous luxury.

Interior group presents from classic to high-tech with due to the possibility of adding a single object of any of the styles. Matte shimmer with natural greenish white, crystal clear or tinted countertop looks stylish and extraordinary. In some versions it is framed frame, made in unison with the base.

What shall we sit?
What to put next with glass design? It depends on a given vector, as well as cvete decision. Correctly picked the items in the configuration reinforce the impression from the group, and will not break the stylistic idea. Selection of chairs would be much easier if there underframe and tone furniture facades.

So, if you have wooden elements better confirm the idea of the duplication of the material embodied in the details accessible. Massive pillars and wooden underframe – the plot for those who “classics”. The countertop in the same frame will highlight the style and Bogoroditsa material. The group of chairs by Ilf and Petrov will finish cooking with the installation. “Exposition” will take root in other luxury designs. Colorful tapestry upholstery or furniture fabric with silver senillosa strips multiply impressions two times due to the shiny inserts.

The versatility of plastic known to all and in most cases canteen group complement identical chairs. Types of designated products, not limited to in-line series that we used to see at an outdoor cafe or operate on the veranda of the cottage. The expensive version is acceptable to choose an interesting option under kitchen design and find your desired color. All dostoinstva should add a variety of models, complex configuration of the backrest and interesting combinations with other supporting materials. Not like the material? Look at the braided types without analogies with rustic options, bought in haste.”

The popularity of bar counters led to an interesting experiment in its design, and high chairs took the place of stools and the usual seats. Long plane will complement version of colored thermoplastic material, mixed design of glass and metal, wood and leather. The configuration of the seat varies from round to figure

We arrange the tables and chairs according to the style
Legs of tables and chairs is a special Chapter in the art of design. Judging by the new silhouettes in the furniture collections, experiments on the search for new forms continue. Modernism will add “raisins” high model with ornate openwork backs and low sides with the seat in gentle tones. Because this style is not interested in unnecessary details, “atavism” must be cut off. In this regard, the chair frame, in the form of a closed curved line, together with pedestal made of identical material will be cute Duo. This may include asymmetrical design from the author’s collection with single armrest and metal tubes to support the back.

In the space of high-tech organically prescribe a set of simple shapes from metal with a limited color dominant.
The eco prefers the company of natural materials in widespin from Romagna, polished wooden sticks, bamboo weaves. Underframe with leather design integrates the concept.
The idea with transparent backs relevant for light and cool interiors. Supports and underframe chrome – decision in favor of high-tech.
Carving on the back and the folk motives in the spirit of the country.
The glass in the Commonwealth of forged items will complement the Provence-interior. It is appropriate to focus on the decor podstolja. A similar technique will shift the focus of the review, and the share of the crystal surface will drop out only functional attention.
Pop art and fusion is not conceivable without the futuristic ideas, and original silhouettes with neon paint table sets proof.
The possibility of universal glass table. It rhymes with all interiors, because his presence is due to the main function and willingness countertops to accept and reflect the characteristic stylistic nuances of the decor.


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